by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Evangelion or Queen's Blade or their characters.

Summary: Shinji meets the sexy ninja Shizuka, and her beautiful miko friend Tomoe.

Ideas and main story from ReisFriend.



Shinji was exploring the castle where he lived now. Misato was still in the life-support tube waiting for a new liver and his sisters, cousins and servants were having some down time. So he went to check out the areas where he hadn't been yet.

Opening a door at the far west area of the castle which was close to one of his grandad's training grounds, he wondered if he would meet one of his ninja's in here.

He almost had a heart attack when the door opened.

Standing in the middle of the large room with training dummies, there was a woman with pale skin and almost white hair dressed like a shinobi with kunais in her hands. She extended her arms upwards, holding the knives and lowering her arms down, she started throwing the kunais to the dummies and leaping and flipping herself gracefully until each dummy had a knife in places where a person would die and landing with no sound in the place where she had stood.

'Unbelievably incredible.' He thought with his mouth open in amazement and his eyes wide open. He was totally mesmerized by the womans incredible beauty and skill.

Then she noticed him and threw kunais at him. Shinji used his ninja skills from one of the scrolls he got from Sarutobi and teleported out of the way behind her. She tried to kick him with a backward roundhouse kick but missed when he strafed backwards.

She suddenly drew a kusari-gama from her back and hurled the chain at him, trying to tie him down, only to have him use teleport again and appear at her left.

"You deserve some credit, no one has ever avoided my attacks so easily." The woman stated.

"Why are you attacking me?" Shinji asked, preparing to avoid her next attack.

"I haven't seen you around before, so must be from a rival ninja clan to steal our technique scrolls." She answered. She hurled another kunai suddenly at him and ducked and before he could react again, her chain wrapped around his ankles and was yanked on the ground. She leapt in the air and landed on him, holding the blade on his throat.

Shinji was taken back by her sudden attack which had him trapped. "That was very impressive." He stated.
"I'm flattered that you liked it, but now, prepare to die intruder." She said as she pulled out her kunai.

She was about to slash his throat open before they heard someone shout.


The woman looked to see Sarutobi.

"Master, this intruder was going to steal our scrolls." She said.

"You jumped into conclusions again Shizuka. This is my grandson, Shinji Ikari, you're about to kill." Sarutobi said.

Shizuka looked Shinji in the face with a surprised expression for a second before she jumped off him and bowed her head down on the floor and apologizing. "I'm terribly sorry master, Shinji-sama!"

"It's alright Shizuka-san, but next time you could just ask who the person you haven't seen before is before attacking them." Shinji said.

"That's what I've been telling her, but she does have the tendency to draw conclusions when she is bored. Despite that, she is my star student, Shinji." Sarutobi said as he freed Shinji from the chain.

"Nice to meet you Shizuka-san. You were so cool with your skills that I was totally impressed." Shinji complimented her as he stood up.

"Ni...Nice to meet you Shinji-sama." She said sheepishly.

"Don't be too harsh on her grandpa, it was pretty fun fighting her, even if I lost." Shinji said.

"Very well. I won't punish her severely, but I need to lecture her again. You should go on now, since your bodyguards are looking for you." He said, which made Shizuka groan. She disliked being lectured.

"Oh, alright then." Shinji answered and started walking away, feeling a bit sad that he wouldn't get to know the new ninja he just met.

Shizuka watched him go and wondered.

Hmm, he is pretty cute and he has impressive skills. And he did save me from being punished again. Maybe I should get to know him a little better to see if he could be fun. She thought, a plan forming in her mind for her target.


As Shinji walked through the hallways exploring, he couldn't stop thinking about Shizuka. Why can't I stop thinking about her? She was a total beauty with that skin, hair and eyes. Her outfit was pretty revealing too. Even Misato would be envious about her size. He blushed from the thought of Shizuka's body. But she was so cool with how she moved and never missed her target. What gracefulness and accuracy. And she even managed to trap me with her surprise attack, despite my teleporting. So strong and beautiful. She is too good to be from Earth. Who is she and where is she from? She seems like a good person. She started apologizing like mad when she learned who I was. I... I hope I get to know her better if I meet her again. He thought with a bit of longining.

