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Chapter 6 – The Extra Long Chapter
Part 1 – Let's Do Lunch

The weekend started off sunny with big white, puffy clouds. Kairi sat on her roof, her chin rested on her knees. She marveled at beauty of the Destiny Island Oceans and smiled when she caught sight of their island.

"What are you looking at?" Sora asked. Kairi turned to her right to see Sora next to her on his back, leaning on his elbows. She smiled.

"Sorry. I just haven't been able to appreciate the scenery until you guys came back," she replied.

"Why?" Riku asked, who laid flat on his back next her other side. She stretched back and closed her eyes; the warmth of the sun was friendly and welcoming. Sora set himself on his back too, and the three of them basked in the sunny rays.

"Because you guys make home complete," she simply stated. "I don't know how I was able to continue living peacefully without you two."

The boys smiled inwardly, but said nothing in response. There was a calming silence among the three – words weren't needed to fill in the gaps between them. Riku had this arms crossed, Sora's hands pillowed his head and Kairi's arms rested at her sides, but all had their eyes closed with content.

"You know, I feel like we're tanning," Sora mentioned. Kairi laughed at the remark as Sora sat up.

"This is relaxing!" Kairi said. "Relaxing weekends shouldn't be wasted."

"We're actually supposed to be studying," Riku reminded.

Sora groaned. "Don't even start to mention that! I'm still not mentally ready for school," he complained.

"Suck it up," Kairi said.

"Actually, I feel the same," Riku agreed, sitting up as well.

"But you've been doing fine with school, Riku!" Sora said. Kairi giggled.

"Riku's just naturally good at everything," Kairi commented. Sora rolled his eyes then looked at Riku, who shrugged in response.

"I don't know," he replied. "So are we going to study or what?"

"Yeah, we are. Let's go inside before we burn," Kairi said.

The three of them entered through the window roof and made their way down to the living room. There, they found a topless college student passed out on the couch. His hair was an unusual blue that reached a few inches below his shoulder. Kairi sighed and went over to him.

"Tamashii! Don't tell me you just got home now," Kairi scolded. "Hey, wake up and go to your room." Tamashii made no sign of response. Kairi turned to Sora and Riku with an apologetic look. "I'm sorry guys, he's been doing this for a while now."

"It's okay. But it's been a while since we've seen your brothers," Sora said.

"Yeah, where's Anzai?" Riku asked.

"I have no clue – maybe still sleeping. He works late hours…" she turned her attention back to her brother, "Tamashii, get up already! Sora, Riku and I are going to study here."

Suddenly, Tamashii's eyes shot opened and his head jerked up, startling the trio. He blinked a few times to see Kairi and two guys behind her, frowned, then went back to sleep on his side.

"N-no! Don't go back to sleep!" Kairi cried, shaking him.

"Uh… I guess we'll just have to ignore him," Sora said.

"But he snores so loud," Kairi pouted.

"Aw, it's okay! It can keep me up in case I fall asleep from studying," Sora said with a grin. Kairi smiled back at him and giggled. Riku stood there quietly, crossed his arms and looked away, then saw the clock on the wall.

"Eleven fifteen," he said aloud.

Kairi bit her bottom lip. "Ah… I didn't go grocery shopping for this week yet…"


"It's almost lunch time," she said.

"…It's alright. We're not hungry. You don't have to feed us," Riku said.

"But I usually cook for my brothers at this time… they just happen to be sleeping still."

Sora and Riku switched glances at each other.

"Want us to order pizza?" Sora offered.

"No, we don't have to eat," Riku insisted. "Let's just study."

Kairi nodded and they took out their notebooks and textbooks. Time went by as they worked together on their math problems and class notes – before they knew it, it was already noontime.

"Kairi, did I do this right?" Sora asked. Kairi moved next to him and looked over his paper. Their shoulders touched and Sora couldn't help but blush a little when he smelled the scent of her hair. Riku saw this but made no snide comment and ignored it.

"Sora, your handwriting is so cute!" Kairi squealed.

"And illegible," Riku quickly added.

"Do you guys like picking on me and my band handwriting?" Sora intoned.

