by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Grenadier or Captain America.

And before anyone starts getting on me for putting two blonds together, I originally chose Captain America because I had just watched the Ultimate Avengers DVD and Grenadier in the same week and I realized that Cap basically has the same ideals as that of Rushuna Tendoh. He may be a soldier, but he would prefer to live in peace the rest of his life. Rushuna is the same way. She may possess incredible marksmanship skills, but she fights to end War across Japan.

I also realized that Captain America's shield-wielding skills would compliment Rushuna's gun-wielding prowess. And Yajiro's sword-wielding talent will only add to their repertoire later on.

(R'epertoire: The range or number of skills, aptitudes, or special accomplishments of a particular person or group)


Chapter 1

The Meeting


Once he was merely Steve Rogers, a frail young man rejected for military service, but chosen for the top secret Rebirth Project due to his persistence in wanting to serve his country.

The Super Solider Serum created by the brilliant scientist Dr Erskine, elevated Steve to the peak of human physical perfection.

Possessing strength, speed, reflexes, agility and endurance greater than that of any Olympic-level athlete, the serum also enhanced his metabolism and immune system, preventing him from ever getting sick or becoming intoxicated by alcohol, prevents the build-up of fatigue poisons in his muscles, and give him stamina far greater than any ordinary human being.

It also enhanced his body from a frail, nearly rail-thin young man, into a highly athletic man with nearly triple his original muscle mass. Though not quite superhuman, he could easily curl weights in excess of 550 lbs. and deadlift a maximum of 800.

However, he was the only Super Soldier created by the project, as it was sabotaged by a Nazi agent. Steve managed to defeat the Nazi agent, but it was too late to save Erskine.

Without a means to replicate the process and create a battalion of Super Soldiers, the American government transformed Steve Rogers into a living symbol of their country.

A superhero they called... Captain America!

For nearly three years, Captain America was on the front lines of every major offensive and mission against the Nazis. He earned a high degree of prestige amongst the Allies, and the ire of the Axis powers. Particularly that of a Nazi commander named Kleiser.

The war continued until word reached the Allies that Hitler had committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin.

However, a group of desperate Nazi commandos had established a base on an island off the coast of Norway. The rumor was they had created a super weapon that was poised to destroy Washington. On May 2nd, 1945, the Allies sent a battalion of soldiers to stop them, lead by Captain America.


"Captain, we're over the drop zone sir!" the pilot said.

The Super Soldier nodded as he placed the photo of his fiancée into his jacket.

The green light signaled the go for the soldiers to parachute down towards the island base.

The second the planes had been spotted, the Nazi soldiers opened fire upon them. Several of the parachuters were cut down before they hit the ground, others died while on the ground.

"Where's your Super Soldier, Barns? We're getting cut to pieces!" Sgt Kowalski groaned in pain as he shouted to the unit photographer, Bucky Barns.

The sound of an airplane engine caught his attention.

"There he is!" Barns shouted.

The plane flew in through the small canyon of the island, taking several hits from the cannons of the castle that the Nazis had occupied for their plans. However, that didn't stop it's pilot.

The plane was a half-mile from the castle when the pilot suddenly leaped out and fell towards the fast approaching ground. His body went limp as fell at an angle, tumbling across the hard dirt until he came to a grinding halt just seconds before the plane slammed into the front gates of the castle. The explosion knocked the Nazis off their feet and opened the way for the American soldiers.

The GI's looked up as a tall man dressed in blue wielding a red, white and blue triangular shield stood before them all. He was wore a blue helmet with a white 'A' on the forehead, a red turtleneck beneath a blue jacket, a white five-point star on his chest with vertical red and white stripes running around the stomach. A brown leather mask covered most of his upper face, his eyes glaring out through two lenses.

"Alright Soldiers! Let's Take This Dump!" Captain America shouted.

The throng of cheers sounded from all the soldiers as they charged the castle gates.

Captain America lead the charge, shield in front as the American commandos charge. Winding their way through the thick hallways of the castle, the commandos eventually finding what they were searching for.

So that's their super weapon. Captain America thought as he stared at the giant rocket in the center of a large tower of the castle.

A sudden hail of gunfire cut off his musings as he noticed the Nazi soldiers on the upper walk. Captain America leaped over the railings, catching a crane and swinging towards the control room.

"Keep 'em covered!" an American soldier shouted as they fired on the Nazis.

Meanwhile, Captain America had swung up towards the upper level of the castle where the control room was. When he landed, he paused yet again as he say both human technicians and what looked like... large green-skinned insect-like creatures.