Shizuka was not like the other people he had met after his birthday, so he was anxious to get to know her.


It was after breakfast in the castle the day after he had encountered Shizuka. Shinji had woken up with his cousin, younger sister and bodyguards in bed again, and after breakfast he was once again walking around the palace, this time hoping to meet Shizuka.

He had even dreamed about her at night and in his dream, they had fought and she lost. So she swore to be his servant and life-long companion. When he woke up, he had a blush on his face because he had been imagining her like that.

Why am I this interested in her? Shinji thought, having a hard time forgetting the beautiful shinobi.

Shinji suddenly found himself back to the training room where she had attacked him, but he didn't see anyone.

I was unconsciously thinking about her and I just walked straight here. Where could she be? He wondered and continued exploring.

He found a small rec-room near the ninja training grounds, but there was nobody in there too, so he decided to get himself a drink. But as he made his way over to the bar, the door suddenly closed, something landed on his back and he fell on the ground.

"Oww, what the...?" He wondered until he felt a soft body on his back and the two softer things pressing against him could only mean one thing.

"Hi Shinji-kun, looking for me?" He heard a woman's voice.

He looked back to see the ninja he was looking for.

"Ah, Shizuka-san. Yes, I was looking for you." He answered.

"Oh? Having a little crush on me?" She teased.

"Perhaps. I can't stop thinking about you and how cool you were the other day." He admitted before realizing what he was saying.

"Can't stop thinking about me, huh? Well, you are a growing young man, and I am a beautiful woman who likes to dress up in skimpy clothes. Not to mention my skills and talents as a ninja. So of course you would be thinking about me like that." She said with a smirk.

"I wasn't thinking anything lewd about you!" He quickly spurted.

"You weren't?" She asked after flipping him around until he was on his back, and she was now sitting on him.

"I...I just want to get to know you because you are an interesting person. I've never met anyone like you, so of course I want to know more about you." He answered.

She rose up and helped him up. "Well, I'd like the chance to get to know you as well, Shinji-kun. So, let's get to know each other then." She said and went to the fridge to get something to drink.


As Shinji sat across from the ninja woman he had met, he wondered if she was purposely sitting in a provocative pose with her other leg on the couch.

"So then, what do you want to know about me?" Shizuka asked after she sipped some water.

"Well..." Shinji fidgeted, trying to think what he could ask her.

"I like sake, hot baths, good spars, movies, excellent food and having fun with someone. My three sizes are reserved for my lover and doctor." She said.

"So you have a lover then?" He asked, feeling a bit jealous.

"No. I don't have a lover, but if I ever get one, then he would be the one to know them. And I'm actually 15 even if I look older then that. My growth rate has always been a bit faster then normal." She answered.

Shinji made a surprised face. She was his age and looked 20?

"Surprised cutie?" She asked in a teasing manner.

"Yes. I wasn't expecting that you would be my age when you look like a young woman in her prime." he answered before he actually realized what he was saying.

She started laughing. To him, she sounded irresistible when she laughed like that.

"Oh, before I forget, thanks for saving me from getting punished by your grandad." She said after she stopped laughing.

"How would he have punished you?" He asked.

"He probably would have put me through The Saiyan Workout Program."

"Saiyan Workout Program? Like from Dragonball Z?"

"Yup. 500 push-ups, 500 sit-ups, 50-mile runs, wearing weighted clothing, etc."

"Ouch. Sounds brutal."

"It is. I didn't like doing that the first time." She answered.

So she has done all that? he thought. "So instead, you got lectured." He said.

"And I dislike getting lectured even more. But by the way, aren't you having a hard time with your little harem?" She asked with a smile.

"What harem?" He asked with a blush.

"You have quite a lot of girls fawning over you most of the day. After I got lectured, I secretly watched you from a distance." She said.

She had watched him and nobody saw her? She really was a stealthy one.

"Those are my sisters, cousins, bodyguards and maids." He explained.

"The way they were acting around you, anyone might think that they were your personal harem." she said. She just couldn't help herself, she just had to tease him.

"Of course not." He replied, denying her accusations.

She stood up and went to sit next to him. He got a bit nervous that she got so close to him, but her scent soothed him. She smelled like she had just come out of the bath and it was a pleasant smell. Her arm went over his shoulders and he felt her skin against his neck. It felt like the finest silk.