"I think it's adorable. Anyway… over here, I don't understand how you got this answer because 2 squared equals 4, not 49. But anyway, that's not—"

"Uh, Kairi, that's not a 2 – that's a 7," Sora interrupted. Kairi stared at the equation, then ended up bursting into laughter. "Oh, fine, just keep laughing."

"Hahaha, I'm sorry! It's just too cute."

"How is sloppy handwriting cute?" Sora questioned. Kairi didn't stop laughing and Sora ended up laughing at her hilarity. "Hahahaha, what the heck! Why are you laughing?"

"I don't know! Hahaha!"

Riku smiled, but stopped himself from laughing and stood up.

"I'm going out to get us something to eat. You guys just stay here," he said.

"Oh, really? Are you sure you don't want me to do it?" Kairi asked.

"What if one of your brothers wake up and only see us guys?" Riku replied. "Besides, Sora's the one who needs help on his algebra."

"Uh, yeah. Sorry, Kairi," Sora said.

"It's alright. And… thank you, Riku," she said. "Do you need money?"

"My treat," he replied. "Just remember not to get too flirty with each other."

"W-what?" the two chorused. Riku laughed when he saw their faces turn pink and left the house before they could react. After shutting the door behind him, he looked away with an envious look.

- --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- -

Rin hummed as she stirred the steamy soup then went back to making the stir-fried vegetables. Hara rested on the couch and was snoring with a kickboxing magazine left opened and laid flat on her stomach. The phone rang and Hara woke up. Rin picked it up.

"Hello, Kamaya residents!" she answered. "Oh, hello my darling! Ah, you're almost home? Oh, thank goodness!" Rin went over to the stove and continued making the food with the phone between her shoulder and ear. "…Tomorrow? Okay, I'll see you soon then! I love you, sweetie!" Hara got up after the brunette hung up the phone. She yawned and stretched.

"Who was that?" she asked, picking up her magazine.

"That was my daughter! She'll be here tomorrow! I'm so excited!" Rin squealed. "Oh, and lunch is just about finished. The mashed potatoes and corn are done, so can you put them on the table?"

Hara walked over to the kitchen and took the mashed potatoes and corn to set it down on the table. Then she set up the table so that the plates, silverware and placemats were already in place and afterward sat down to open her magazine.

"So did you tell Sora that his sister's coming home?" Hara asked.

"Oh my! I forgot to tell him!" she chimed.

"Predictable," Hara mumbled as she turned a page. "And thanks for letting me stay here for lunch. I can't stand it anymore – I think I was about to break our phone again."

"You are always welcomed!" Rin turned off the stove and put the fried vegetables on a plate and put it next to the mashed potatoes. She went back to the stove to get the soup; Hara raised and eyebrow when she put the soup on the table. "Soup again? It's warm today, like any other day,"

"But the weatherman says it will rain tonight again!"

"Then it's just going to get humid. What is it with you and soup?" she asked as she put some mashed potatoes and vegetables on her plate.

Rin put her hand together and bowed, then put soup in her bowl. "Because winter is my favorite season."

Hara froze as she stared at her friend who smiled happily as she consumed her soup.

"Winter?" Hara repeated. "And you live here, where it'll never snow until the apocalypse?"

"But snow is so pretty!" Rin insisted.

"And what does it have to do with soup?" Hara replied. "Have you ever even seen snow?" Rin blushed and giggled girlishly. Hara shot a suspicious look at her and decided she'd rather not know. "A-anyway… our sons are studying at Kairi's, right?"


"Hmm…" Hara ate some of her veggies, then pondered aloud, "I wonder if they have anything to eat."

"Kairi's a wonderful cook!"

"That's not what I meant. They might not have food – what were we thinking sending them there when the poor girl is struggling to feed herself, save for her good-for-nothing brothers? I mean with chump change those guys make, I bet you that all of it goes to Kairi's education, and high school expenses are already bad enough!" Hara criticized. "How do they eat in that house? No wonder Kairi's so skinny. I think even I could have offered her a better life if I would've adopted her instead of those brothers."

