Wolf Lake: The Total Re-Write

Disclaimer: Wolf Lake obviously does not belong to me nor it's characters. However, the re-telling of Season 1's first 9 episodes does belong to me, as well as, anything beyond.

Author's Notes: No John Kainin, No Ruby Wilder/Cates. This is a story that will revolve around Sophia Donner and Lucas Cates.

Re-Casting: Sheriff Donner: Tom Verica, Willard Cates (who will not have cancer and will not die or at least not like he did in the show): John Wesley Shipp, and Tyler Creed: Gale Harold

Additional Author Notes: You might notice your's or other fanfic writers' ideas appear in this re-telling.

In addition, I apologize for yet to finish my other fanfic "Sophia's Status in the Pack". Also, I fully intend to submit this to the Head of Programming at the Sci-Fi Network in the attempt to get Wolf Lake back on the air; and give it the proper "life" it has always deserved.

By: Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond

April 20th, 2006

Nighttime and a party is going on at the lake. Loud music, huge-roaring bon fire illuminates the dancing teenagers. Going deep within the woods, we see two teenagers locked in a passionate embrace, the boy is completely and utterly nude while the female is clad in jeans a t-shirt being revealed as a jeans jacket drapes off her shoulders to pool around her elbows. She suddenly pushes away, turns, and runs deeper into the forest. As we watch her running, we hear an animal giving chase. She flees under the heavy canopy and within a few yards of her we see this grey wolf being made known by the the bright beams of the full moon shinning down upon them every so often through the branches of the tall trees that surround them, engulf them.

Suddenly, she falls to the forest floor as she stumbled from a steep leap over a fallen tree trunk and lands on her hands and knees. She turns onto her back instinctively and ironically enough without fear present in her eyes nor upon her face. All of the sudden we see the wolf that's been chasing her leap gracefully over the trunk of the fallen tree and crouch over her. We see large male human hands dispatching her of her clothing. And glasses being destroyed against a tree.

The same girl from the chase, awakens by sitting bolting up with a gold shinning within her eyes...