"Say Shinji-kun, would you have a spar with me sometime? I noticed you have skills, but our time was cut short the last time." She asked.

Shinji looked her in the eyes. What was it about her that made it impossible for him to say no to her. "Ah, sure. Why not? It could be fun." He answered a bit nervously.

He really is so cute when he stutters like that. She thought with a toothy grin. He was fun to tease because he apparently had a crush on her. Maybe I could make him my lover.

"SHINJI! WHERE ARE YOU?!" They heard shouting from the hallway.

"That's Raye, one of my bodyguards. If they see us like this, I don't know what might happen." Shinji said suddenly, knowing that they were on the jealous side.

"Well then, we just have to find out then." Shizuka said and leaned closer to him.


The results were exactly what Shinji feared. The second his bodyguards found the sexy Shizuka practically on top of Shinji, they all but destroyed the rec-room. Fortunately, Shinji managed to teleport both himself and Shizuka out of the room, since she was the target of their aggressions.

The pair were currently in the lounge at the ninja barracks, the young man lying on Shizuka's lap while she applied a small wet towel to his forehead.

Feeling better, Shinji stood up from her lap. "So, what do we do now?" he asked.

Shizuka stood up as well and answered: "How about if I show you my room before we settle things with your jealous relatives and bodyguards."

Shinji made an exasperated smile. The Shinobi who tried to kill him when they first met was way too laid-back in a situation like this.

Shizuka sensed this and said: "Don't worry Shinji-kun, I have a way to settle this whole thing."

"And what might that be?" He asked.

"You'll see." She said with a smirk and lead him out of the closet. "Just follow me for now and before the day is out, the whole thing is over."

Shinji followed her through the dorm to her room. On the way a few other ninja's greeted their senpai and wondered who the boy with her was and some guys cast a jealous glare at him.

"You're quite popular aren't you?" Shinji asked.

"I am the most talented ninja here and I am beautiful. The guys regard me as a beautiful warrior and the girls think of me as their ideal big sis and senpai." She answered with a bit sheepish smile.

"Well I would love to have you as my big sis." He said before he could think.

That little statement made her grin wickedly. "Oh, you want me as your big sis?"

"Well a laid-back big sister like you would be fun." He answered.

Before he knew it, Shizuka had him in a hug. "And a little brother like you would be fun as well."

The few ninja's who watched the little interaction between the pair felt jealous that it wasn't them in Shizuka's hug.

When she released him, he found himself in her room. The room itself was pretty simple with a bed, a TV and weapons typical to a ninja were hanging on the walls and a desk. There was also a small plushie tiger on the bed.

Damn! Forgot to put that away! Shizuka gasped mentally when she saw her tiger toy on the bed.

"You like tigers Shizuka?" Shinji asked after seeing the toy.

She admitted with an embarrassed face. "I think they are cute."

I wonder what she'd think if she saw Tora in my room? She might totally melt when she sees him. he thought.

"Just don't tell anyone." She told him.

"Don't worry, I won't. But I'm curious about something." He answered.

"My three sizes are still a secret." She said with a smirk.

"No I was just wondering what will you do when you graduate?" He asked.

"I don't know. I haven't thought about it." She answered.


(Moon Palace Lounge)

"So Moka is still out?" Lita asked Ami.

"That's right. That ninja knows what she's doing." Ami answered.

"So any ideas how we can find her before she has completely seduced Shinji?" Raye asked.

"How about if we use Tora to find him?" Sango asked.

Ami seemed to think about that. But then Ruri intervened.

"I could use the security cameras to get the general idea where they are now." Ruri said.

"So why aren't you doing it then?" Sasami asked.

"Because I think that this ninja simply wants to befriend Shinji because she finds him interesting." Ruri answered.

"So you're okay with her getting your cousin totally falling for her?" Sango asked.

"I better get to tracking them." Ruri went to the security room.

"I'll go get Tora." Sasami said and went to Shinji's room.


(Shizuka's room)

"You said earlier that you didn't have many friends Shizuka. But you have a few, don't you?" Shinji asked.

"I can only think about one person I can call as a friend." She answered a bit sadly.