"Captain America. Our fortunes have crossed yet again." a thick German-accent caught Captain America's attention.

"Kleiser." the super-soldier hissed under his breath, recognizing the high-level Nazi officer.

"Start the operation!" the Nazi yelled as the alien creatures advanced upon Captain America, who let loose with his shield, knocking several of them back.

The technicians initiated the countdown as Kleiser leaped at Captain America, his fist landing hard against Captain America's steel shield, making a fist-sized dent in the shield as well as sending the Captain flying into the wall.

"This war is over and you have lost!" Kleiser said as he advanced upon the super soldier.

"Haven't you heard? Hitler's dead!" Captain America shouted as gripped his shield with both hands and brought it upside Kleiser's head. That stunned him for a second, allowing the super soldier to follow through with a kick to the chest that launched the Nazi agent across the room and into a swastika flag.

"Patriotic fool! Look around you! This isn't about Hitler!" Kleiser said as he got back up to his feet, prepared to fight, but too late to avoid Captain America's shield as he tossed it into the Nazis chest. "ARGH!" he shouted.

Captain America gasped as he noticed that instead of a blood that spewed from him, greenish tendrils emerged from his chest. His face contorted and shifted into that of the aliens, revealing his true nature. He pulled the shield out of his chest, Captain America reclaiming it as his features returned to what they once were.

The rocket suddenly roared to life. Forgetting his enemies, Cap took off into a run, leaping over the railing and running along the outstretched metal beams, he leaped off the beams towards the rocket. Grasping his shield tightly, Cap slammed the pointed end of the shield into the paneling of the rocket as it started to ascended.

Outside on the ground, the soldiers watched as the rocket launched from the castle. It was Bucky who noticed through his camera that Captain America was hanging from the rocket itself.

"Cap." Bucky whispered.

The rocket was slowly climbing towards the stratosphere as four strange looking ships followed close behind it.

Cap had lost his shield, but couldn't be concerned with that as he pulled a grenade out of his belt and was about to drop it into the rocket itself, when he was attacked by Kleiser. The Nazi agent was using his alien claws to limb up to where Cap was. He jumped on Captain America's back and tried to pull him off of it. He turned him over and punched him twice in the face before Cap managed to kick him off of him. The Nazi commander fell backwards and was engulfed in the rocket engines. The rocket continued to ascend and Cap quickly took the opportunity to pull the pin on the grenade and dropped it into the rocket before leaping away from it.

The grenade exploded inside the rocket, causing a chain reaction that ignited the rocket's nuclear core. The explosion lite up the sky for miles.

However, unlike in the original universe, two different things happened.

The first was that instead of one Chitari ship being destroyed, all four were.

The second thing that happened, was that the blast opened a tear in fabric of time/space and forced Cap through it.

To the world at large, Captain America had died saving the world from a Nazi super weapon, and effectively brought an end to the war. But in reality, his adventures had just begun.


A small hot springs in the mountains...

"The moon is so beautiful tonight." the beautiful, blond-haired, and well-endowed woman sighed as the warm/hot water enveloped her naked body.

It had been a couple months since Lady Tenshi had sent the beautiful young senshi Rushuna Tendoh out to implement the Ultimate Battle Strategy in an attempt to end war. Despite being exceptionally well trained, talented and skilled, Rushuna was also concerned.

War, hatred, violence was something even someone like her couldn't win on her own. Originally she thought that the only way she was going to win this, would be one person at a time. One battle at a time. That would take a long time. Not to say that she wasn't determined, but she realized that she needed help. Friends and allies who shared her ideals.

What she needed, was a partner.

Suddenly, a brief explosion and a bright flash overhead caught her attention, snapping her out of her daze as the brilliant glow of the moon revealed something falling towards her.

Her eyes focused on the object. She gasped.

It's a person!

Said object flew off towards the mountain at a strange angle, crashing into it not twenty meters above Rushuna's head and tumbling down the rough and jagged slope. It came to a stopping crash not two meters from the hotspring that Rushuna sat in.

Springing from the water, the young woman grabbed her towel and gun and headed over.

Noticing it was a human man, she stared at him cautiously for a couple seconds. That caution quickly turning to curiosity and concern as she gently flipped him over, sighing with relief when she saw he was breathing.

Falling out of the sky from who knows where, slamming headfirst into a mountainside, and then tumbling down in only to crash-land into solid rock, and he looked like he barely had a scratch on him. In fact, his clothes looked worse than him.