"Oh Hara, you're being so critical!" Rin blithely exclaimed. "What's done is done, and I think Kairi wouldn't have had it any other way. Besides, I'm sure our boys will do something about lunch."

- --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- -

Kana opened the mailbox and peeked inside, and already she had a feeling that it only contained junk mail and bills. Regardless, she stuck her hand in, took them all out and looked through them – of course, to find only junk mail and bills. She sighed in annoyance and stuffed them back in. Instead of going back inside, she sat on the curb with her hands under her chin. For once, she chose not to read or study and thus complete boredom overtook her. She looked up at the sky to see a passing cloud blocking the sunlight. Suddenly, an image of Riku's face appeared in her thoughts and she automatically blushed. Gasping, she looked away and shook her head.

What's wrong with me…? She asked herself. She got up, but something caught her eye before she made her way to the door. There was a figure with long hair walking passed her development carrying three large, brown paper bags with a ridiculous amount of plastic bags hanging from the arms. She squinted to see whom it was but couldn't make out the face well. Watching the person struggle to even walk, her sympathy for the individual convinced her to help out who ever it was. She paced herself toward the person in need.

"Excuse me, but do you—," Suddenly, she stopped short. As if on cue, the cloud that blocked the sunlight passed and the warm rays poured down upon his face just as she realized who it was. "Riku?" she said aloud.

"Huh?" Riku slowed himself down and turned his head to see Kana, who covered her mouth as if she didn't mean to call out his name. "Oh, hi. How are you?" he casually greeted.

"Uh, that's a lot of stuff," she replied. She felt anxiety creeping in as her heartbeat began to hasten. But like a thorn that constantly poked her, the thought of Hina came up and she regretted meeting Riku at that moment.

"Yeah… it is," he said. Before he said anything further, one of the bags he carried began to tip over. "Whoa!"

"Ah!" Immediately, Kana caught it before it fell and held the slopping bag up. She couldn't help but notice that the bag was full of various foods, as were the other bags. Groceries?

"Uh, thanks."

"You need help…!" Kana exclaimed. "You shouldn't be carrying so many – bags of food!"

"No, I'm alright," he insisted. "Unless you want to come along and help me?"


"Ha, just kidding. I wouldn't want to trouble you and your mom would wonder why you went away with some long-haired guy," he said. Kana gulped.

"She's not home."

"Oh… again?"


Riku thought for a moment, then slowly put the three large bags on the ground then took off the other smaller bags that hung on his arms; there were at least 6 or 7 of them. He immediately stretched and rubbed his arms. "Ow," he muttered. Kana gasped when she saw the red marks on his arms from the bags.

"How long have you been carrying these!" she asked.

"I don't know… since around noontime?" he guessed.

Kana looked at her watch. "It's already a quarter to one."

"Ah, crap," he mumbled as he quickly picked up the bags again. Kana bit her lip in hesitation then grabbed some bags as well.

"L-let me help!" she suddenly offered. Riku shot her a look of surprise.

"Are you sure?"

"I-I think…" she said, looking at the ground.

Riku chuckled at her reply, making her blush.


"You're pretty spontaneous. Here, carry the lighter ones," he said, pointing at some bags. Kana obediently took them. "Here, this way…" he said as he continued his way. Kana hesitantly looked back at her house then hurriedly followed behind Riku, her heart racing in anticipation. "So what were you doing outside?" he asked as he looked back a little.

"I was checking the mail, but then I saw you. I couldn't tell it was you from afar though… But you looked like you needed help."

"Nice of you to help out a stranger…" Riku looked back at her again and slowed down so that they would be walking side by side. Kana looked shyly looked away. "Sorry, I'm just rushing because Sora and Kairi are probably hungry right now."

"Sora and Kairi?" she repeated questioningly.

"Oh, yeah. We were studying at Kairi's place and I decided to get some food," he explained.

"That's nice of you," she complimented. Does 'some food' mean all out grocery shopping? Kana observed that there was enough food in the bags that would last for a week or two, but kept quiet about it.

"Actually, I…" he trailed off. Kana curiously looked up at him. I did it to get away, he thought as he nervously adjusted the bag in his arm. "Nah, I'm not nice. And I never grocery shop, so I don't know if I bought the right stuff."