"But I'm your friend now aren't I?" He asked.

She looked him in the face. "Yes, I suppose I could call you as a friend, after everything we went through today." she smiled.

"I want to be your friend. You're a good person, you're fun and I like hanging out with you." Shinji added.

"I like your company as well. I can't even remember when I had this much fun before I got to know you." She said and leaned forward, making her chest a bit more visible to tease him.

Shinji blushed when her impressive assets almost came out from her skimpy outfit.

"Who is this other friend you mentioned?" He asked, trying not to look at her almost exposed flesh.

"Oh, you're interested in her?" She asked in a teasing manner. Shinji's reactions were too much fun for her so she just had to tease him a bit with her body.

"I was curious and maybe I could be friends with her too." He answered.

"It can't be helped then. And I haven't gone to see her in while so we could go see her now. And who knows, maybe she will find you interesting as well." She said and stood up to leave with him following her.

Shizuka lead him to the other side of the castle and when they passed windows that showed the space outside she turned to look. On their way, Shinji kept stealing glances at her face, which he found pleasant to the eyes and he could smell her alluring smell with a hint of lavender. And the way how her bluish hair waved a bit against her skin was captivating for him. He imagined what it would feel like to sleep with her in his arms.

He gulped when the ecchi thought entered his mind. Stop thinking like that! I'm not a pervert!

Shizuka sensed that he was trying to block out dirty thoughts. At least he's not gay when he clearly has ecchi thoughts about me whenever he looks at me. She thought and was pleased that he found her attractive and was not trying to daydream about her naked body all the time.

At the end of the corridor, Shinji found it a bit odd that there was an elegant sliding door often seen in Japanese mansions. Shizuka slid the door open and Shinji saw a Japanese garden with a small river and Sakura trees and well manicured lawn and bonsai trees as well.

At the center of the Sakura trees stood a woman in her twenties with a katana in hand and she seemed to be meditating since her eyes were closed and she was dressed like a shrine maiden.

The first thing that came to mind from her appearance was Yamato Nadesico.

A beauty like her exists? Shinji thought when her appearance registered in his brain.

She suddenly drew the sword and sliced several falling Sakura petals from the middle like it was nothing and she sheathed the sword as fast as she had drawn it.

When the shrine maiden sheathed her blade, Shinji said out loud: "Incredible."

"Come on Shinji, I'll introduce you to her." Shizuka said and approached the woman.

Shinji's heartbeat was increasing the closer he got to the woman.

Damn it Shizuka, you never said that she was this beautiful. Shinji cursed in his head.

"Tomoe-sama, did you receive my birthday present?" Shizuka asked the woman with a sword.

She opened her eyes and looked at the ninja.

"Shizuka-san, yes I received the present you sent me. It has been most useful." Tomoe answered.

But the one called Tomoe noticed Shinji after Shizuka stopped. "Who is this?"

"Tomoe-sama, this is Shinji Ikari. He is my masters grandson." Shizuka introduced.

"Good day Ikari-san." Tomoe greeted with a bow.

NOT FAIR! She is so irresistibly beautiful and charming and well-mannered. I think I'll have a heart attack. He thought before saying: "It's a pleasure to meet you Tomoe-sama."

"Why are you nervous Ikari-san?" Tomoe asked.

Crap, she can see through me. He thought before replying: "I'm a bit nervous around new people who are of a high status."

"High-status? I'm just a simple keeper of this garden." Tomoe said.

NUH! Now I made a fool of myself. He groaned mentally.

"Tomoe-sama is a keeper of this garden who also helps the castle workers to relax in a soothing presence of nature and in a non-stressful environment. She is also a master of the sword and has mystical powers. I call her 'sama' because I haven't been able to defeat her." Shizuka said.

"You could have mentioned this before I embarrass myself like this." Shinji said to the shinobi.

"It's alright Ikari-san. Being mistaken is not something to be embarrassed about." Tomoe assured him, which helped.

She is like an ideal big sister who can comfort anyone. Shinji thought, finding Tomoe more attractive with her understanding nature.

"But come inside, I'll make some tea for you." Tomoe offered and walked in the shrine like building. Shizuka whispered to Shinji: "Tomoe-sama can make really tasty tea."