His outfit consisted of a mostly blue jacket-like shirt with a white five-point star on the chest with vertical red and white stripes running around the stomach. He had a red turtleneck underneath that. Bluish-green pants with pockets on the sides, brown boots covered by some kind of leg coverings, brown gloves, a brown leather belt with compartments on it, one strap went from the belt across his left shoulder that looked like it was supposed to be a holster for a gun or something, and a brown leather mask that covered most of his upper face, two circular lenses over his eyes.

However, the mask and the uniform looked like they had been shredded as if he had been caught in an explosion.

What strange clothes. Who is this man? Where is he from? She wondered as she looked him over. He was about 6'2", highly athletic, probably about 220 lbs. Short blond hair and... yup, blue eyes, she noticed as she opened his eye lids.

However, she had failed to notice that her towel had slipped from around her chest, exposing her to the night air.


Steve groaned as his eyes struggled to open. The first thing he noticed was that he was warm. He then noticed that he was also wet. And it wasn't sweat, although that was part of it. His hands and toes wiggled and managed to confirm that he was mostly submerged in water. Hot water. He felt his head resting comfortably against something soft yet firm. What's more, a slight shift of his body, and his head, told him he was completely naked.

"You're awake." a soft serene voice spoke.

Suddenly, everything became crystal clear for the man.

His battlefield-honed instincts and reflexes kicked into high gear and launched the man up, off the soft pillow-like objects, and slamming hard into a solid rock wall with his back.

"What... who... where..." he gasped as he tried to form an appropriate question, his vision clearing enough to see who his companion was. His defenses fell as he took in a very attractive, very well-endowed, Naked, young woman with long blond hair and bright amber eyes.

"I'm pleased to see that you've recovered. And judging by your movements, you are obviously not seriously injured." the woman said with a kind smile.

That smile... Steve thought, his will to fight seemingly undone at the power of such a simple gesture.

"My name is Rushuna Tendoh. May I ask your name?" the woman said.

"Steve. Steve Rogers." he replied.

She continued to smile as he kept himself submerged to avoid any form of embarrassment, from either party. Being raised on 1930's America values, Steve found it rather difficult to be so open to anyone he didn't know. Especially a beautiful young woman. He came from an era that was locked in a time of war. Spies and saboteurs were a reality, so one had to be guarded at all times. Often closed, in order to protect themselves.

However, his companion didn't seem to have any form of modesty about that. And considering that they were alone, the rational part of his mind deduced that she was the one who had stripped him naked and put him into the water.

And up against her... he mentally smacked himself in the head at that thought. But it made him consider why she had done that. "Excuse me, miss?"


"I... I don't mean to sound rude, or ungrateful that you helped me, but... why did you do that?"

"Do what?" she asked, clearly confused by what he meant.

"Remove my clothes and put my head against your..." he said, but paused as he came to that part of the question.

She smiled again.

"It is how I was taught to comfort those who are in pain. I will open my arms to those who suffer, and hold them close to my bosom to ease their pain. I was taught that the simplest gesture can have tremendous positive effects on a human being." she said, as if reciting an oath.

Steve looked at her with some obvious confusion. The woman was clearly from a different era than he was, otherwise she wouldn't be so open about something like that. After all, being that close to someone, clothed or otherwise, was not what he had been taught.

Not that his parents had lived long enough to really give him those kinds of lessons. Everything he knew was from the world he had lived in.

"You disapprove?" she asked him, noticing his slight grimace.

"Well..." he started to say.

"You didn't like it."

"It's not that." he quickly added, not wanting to offend the women. "It's just... where I come from, people don't do that sort of thing to each other unless they are blood related. Nor do they bath with each other naked unless they are... lovers or married." he explained.

"I see. I did not mean to offend you." she apologized.

"I'm not offended. Just... startled."

She smiled again, and Steve relaxed a bit at that.

They sat in silence for several minutes. Rushuna kept looking at the moon and sighing.

"It's so beautiful, isn't it?"

"Uh... what is?" he asked, not taking his eyes off of her. She just looked so at peace, so serene. To be honest it was something he longed for as well.

"The moon."

Steve looked skyward and let himself smile at her honest observation.

"Yes. It is." he replied.

Several more minutes past as the pair continued to look to the sky. Steve broke the silence as he turned to ask the young woman something.

"Uh, Miss?"


"Could you tell me... where am I?"

She smiled again. "You're in a hot spring on the north side of Mt Totago."

His face turned into a frown. "Totago? I don't recognize that name. What country is it in?"


"JAPAN!" he gasped as he nearly jumped out of the water.

