Rebirth of a Star

Prologue: Legacy

Bowser growled as Mario stepped forward, a fireball crackling to life in the plumber's hand. Mario's younger brother, Luigi, was off to the side of the battlefield comforting the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach Toadstool. Both watched as the two foes faced off, the hair on the backs of their necks prickled uncomfortably. Despite the fact that they'd seen this all before, it felt different somehow…

Thunder rumbled, and as if this were the cue the Koopa was waiting for, Bowser charged, head lowered, intending to impale the hero on his horns. But Mario swiftly leapt up into the air and blasted three fireballs at the Koopa King. The fireballs simply singed the Koopa's tough shell as Bowser whipped around and sliced Mario's chest open with his claws.

As Mario regained his footing, he clutched his wound and watched as the blood stained his white gloves. Thunder rumbled and the skies opened up, the rain began washing away the blood from the wound, but not from his gloves.

Bowser looked up at sky and laughed as the rain came down, soaking the battlefield, making it slick and difficult to maneuver on. Mario stared at the deranged Koopa King, laughing at the sky. Laughing at the gods.

Mario gritted his teeth as he ran at the Koopa, determined to end the fight with one fell strike. Bowser saw him coming, however, and unleashed his fiery breath in the direction of the plumber. Mario leapt over the flames and kicked the Koopa in the face, making the Koopa King slide back a few feet and clutch his face in pain, howling in rage.

Mario wasted no time blasting the Koopa with fireballs, nailing both of Bowser's shoulders before the Koopa retreated into his shell and flung himself at the plumber, who leapt over the assault only to be burnt by Bowser's flame breath. Mario cried out as he felt the burning sensation enveloped the entire right side of his body.

Bowser laughed as he heard Mario's cry of pain. That was so satisfying to the Koopa King… to hear his enemies crying out in pain, begging for mercy.

Peach buried her face in her hands, she was not used to witnessing such brutality, such violence. Luigi could do nothing but sit there with a look of shock and pain on his face as Bowser approached his elder brother to deliver the final blow.

Mario looked fiercely at his opponent as Bowser drew closer and closer. The plumber was unable to do anything to escape his fate… but still he stared at Bowser with such ferocity that perhaps he thought that the look alone could kill the Koopa King.

"Beg for mercy, plumber."


"Stubborn to the end, I see."

"This-a is-a only the beginning-a. There will-a be others-a, other-a heroes-a to stand-a against-a you." Mario said, a fire burning in his eyes. Bowser roared as he rammed his claws through Mario's chest, quickly snuffing out what remained of the hero's life.


"He's won…" Kamek whispered as he cleaned his glasses. The Magikoopa had been watching the battle through his looking glass, and was unsure of what to do now. He supposed the best thing to do would be to inform the troops, but that may be something that his lord would prefer to do personally…

Kamek walked up the castle stairs, walking towards the tower that had been the battlefield. He threw open the doors and moved to his master's side, healing the Koopa King's wounds with his magic.

"What do we do with the princess and the other plumber, your highness?" The Magikoopa inquired, issuing to the pair, who were huddled together, whimpering in fear and distress.

"Send the plumber to the dungeons, and lock the princess securely in one of the guest bedrooms," Bowser growled as he left the Magikoopa to deal with the humans. The Koopa King had a speech to deliver…


"I've called you all here for one reason… to tell you this. All the times we've tried, all the energy we've wasted, all the pain we've endured… it has finally bore fruit! The Mushroom Kingdom is now at our mercy!

"Mario is vanquished, and we no longer need fear him or his brother again! Tonight will be a night of celebration! VICTORY!" Bowser roared to his troops as they chanted his final word, "VICTORY!"


"I don't believe it, it's finally over!" Lemmy laughed as he accompanied his eldest brother, Ludwig, to the west wing.

"Considering our energy output tovards ze intended goal, our success vuz inefitable."

"Uh…right… So are you going to go to the party?" Lemmy asked, tilting his head curiously.

"No, Lemuvul I am not."

"Why not?"

"Time vaits for no Koopa. I haff projects zat require completion, celebration or none."

"Oh… Well, have fun then!" Lemmy smiled as he navigated his ball down the staircase that led to the party, and Ludwig continued on his way to his laboratory.


Ludwig wasn't the only one who wasn't in the mood to attend the party. Kamek had also passed on the offer; he was far too old and frail to attend. All he wanted was to take a nice nap and perhaps to meditate a little.

After the Magikoopa had gotten himself comfortable in his bed, he closed his eyes and quickly drifted off to sleep.

- Dream Sequence - -

Mario's cap was falling through the air, flipping over and over when suddenly it landed on the head of a young woman. She stood at the top of a hill looking down on Darkland, her long brown hair being blown about by the wind.

Her eyes were sapphire blue and in them burned a fire. Suddenly the flames sprang from her eyes and enveloped Darkland. The flames then struck the seven Koopalings and finally the King himself was crying out for mercy, but there was none.

- Dream Sequence End - -