Shinji observed how Tomoe walked and the elegance of her steps and the gentle sway of her hips were something Shinji found incredibly attractive. He thought that no man could resist her charm.

Tomoe lead them to a living room which had a kotatsu in the middle of the floor and there was a small cupboard which was meant for the picture of a deceased person and for incense.

"By the way Shinji-kun, this kotatsu was my birthday present for Tomoe." Shizuka said.

"Where did you get this?" He asked.

"I made it myself." She answered.

"I'm impressed Shizuka, not only are you a genius ninja, but you can make a good kotatsu as well." He complimented.

"Thank you. And by the way, Tomoe is like me. She looks like a 20 year old, but she is actually 15 like me." Shizuka whispered.

Another person with a quick growth? Shinji wondered.

Tomoe came back with a tray and sat with them beside the kotatsu.

"Ikari-san, are you skilled in any martial art?" Tomoe asked while she poured green tea for her quests.

"I got psychic impression from my brothers martial art, my grandfathers scrolls which had ninja techniques as well as the swords my uncle gave me." He answered.

"Psychic impression?" Tomoe asked.

"It means that I learned the techniques by simply touching the items and I can use them like I have practiced them for years." He explained.

"HEEEE! So you can learn anything by touching? I'm so jealous!" Shizuka whined.

"Maybe you could have a match with me then." Tomoe said and sipped her tea.

"A match with you?" Shinji asked the shrine maiden.

"I don't get to practice against others very often and you sound like you could provide a challenge for me." Tomoe answered.

"Maybe. But what do you do here Tomoe-san?" He asked.

"Castle workers who are stressed often come here to relax with my meditation technique and I rarely give massages to those who have over-exerted themselves." She answered.

Shinji took a sip of the tea she served and found it tasty. "Excellent tea Tomoe-san. But is it always so chilly in here?" He asked.

"The optimal temperature is required to maintain the garden so it sometimes get's a bit cold here but I can manage." She answered.

"And I'll never figure out how. Your clothes are pretty thin and I freeze in here whenever I come to visit." Shizuka said and hugged herself.

"How did you meet Shizuka-san?" Shinji asked.

"She wandered in here by accident and I asked if she would have a match against me and she agreed. I won and we have been friends since then." Tomoe answered.

"When I met Shizuka, she thought that I was going to steal the scrolls containing the ninja techniques my grandfather teaches and tried to kill me. Sarutobi stopped her before she could." Shinji said, which made Shizuka blush.

"It's bit embarrassing." Shizuka added.

"I too have noticed that she jumps to conclusions when she is bored." Tomoe said.

Shinji didn't say it, but Tomoe's soft voice was very soothing and he listened quietly whenever she spoke because he wanted to hear her voice more.


(Ruri's surveillance room)

Ruri was checking the surveillance recordings with Shinji's bodyguards watching and when the young computer genius found her cousin walking with the sexy Shinobi towards the garden, she brought out the 3D blueprint of the area which showed people in infrared. (Like the one you see in Resident Evil movies)

"This is bad." Lita stated.

"How so?" Raye asked.

"If this ninja took Shinji to meet the keeper of the garden, then he might become infatuated with her as well." Lita answered.

"You're right. Tomoe-sama is someone who is irresistible to men." Ami added.

"Then we have to get there quickly!" Raye said as she rushed out.



When they finished their tea, Tomoe turned to ask Shinji. "Ikari-san, would you have a match against me? I want to see how good you are."

Shinji hesitated a bit, since he didn't really want to fight her and hurt her because she was too beautiful for that, but he answered: "Sure."

She stood up and went to pick out wooden swords for them. "Don't underestimate Tomoe-sama, she is very strong." Shizuka warned him.

"I figured since you said that she defeated even you." Shinji said.

Tomoe came back with training swords and handed the other on to him and said: "Thank you for accepting my challenge. It is not very often that a new person wants to test his skills against me."

"Well, since you said that you always want to test your skills against other people and you don't get many visitors, so of course I agreed." He sounded pretty stupid when he got nervous around the graceful Tomoe.

"Follow me please." she said and lead him behind the small shrine where they took positions in the small training ground.