"You've never went grocery shopping? I think you have everything," she said.

"Oh, okay. And, no, I don't grocery shop at all. My mom doesn't cook… in fact, her cooking's like eating burnt trash," he bluntly stated.


"Yeah, that's right," he continued, "but Sora's mom can cook well, so we crash dinner there a lot."

"Wow… that sounds like fun," she marveled. "So it's as if you and Sora are real brothers, kind of."

"Mm, I guess. But Sora's family is too weird for me sometimes. Especially his sister," he added.

"Sister?" she repeated. "Sora has a sister?"

"Yeah, she's crazy, so don't ever talk to her."

"Um, Okay," she obeyed without question. In spite of the quick assent, only more questions popped up in her head. Before she could ask him what Sora's sister was like, he interrupted her thoughts.

"Oh, and…" He cautiously hesitated before continuing, "About Kairi's family… she has no parents and she has two older brothers that kind of adopted her as a sister when she was found…"

- --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- -

Kairi bit her lip as she stared down at the equation. She looked up at Sora, who gave up on math and moved on to history, his blue eyes scanning through the pages of the history textbook. Suddenly he looked up and their eyes met. Kairi smiled.

"How's history going?" she asked.

"Hmm…" Sora shut the textbook closed and put it on the table. "I actually hardly read anything. I was just faking it," he confessed.

"Haha, what! The whole time?" she replied, chuckling. "Sora, you lazy bum."

"Lazy? I'm just not with it right now," he replied. "Can we take a break?"

Kairi put her pencil down and rested her back on the carpet floor, sighing. She observed the plain white ceiling then closed her eyes. "Alright, we'll take a break."

"You seem tired," he said.

"Yeah. Selphie called me up last night and we talked for a long time."

"About what?"

Kairi opened her eyes and looked at him with what seemed like a forced smile. "Just… girl stuff," she replied. Sora only stared back as if he were in hesitation, but then shrugged.

"Oh, I see. So it seems like you two have really gotten close while Riku and I were away."

"Jealous?" she teased.

"What would I be jealous for? What are you implying?" he come-backed with a grin.

"Nothing, you weirdo," she answered back as she sat up again. "Anyway. Yeah, we have gotten to be pretty good friends. She's actually the only girl friend I ever really talk to."

"Well, now you have me!" Sora said.

"Heehee. Of course, and I'm happy. But sometimes it's more convenient to have a girl to talk to, you know what I mean?"

"Whaat? You saying you don't need me anymore?" he replied with exaggerated pouting lips. Kairi knew he was just playing around and laughed as she patted his head.

"I didn't say that! I need some guy friends too and you and Riku are the only close ones!" she said reassuringly. "And thank goodness you've both come back in time."

"Close guy friends, huh?" he pondered aloud, "But what about Wakka and Tidus?"

"Oh. Well…" Kairi trailed off and looked away. She bit her bottom lip as if something about them was taboo. Sora tilted his head, puzzled at why the mention of two names triggered immediate uneasiness.

Did something happen while we weren't here? He thought worriedly. He shook his head in denial as he remembered how everyone, including Wakka and Tidus (and even Kana), had fun on the Island. He looked to Kairi if she had an answer yet, but instead found her in a troubled position in the awkward silence. Guilty to see Kairi this way, he changed the subject.

"S-so – why didn't you invite Selphie to study with us!" he blurted. Kairi gave him a strange look at first, but smiled thankfully.

"Well, the three of us haven't had time together in a while, so I thought it would've been good bonding time," she explained. "Well, even though it just ended up being us two for the time being…" Kairi coughed a little, then looked straight at him. "…Not that I… mind being alone with you."

Sora face reddened at that last statement. He looked at her wondering what she might have implied, but she was blushing too and both looked away immediately after their quick eye contact as they both laughed nervously. I'm just thinking too much on this, he convinced himself. Sora's heart began to beat faster and faster but turned his head a little to peek at Kairi. Throughout the time they were apart, she had definitely gotten more mature and more beautiful in both personality and physicality of body and facial structure. But during the time that Sora and Riku had been away from their home, Sora knew that he wouldn't be able to even imagine at how much Kairi might've gone through without them. Suddenly, a jerking feeling in his chest came when he realized how much of Selphie and Kairi's friendship level had caught up to his own relationship with Kairi. He clenched his fist at the idea of having Selphie know Kairi more than he did. Maybe I am jealous? He thought.

