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I watched you, as you were fast asleep.

You're hair has grown.

You've become so tall.

You look so much more mature.

Has it really been a year and a half since you've disappeared?

How weary you've grown from the journey you've had to endure

worn out in body, in mind, in soul.

How much rest have you gotten since the last time I've seen you?

The least I can do now is to give you this one moment of peace

and I will make sure that no one will disturb you.

- --- - --- - --- - --- -

It was a summer morning. A breeze came in through an opened window and waltzed with the thin, pink curtains, its coolness spreading throughout the room. Kana repositioned herself on the bed to lie on her side and away from the window so the wind would soothe her overheated back. Her black, wavy hair was tied up; she wore only shorts and a tank top and slept without a blanket. Moaning, she opened her eyes. She spotted the clock on the side desk as it glowed a blurry 7:15 AM.

More sleep, please… the girl thought. Just when she almost drifted back into sleep, her eyes shot opened, and then she abruptly sat up.

"SEVEN FIFTEEN!" she exclaimed as she grabbed her clock and squinted at it to make sure she saw correctly, "I—I overslept!" She took her glasses and rushed out of bed with no time to shower and threw on her school clothes: a light blue plaid skirt and a tie with similar patterns with a white button-down shirt. She took out her hair-tie and briefly fixed her hair, then struggled to find socks, "I don't have time for this...!" she mumbled. Just then, she heard her mom call for her.

"Kana darling, I hope you're up already!" she chimed.

"Yes, mother!" Kana replied. She picked up the first pair of socks she found and placed them on, then ran down stairs to meet her mom at the table.

"Kana darling, I made you toast with jam instead of butter today! I know you're on a secret diet!" her mom said with a proud smile.

"Mother, what gave you that idea! Anyway, I'm running late, so I'll eat this on the way to school," she put the toast on a napkin, then snatched her school bag from the chair and quickly made her way to the door to put her shoes on.

"Don't forget your lunch, Kana darling," her mom said as she placed it next to her, "You did wake up later than usual, but you won't be late to school. You don't have to arrive early every day."

"But, mother, I– I have to go! Bye!" she said, and out the door she went with her lunch and schoolbag in hand. Her mom sighed.

"You forgot your toast."

Kana peered inside the classroom to see that there were already two girls there. They beat me, she thought to herself. Still breathing hard from her lovely morning sprint to class and sweating from the light summer heat, she took a moment to fix herself up and adjusted her glasses. She went straight to her desk as she entered the classroom, which was far away from the two chattering students that paid no mind to her. Kana assumed that they were gossiping about the usual: the latest breakup, the cutest guy on the blitzball team, and etc. Whatever it was, Kana had no interest in it.

After settling down in her seat, she sighed and rested her head on her folded arms and looked out the window to see students loitering beneath the coconut trees that were all too common on Destiny Islands. In the distance, she saw the lone island that stood away from the others – the one island that belonged to a particular group of friends; some however disappeared.

One of them sat in front of her. The girl's name was Kairi. She had auburn hair that reached her shoulders with charming blue eyes. Being verykind, sweet, and not to mention attractive, she was the kind of girl that every one liked and got along with. She was popular, but she was different. Never allowed herself to be influenced by trends, peer pressure or boys. To say in the least, Kana saw her as genuine. The previous two weeks however, Kairi had disappeared from Destiny Islands. For her to vanish shortly after school had started made everyone curious, but that topic was already old news. Still, Kana admired her. Kairi had always treated her kindly and acknowledged her presence. But where she went off to, no one knew.

Maybe… she thought, Maybe she finally decided to get up and look for him. Shook her head and dismissed the idea, finding it too dreamy and unrealistic.

About a year ago, Kairi was best friends with two boys and they would always go to the island. One of them had brown, spiky hair that extended in every direction imaginable with eyes that were as blue as the sky. He had a grin that spread from ear to ear with optimism that was able to cheer up anybody. His name was Sora, and he was particularly fond of Kairi just as Kairi was fond of him. As for the other boy…

"But did you hear?" said one of the loud, babbling girls, "That Kairi girl is back, and she had two guys with her!"

Kana's head perked up with interest as she listened on intently.

"No way!" replied the other girl, "Two guys? Two? Wow, seems like someone had fun cutting class!" Kana frowned as the girls had their share of laughs at the implied statement.

As if she would do a thing like that… Kana thought. She shrugged it off and wondered in amazement if the two boys happened to be the same ones that went missing last year; Sora and the other boy…

"Riku…" she whispered to herself. Riku had silver hair that reached his shoulder with icy eyes that ran a chill down Kana's spine whenever she had made eye contact with him. He was a bit taller and older than Sora and usually wore shirts that revealed his muscular arms. The thought of him still made Kana blush in spite of the fact that he hasn't been seen in a year.

Just then, the bell rang and students made their way into their respective classrooms. Kana sat up and watched people enter expecting to see Kairi with Riku or Sora. Soon after, the teacher entered the room and shut the door as the late bell rang, then began to write on the board. Kana slumped in her desk. So Kairi's not here after all?

"Please do the following problems on the board while I do attendance," announced the teacher. Kana sighed and took out her notebook.

- --- - --- - --- - --- -

Kana always walked home from school alone. She didn't really mind – in fact, she enjoyed spending time with herself on walks. Taking the long way home, she came across the shore and decided to sit on the sand. From there, she could see Kairi's island as it stood steady and empty.

Basking in sweet solitude, she breathed in the salty air and closed her eyes. She took off her glasses and set them down on her lap. A rush of longing came in and a wave of thoughts came about.

"If I could just see Riku one more time then maybe I could gather up enough confidence and say hi to him…" she said aloud.

She opened her eyes; clouds were coming in, the wind ruffled the tops of the coconut trees, the ocean waves whispered a soft melody and the seagulls sang their song.


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