Tomoe took a fighting stance and her usually serene face turned into focused and determined. Shinji didn't really want to hurt her, but he would humor her because to him she seemed lonely and she wanted so badly to do something with others.

Shizuka watched at the pair stood apart from each other. There was a focused look in her eyes that she had only seen once before.

The last time she and Tomoe had sparred.

Oh... Shinji-kun's in for a fight! She thought.

At the same time, the pair lunged at each other. The second their wooden swords clashed against each other, the pair jumped back, as if they had been immediately repelled by each other. Like a pair of rubber balls striking each other in mid-air.

Shizuka saw Tomoe recover first and charged towards Shinji. She slammed her sword against his with incredible force, the loud cracking sound of wood echoing through the garden. Tomoe was on the offensive, attacking relentlessly with graceful skill and bottomless stamina. Shinji was pushed back, almost up until he was against a large tree. He quickly ducked down to avoid a strike to the head and spun around to leg-sweep his opponent.

"Omph! I wasn't expecting that!" Tomoe shouted as she sprang back up. "I will from now on."

Tomoe charged again, but this time Shinji was meeting her attacks with his own. But that didn't last as Shinji was suddenly on the defensive. However, Tomoe noticed something.

"You're using Heihachi's Defense against me." she said.

"I thought it fitting, considering the open area we're in." he said.

"Naturally you must expect me to counter with Kikuchiyo." she said.

"Naturally. But I find that Gorobei cancels out Kikuchiyo." he said.

"Unless the opponent has studied their Kyuzo." she said as she leapt over him and landed gracefully on her feet. "Which I have."

Shinji smiled as the pair continued to slam swords against each other.

Unfortunately, their final strike against each other, shattered their wooden swords completely.

"What..." Tomoe gasped.

"How..." Shinji gasped.

"Incredible! We were fighting so hard, we failed to notice that our swords were splintering." she said.

"Now what?" he asked.

"Round Two!" Shizuka shouted as she tossed the pair another set of training swords.

Shinji and Tomoe grabbed them, and then nodded to each other before resuming their spar.

This time, Shinji took the advantage and was pushing Tomoe back.

"You're amazing!" she said with a smile.

"Thank you. I've worked hard to become so." he said to her.

"I admit you're better than I am." she said.

"Then why are you smiling?" he asked.

"Because I know something you don't know." Tomoe said.

"And what is that?"

"I'm not left-footed." Tomoe said as she switched her stance.

Shizuka smirked, realizing that something had been off before their spar had begun.

Tomoe's sword swings moved in a graceful manner, striking at Shinji from the left, the right, the top of his head, and even down to his legs.

It was almost impossible to tell which direction the next attack would come, and Shinji had to push himself harder to block.

Tomoe then did something that shocked Shinji, and Shizuka. She deflected his sword to the right and then moved inside his arms reach, getting right up close to him, close enough to kiss. She was an inch away from him, an action that caused the young man to blush at seeing the beautiful miko so near him. She gave him a lustful smile, which caused him to blink. As he did, Tomoe nailed him in the stomach with the hilt of her sword.

Shinji had the wind knocked out of him as he stumbled backwards.

Off to the side, Shizuka could only laugh.

I knew it! I knew Tomoe had a little flirt in her! Shizuka thought as she laughed. Though she had never seen Tomoe do anything like that before, she remembered that the miko rarely had any visitors. Especially cute boys like Shinji. She's probably a little repressed.

"Oh! And I thought Shizuka-san was tricky." Shinji groaned.

"It is not in my nature to do anything like that. But you did not expect it. Did you?" Tomoe asked.

"Of course not."

"I will not use such a method again. I promise." Tomoe said as she charged again.

She's never used such a method before. I wonder why now? he thought as he dodged her attack and rolled to the side.

What is he doing? Does he have a new tactic up his sleeve? Tomoe and Shizuka wondered.

Hope this works! Shinji thought as he raised his sword over his head, curving it so that the blade pointed towards Tomoe, but seemed to be pulled back behind his head, his empty hand outstretched in front of him.

Tomoe's eyes widened. She was not familiar with this stance.

Shinji attacked, his sword strikes not like kendo or kenjutsu that she was used to. It was Shizuka who seemed to recognize what he was doing.