"Kairi, I—…!" he voiced with anxious tremor. Kairi almost jumped at Sora's sudden outburst then saw his eyes set in determination with a flushed face.

"Y-yes…?" she asked.

- --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- -

Hara walked towards her front door, almost lethargically, while she rubbed her bloated stomach.

Rin's cooking is too good… why can't I cook like that? She thought to herself. Suddenly, she felt a chill up her spine and she swerved back to look behind her.

No one was there.

Hastily, she entered the front entrance of her house and immediately locked the door behind her. Placing the keys on a table, she scanned the living room and kitchen to look out for any signs of alteration and would occasionally look behind her to make sure she wasn't being watched. After checking to make sure that everything was the same as she had left it, she then approached the phone anxiously as if it were a tiger on the loose, ready to attack. She looked at the number of voice messages – three. Groaning, she pushed the button to listen to her voice mail.


"Hello, Miss Seirya! Remember me? I'm journalist Karihe, here to remind you tha—"

Before the message was finished, Hara ripped the whole phone off the wall and threw it across the room.

- --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- -

"We're here!" Riku said as he and Kana entered Kairi's house.

"Hey, what took you so long?" Sora asked as he got up. "Oh, hi Kana."

"Hi," Kana replied shyly.

"How'd Riku end up dragging you he – holy crap, that's a lot of food!"

"She helped me carry stuff," Riku said. He went into the kitchen to set the groceries down on the counter; Kana immediately followed and did the same with Sora right behind them. She looked around curiously and cautiously, almost in denial that she was in Kairi's home. The first thing she noticed was a topless guy sleeping on the couch, snoring unpleasantly.

He has blue hair, she thought to herself. Kairi's is reddish-brown… so I guess she really is adopted. Kana looked at Riku and decided to believe him on.

"I don't think Kairi expected you to go all out shopping for just lunch," Sora stated.

"Yeah, I know…" Riku mumbled. He looked back at the living room, only to find the source of the inhumane-sounding snore coming from Tamashii. "Where is Kairi?"

"Upstairs," he replied. As if on cue, Kairi's footsteps were heard as she made her way down the stairs.

"Is Riku here?" she asked. She spotted Kana right away as she walked into the Kitchen. "Kana!" she exclaimed excitedly. Before she could ask what she was doing in her house, she noticed numerous bags of food on the counter. "RIKU!"

"What?" he replied as he began putting things away.

"Why did you get so much food!" she cried as she paced her way toward the bags of groceries.

"I, uh, don't know," he answered.

"Oh yeah, Kana!" Kairi said as if she forgot about her, "Why are you here?"

"She helped him carry those," Sora said, pointing to the grocery bags.

"Wow, how nice of you!" she beamed. Sora sighed at the sight of her wide grin as Kana bashfully smiled back.

"Oh – it was nothing, really," Kana said.

"Since you're here, why don't you stay with us and study?" Kairi offered. "You'd be a great help!"

"Oh, actually …" Before Kana finished, she thought back on the note that her mom taped to the refrigerator back at her house. 'I want to finish something at work. There's food in the fridge. Won't be home 'til late' the note said. "…Yeah, I think I will."

"Really!" Kairi beamed.

"Yeah… may I use your phone so that I can leave a message at my house?" she asked.

"Oh, sure! Let me show you where the phone is…" Kairi led her to the living room where she slapped her older brother on the shoulder to wake up and go upstairs. Sora shrugged and started to help Riku put the food away.

"Riku, tell me again why you didn't just get pizza?" Sora said as he grabbed some canned food.

"I like Kairi's cooking," he answered.

"And bringing Kana over here too? What was that about?" Sora asked, putting the canned food away.

"I just ran into her and she offered to help."

