Title: Unusual Encounter

Summary: When Gaara returns to the Village Hidden in the Leaves, who should be bump into but…Hinata?

Pairing: Gaara x Hinata

Rating: Teen for possible language and violence

Spoilers: Takes place after episode 135, when Naruto returns after his fight with Sasuke.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. I do, however, own this story, however strange it may be.

I realized that I exist to kill everyone other than myself. As long as I believe that, the world is beautiful…I fight only for myself and love only myself. That is the only love I need…


"Staring off into space again, Gaara?" Temari stood holding her closed fan in one hand, signaling that she was the cause of the new bump on her brother's head. "Sorry to bring you out of your own little world, but we're here."

Gaara looked up, and sure enough, they had arrived at the Hidden Leaf Village. Temari sent a sideways glance at her brother. "What were you thinking about, anyway?" Gaara looked at her. "It's nothing. Let's go." He began to walk into the village, Temari and their other sibling, Kankuro, following him.

Things had certainly changed between the three since they had been deceived by Orochimaru and attacked Konoha with the Sound ninjas. For example, there was no way Temari would have gotten away with hitting her brother with her fan. She would most likely be dead by now. But, after his fight with Naruto, Gaara had become far less hostile, and didn't kill…much. He was also starting to recognize the two as his actual siblings, whereas before he had barely acknowledged them at all, let alone the fact that they were related.

I've never thought of either of you as my siblings…

Yes, he had indeed changed, though his appearance wasn't any less frightening. He still had those dark circles around his eyes; he most likely always would, as long as the demon was inside of him…


Being lost in thought, he hadn't even noticed the young kunoichi that had been running towards him. She apparently didn't notice either, considering she had run into him and they were now both sprawled out on the ground. He looked at her. The girl had short blue hair and wore and tan jacket. The jacket was zipped up, so he couldn't see what she wore underneath, but saw that she had on blue capris with her shinobi tools attached to one of her legs.

"Ah!" The girl cried, noticing that she was slightly on top of him. She quickly moved, blushing slightly from embarrassment. "I'm sorry! Are you alright?" By this time she had stood up and was offering her hand to the strange boy with the gourd on his back. Gaara, being Gaara, ignored her outstretched hand and stood up himself. "Hn," was all he said; not a word, really, just a syllable.

"A-Ano," the shy girl replied. "I-I'm really sorry. I was late for a m-meeting with my squad..." She continued to ramble on about the mission she was about to receive, though all three of them stopped paying attention soon after the 'sorry' part.

What's with this girl? Temari wondered. She sure does stutter a lot. It's hard to believe she's a ninja. The girl had stopped talking now and was awkwardly looking down at her shoes, examining them as if they were about to sprout wings. "Hey," Temari said, causing her to look up from her sudden interest in the material covering her feet. "You're a ninja from this village, right?" The girl gave a small nod. "Can you tell us where the Hokage's office is? She called us here for some kind of mission or something."

"Oh, you mean Tsunade-sama?" the small kunoichi pointed to a building somewhat far away. "It's there." Temari gave a small nod of thanks. "A-Anyway, I'm really sorry for bumping into you." She gave a small bow of apology and began to walk off, since she was already late for whatever she was doing; the three had tuned out long before she started explaining where she had been heading before their encounter.

"Hey, what's your name?" Gaara, who had been silent (and usually was), suddenly asked. Kankuro and Temari looked at him in surprise; they weren't used to him actually participating in any sort of conversation. The girl, oblivious to the strange stares the boy was getting, answered, "H-Hyuuga Hinata."

Gaara acknowledged her reply with another "Hn." Obviously, he wasn't the kind who liked interacting with people; either that, or he had little experience with it, since all he really said most of the time were random letters combined to make some kind of non-existent word.

"A-Ano," Hinata, having a sudden surge of bravery (or idiocy, she didn't know which), said, getting the attention of the ninjas who were about to leave. "M-may I ask your names?"

At first, she thought the strangers would decline, but, to her surprise as well as his siblings, Gaara gave a simple answer: "Gaara of the Sand." The others, slowly recovering from the shock of hearing Gaara speak two whole sentences in one conversation, quickly-if not somewhat hesitantly-gave their names as well. Then they left, headed for the Hokage's office to find out why they had been summoned to the village of Konoha.


"You're late, Hinata."

"I'm sorry, Kurenai-sensei," Hinata answered as she took her seat next to Kiba and Shino, who were absorbed in their own fascinating activities: Kiba was having some conversation with his dog, Akamaru, while Shino looked contently at the bugs crawling over his arms. Hinata shuttered; she wasn't quite used to Shino's bugs even after all the time they'd been on the same team.

Kuranai sighed. "It's alright, Hinata. It's not like the mission's going anywhere." She looked at her other two students, who were paying attention at the mention of 'mission'. "You've been assigned to protect someone and get him safely back to his home, the Country of Waves. He used to be a very talented ninja in his youth, but he's retired how. However, he still has many enemies that might still be after him. It's a B-rank mission."

"What do you mean? You're coming with us, right?" Kiba asked. Kuranai shook her head, explaining that she has her own mission.

"You guys will be fine. I believe in you."


"Ah, you're here." Tsunada said as her three guests entered her office. "I see you made it here safely. Sorry to bring you out all the way from the Village Hidden in the Sand." She motioned for them to sit down, which they did.

"Why did you call us here, Hokage-sama?" Temari asked, her attitude almost preventing her from addressing the Fifth Hokage in the proper manner. Kankuro grunted beside her, while Gaara remained silent.

"Well, I have a squad of genins going on a mission today. I told them that it was a B-rank mission, but I just found out that it's most likely an A-rank. Unfortunately, while our village has mostly recovered, most of our Chuunins and Jounins are out on other missions, and we can't afford to send anyone else."

"So you called us," Kankuro said. Again. Tsunade nodded. "Yes, that's right. You did wonderful last time I asked for you. I'm sure this will be no problem."

"If I may ask, why not just send a different group, or at least give them a Chuunin to go with them?" Temari asked. It seemed odd to send a squad of only genins out to being with on a B-rank mission, let alone an A-rank.

"Unfortunately, they've already left. It's not that I don't trust them, they're all remarkable for their rank, but we have no idea how many enemies they'll encounter." Temari and Kankuro nodded, while Gaara remained as still and quiet as ever. Tsunade then filled them in on all the details, and the three were off.

Author's notes:

Gaara's thoughts at the beginning, where he was reflecting what he had said in the past, were written down sorely from memory. They may or may not be exactly correct. No plagiarism intended.

Also, I do realize that even if the relationship between the siblings has gottenbetter, Temari still woudn't be able to get away with hitting him with her fan. However, for the purpose of this story, she could.

And thus ends the first chapter of possibly the weirdest pairing in the history of Naruto. Reviews are greatly appreciated; if no one likes it, I won't continue. At this point, this is just an experiment. Thanks for reading!