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Summary: I do love this poem I make. This is a poem where in a story about Sasuke and Sakura that I used to think this time. It is a poem about two shinobi that can't show their love for each other.

Explanation for the poem: Their love is forbidden because Sakura used to be as a princess who is a shinobi then Sasuke takes the roll of a ninja who takes revenge for those who murder his family (in here Itachi is not the killer of his family…just to let you know). Sakura's father didn't want Sakura to go with Sasuke (just to let you know again…Sakura's father is the master mind of murdering the family of Uchiha Sasuke…and he's afraid that Sasuke will kill his daughter). And then years passed Sasuke came back to Sakura to fight for their love. Sakura refuse to marry anyone that her father introduces to her and she will say, "I love Sasuke-kun…I don't want anybody…" And then her father will lock him in a dungeon to prevent her saying again the name Sasuke.

§§ Forbidden Love §§

This life is full of questions

No one can come up with emotions

Love can't answer all

Because this love will fall

Our love is forbidden

We can't be together

Although we love each other

It can be broken

I know I love her too much as I can deny

But our destiny separates us from each other

And no one can bring us back together

Because we can't fight for each other

By this time I'll broke our forbidden love

And I'll fight our love for each other

And if I serve the better

For us together

I'll thank the Lord above…

Author's Notes: I hope you like it… And I want to know your comments! I don't make it as a story but I place the story about this poem and hope you like it. Please leave a review…I love having reviews. xP