"Hey, wait a minute." Sora stopped and looked at him as he continued to put the food away. "That sounds weird. You never accept help from anybody when it comes to those little things."


"I don't know. You always used to handle things by yourself and go through stuff on your own."

Riku looked at him after putting away the last of the last. Flashbacks of the first time he encountered DiZ in the World In Between started to flood back. Then he remembered how there were countless times when King Mickey had saved him, and how he and Sora fought Xemnas together. How was he able to do all of that alone?

"Then I guess I'm just not like that anymore." Riku crossed his arms. "There were a lot of things I wouldn't have been able to do if it weren't for other people's help."

Sora grinned. "So you finally realize that you have friends, huh?"

"But, I'm still not a sap like you," Riku come backed. Sora laughed.

"Haha. Yeah, whatever."

The two girls returned to the kitchen and decided to make beef with fried rice.

- --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- -
- --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- - --- -

The Extra Long Chapter
Part 2 – Conversation Through Wires

Riku cursed under his breath as he held the tiny wires with both hands. He looked over the phone manual again that was on the table and cursed again.

"These wires don't match…" he mumbled. "Then again, it's hard to tell when five are the same color and they're ripped from the wall…"

He looked down at the wires again… then at the phone… then at the broken pieces of the phone that were still scattered on the floor. After concluding that it was impossible to fix, he dropped the wires and threw the phone manual on the couch. He looked at the clock. Eight forty five.

"Riku?" said a voice. Riku turned to see his mother in a loose beater and spandex, rubbing her eyes as she yawned.


"When did you get home?"

"Two, three hours ago. Had dinner at Sora's."

"Why didn't you call?" Riku frowned and pointed his thumb at the broken phone. "We still have another phone."

"The ringer is broken. I don't know how to fix it."

Hara sighed. "You don't have to fix our phones. I'll buy a new one tomorrow." She went into the kitchen and opened the fridge in search of dinner. Riku sighed and started to pick up the broken pieces of the phone. Absolute silence filled the room as Riku tried to control his anger. He didn't even bother to ask why she broke the phone again and why she didn't clean up the mess, not that it was much.

"How was Kairi's?" Hara asked.


"What did you eat?"

"Fried rice," he replied, deciding that maybe she'd be happier if he didn't mention the word 'beef', as she was a vegetarian.

"Oh, you mean they had food?"

"Yes," he lied, throwing away the mess. Hara took out a plastic bowl of salad and put it on the table with a fork. Before she ate, she stared at Riku intently.

"…What?" he said.

"You need to cut you hair. It's way longer than mine and guys with long hair are unruly," she complained.

"Can I borrow your cellphone?" he asked as he dodged his mom's criticism.


"I think I forgot something at Sora's," he lied again.

"In my room."

Riku quickly made his way up the stairs and into his mom's room to get her cellphone. Then he went to his room and shut the door, dialing Sora's number. He plopped down on his bed and stared out into the sea from his window as the phone rang.



"Oh my God, Riku! My mom just told me that my sister's coming home tomorrow!" he replied. Riku raised an eyebrow.

"Really? Where was she anyway?"

"In the city. She works there now."

"Wait, is this what you wanted to talk to me about?" Riku asked.

"Uh, no. I tried called like an hour ago but you weren't picking up."

"Oh… our phones are broken," he said truthfully. "Anyway, what is it?"

"Yeah… it's about Kairi. And Selphie, and Wakka, and Tidus."

"Uh… what about?"

"Do you think something happened between all of them?"

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Yuumei Rae – Hey, I don't mind bulk reviews! In fact, I imagine they're easier to read sometimes. O.o Yeah, I like the idea of Riku not having a father. Man, when I read yer review (which was months ago TT-TT), I kept thinking how much we think alike, because we both portrayed Riku and Selphie the same way. I was always fond of Riku's character development in the game, so I just HAD to include it in this fic. And Selphie's just pure hyper in my mind, so naturally she's come out as happy and bouncy in my fic. :D

To Everyone – THANKS FOR READING/REVIEWING! It really does ass fuel to my flame, so… Thank you thank you thank you thank you! TT.TT But if you haven't reviewed yet and you've been reading this…