That looks like fencing, but... where have I seen those moves... OF COURSE! STAR WARS THE CLONE WARS! He's mimicking Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber fighting style. Shizuka thought with a great laughter welling up inside her.

Shizuka continued watching, the whole battle seeming to take almost an hour, until they both froze in place, holding their training swords against each others bodies. Tomoe's sword was on his neck and Shinji's sword was sideways against her chest, which caused the boy to blush a little.

"Looks like a tie, Ikari-san. I congratulate you, no one has ever managed to defend their person against my attacks this long, and end the match in a tie." Tomoe said and pulled her sword away from him. He did the same.

"Your skills are amazing Tomoe-san. I might come over to see you again, and try to defeat you." Shinji said, genuinely impressed by the young woman's skills with a blade.

"You have a long road ahead of you if you want to defeat me. I won't be defeated easily." Tomoe said with a kind smile, pleased to hear that now someone else would be coming to see her.

"We should be heading off now, it's getting late and I have practice tomorrow." Shizuka said.

"I'll come to visit you again, Tomoe-san. I'd like another spar with you as well." Shinji said and handed her his sword.

"I will look forward to it." She said as she took the sword.

After leaving the garden, Shizuka asked Shinji: "So Shinji-kun, is Tomoe-sama beautiful?"

"She is." He answered. His face was half dreamy.

"Taken fancy to her already?" She teased.

"I admit that she is strong and graceful. A perfect Japanese beauty." He answered, still not fully hearing what the ninja said.

Shizuka had an urge to laugh. Her new friend had become totally infatuated with Tomoe. Though it was to be expected, a part of her was a little jealous.

"Well, I'll see you later and try not to do anything funny with Tomoe-sama when you see her next time." She said walked to the other way.

Shinji walked by himself a little bit and when he passed some windows which gave a view to the space, he looked out towards the Earth.

"Shizuka-san, Tomoe-san." His muttered to himself, his eyes had a longining stare within them.

Shizuka was a playful and strong girl with who you had fun and Tomoe was a graceful maiden who seemed untouchable. Two very different girls and both of them interesting in their own way. He was glad that he was friends with two such amazing people.

"SHINJI!" He heard people calling him and saw his sisters and bodyguards and maids.

'This will take some explaining.' He mentally said as they approached.


Authors Notes:

Like I said before, this is an omake chapter. It has little to do with the main story, but I thought it could use an update in this as well. The pairing was mainly Shinji/Shizuka, but Reisfriend and I agreed that you couldn't have Shizuka without Tomoe.

Hope everyone enjoyed this little update, and will leave me a nice review.



(Shinji Birthday Wish version 2. This scene happens at the birthday party after the presents)

Risty came over to Shinji who was drinking some juice. "Shinji-dono, would you like to dance?"

Before he could reply, Shizuka came in front of Risty and said: "No, Shinji-sama dances with me first."

"I asked him first." Risty countered.

Shinji was pulled away from the bickering bodyguards by Tomoe.

"Could I have the first dance Shinji-dono?" The way how Tomoe asked with a kind smile and soft voice made him melt.

"I have never danced before." He blurted with blush, unable to look away from her face.

"I'll show you." She said and they started to slow dance, Shinji learning quickly from the way how the priestess showed him. Shizuka and Risty noticed soon and were glaring at Tomoe.

Claudette just watched without showing emotion.

Shinji's heart was beating faster because Tomoe's sweet scent filled his nose and her pretty smiling face was keeping his gaze locked in it.

My first dance and with such a pretty girl. How did this happen? He wondered.

Shinji's computer genius cousin Matsu was giggling on the side watching how her cousin was getting worked up over his beautiful bodyguard.

When the music stopped and Tomoe released Shinji, she said: "You dance well."

"You taught me good." He answered with an embarrassed face. Tomoe was just too attractive.

When Shinji woke up, he felt a pleasant softness against his body from both sides.

When his eyes opened, he saw Shizuka's sleeping face and nearly had a heart attack. The sexy shinobi looked cute when sleeping, especially in her 'ninja-nightie' outfit.

When he turned his head, he saw Risty against his back. Her soft chest against his back felt nice, but it was an awkward situation for him, especially with her own fur-bikini sleeping attire.