Being an American soldier of World War II, his enemies had first been The Nazis, and then Japan. If he had somehow ended up in the Land of the Rising Sun, and he didn't think that was possible for him even if he was caught in the explosion of that Nazi rocket, then he was in enemy territory. But that was impossible, wasn't it?

"Yes, you are in Japan. Have you been here before?" she asked.

"Uh, a few times." he said.

"I see."

"Uh, this may be a strange question, but... isn't there a war going on?"

The girl looked a little sad. "Unfortunately, yes. Some are calling it The Great Civil War. It is raging all across the land. Many innocent people are being swept up in it."

Civil War? The Great Japanese Civil War? But Japan was unified under the Emperor. Unless... "What year is it?"

"Pardon?" she asked, thrown off by his question.

"The year? What year is it?" he asked again.

"I believe it is 1865."

1865! he mentally gasped. And somehow... I don't think she's lying or making a joke.

However, even if she was telling the truth, what she was saying was impossible! It was 1945 last he knew. How did he get tossed back in time 80 years? And ending up in Japan no less? It didn't make any sense to him.

Actually, none of this was making any sense to him.

The only thing he could think of... was that when the rocket exploded, it must have sent him back in time 80 years. There was nothing else he could think of, and even he wasn't buying that long shot. He wasn't a scientist so trying to understand how that was even theoretically possible was too far beyond his grasp.

And worst of all, if he was back in 1865, then all his friends and loved ones, including his girlfriend Gail and his closest friend, Bucky Barns, hadn't even been born yet. None of the men from his unit-Kowalski, Davis, Roland, Carter-all of them had also not been born yet.

The America he had fought so hard for, the ideals of Peace, Freedom, and Justice he had struggled to keep the Nazis from supplanting with their tyrannical regime, did not exist yet.

The only thing that gave him the slightest bit of comfort was the fact that the Nazis regime also did not exist in this time.

But it was small comfort, considering that even if he did manage to hop a boat or something to get back to America, he would still be 80 years behind where he should have been.

Steve felt his energy drain as never before, his body slumping hard against the rocks of the hot spring. A lost look covered his face.

He was a man without a country, out of place in this time and era, and nothing familiar around him but the clothes he wore. He looked over and saw that in his clothes was the picture of his girl Gail. He sighed. Before he had become Captain America, Steve had a purpose: serve his country. Gail had given him another reason. Now he had neither. Even if he still had her picture, it was just an effigy of what no longer existed. Or didn't exist yet.

He held his head in slight pain. Thinking like that was just beyond him.

Rushuna saw the expression on his face and felt her heart drop as well. Slowly she rose out of the hot springs and walked over to him. He barely noticed her gorgeous naked figure as she sat down next to him.

"What's wrong?" she asked with concern.

"I'm lost, Rushuna. I... I don't know where I am or what I'm going to do now. My friends, my unit, everything I know... it doesn't exist now. I'm just..."

"Just what, Stechan?" she asked, inadvertently giving the man a cute nickname.

He didn't catch it right away.

"I'm alone." he said with sadness.

Rushuna just stared at him, his sadness emulated on her own face. She may have been a fairly bright and optimistic person, but she could see that this was disturbing him greatly.

"You're not alone, Stechan."

"I'm not?"

"No. You have me." she said, smiling at him once more as she put her hand in his

Steve stared at the woman in disbelief. She had just met him and already she considered herself his friend.

But he considered that. This was clearly her world, and if anything, he was going to need an ally that he could trust.

"Thank you, Rushuna." he smiled.

"You're welcome, Stechan." she smiled back

His smile turned to confusion as soon as she said that.


"It's a cute name, don't you think?" she smiled again.

Oh for the love of Mike! Now she's naming me! He mentally groaned.


Authors Notes:

Just so everyone knows, I don't know exactly how old Captain America is in the 'Ultimate Avengers' DVD, so I wrote him to be 25 years of age in this, since as far as I know he was born in the early 1920's. Also, even though the bio's I've read on 'Grenadier' say that Rushuna is about 16 years old, I've written her so that she is 20 in this story, but still looks the same as she does in the series.

Also, it's important to note that this story takes place in the alternate dimension of Rushuna's world, not the past of Captain America's world, and that this story will follow the events of Grenadier. I'm not planning to add the Avengers to this story, just Captain America placed in the Grenadier world. Yajiro the samurai probably won't be in this story until the third or fourth chapter, as I have some story building and set-up planned for the Captain until then.

Also, in case you didn't know, this is a Captain America/Rushuna Tendoh pairing.