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The private shuttle station was quiet, as it should be, and as the trio waited patiently for the remaining Preventers to arrive Helen couldn't help but notice the disapproving glares of disgust Caldwell kept shooting her way.

"I hadn't realized we were taking on strays for this mission Barton" she said as she lit a brown cigarette and tossed the metal lighter back into her coat's pocket. "I usually like to be informed ahead of time when we decide to liaise with the….natives. They tend to tricky sometimes." Caldwell's comment was directed towards Trowa but she made an effort to speak loud enough that Helen couldn't help but hear. "I really like to keep things professional."

Helen didn't say anything, choosing only to flash the arrogant Blonde a fierce glare that successfully showed she would stand her ground. Trowa, on the other hand, didn't seem to heed the haughty woman's words and chose to simply turn and face Helen as the doors of the bleak shuttle slowly opened.

"Well it seems like the real cavalry has arrived so we can get some work done. Hopefully they aren't as competent as what I've seen of the Preventer's thus far." Caldwell flashed an odd and reproachful grin at the others that quickly returned to her previous grimace. Helen had to admit, this woman was quickly etching herself onto her short list of people she really wasn't fond of.

As Trowa had promised, two men dressed in civilian clothing excited the large shuttle with single duffle bags slung over their shoulders and it was immediately apparent who the familiar faces were.

"Maxwell. Chang." Trowa said as he gave then both a curt salute. "Glad to see you made it in alright."

Both men returned the gesture but immediately turned their attention to Helen and Caldwell.

"Well you know a little ole shuttle is nothing we can't handle but please don't be rude. Who do we have the pleasure of accompanying on this mission of ours?" Duo flashed both ladies a toothy grin but Helen had to fight the urge to squirm as Duo steadied his sights on her.

'Did he know?' she wondered. She could never tell with Duo. With that dumb grin of his he could have very well unraveled the truth already or he could have as easily simply been undressing her with his eyes in some sordid fantasy of his- or both at the same time as it was Duo Maxwell after all. Helen had unfortunately been privy to an array of downright squalid tales during her time as Duo's accomplice during the wars and it was unsettling to imagine him entangling her in once of his….thoughts.

Thankfully, Trowa finally broke the silence as he turned around and motioned at the blonde woman first. "This is agent Jennifer Caldwell. You should be familiar with her already." Both men gave the standard military greeting, seemingly already familiar with her stats, but it was obvious they both had a greater interest in the shorter brunette.

"And this is" Trowa paused for a moment as he considered what exactly he should say. "This is Helen. She is a first class soldier and will be assisting us for the time being. Any questions you might have for her can be answered at a later time."

Caldwell gave a slight snicker but Duo didn't seem to notice at all as he offered an exaggerated salute.

"Helen huh? One name. Mysterious. I like that. Duo Maxwell at your service and I look forward to working with you in the future." Helen didn't give him any kind of response but instead turned her attention back to Wufei who hadn't said much of anything since he'd arrived.

"Helen huh? Well I guess we'll see what you're made of." His eyes met Helen's and although she didn't show it something in his cold stare unnerved her.

The car ride over to the barracks where Trowa and the others were stationed was silent save for a few ramblings here and there from Duo and once they'd pulled up to the out-of-the-way building nothing much had changed. Helen decided to fall behind the others purposely walking slowly to avoid the unwanted attention and delay the inevitable conversation later on in the evening.

"Hey Trowa" she barely made out as Duo made a lame attempt to be discreet. "Who's this firecracker little hottie? Is she off-limits Preventer or what 'cause I need to know if I need to quit my job."

"Don't worry I'm not Preventer but you wouldn't have had to worry about that either way." Helen took a moment and mentally scolded herself for her fast mouth. Apparently, working as a waitress had sassed her up a bit, but it did successfully shock the idiot into silence at her near super human hearing as she made her way past the two men and towards the bunker.

Inside was sparse, and as Caldwell and the others slowly settled in Helen stayed seated silently on the sole sofa in the front room all the while ignoring the stone hard cushions and musty smell of the underused building. It would still be a few minutes before Trowa had told everyone to meet in the conference room for a briefing but Helen quickly sensed Wufei leaning casually in the corner of the room, his eyes closed and arms folded in front of him.

"Helen huh?" Wufei spoke casually letting the sentence linger in the air for a moment. "I wouldn't have taken you for a Helen but I guess I never did understand you Yuy."