Wine and Perfidy

The Triumvirate of Evil had just won their war against the Jedi and the Republic. The new Emperor and his strongest allies sat celebrating at his balcony.

Lord Tyranus poured the wine. Sidious smiled benignly at him as he took a glass.

You dotage! Tyranus thought gleefully as he returned the smile. Little do you know that by winning this war, you have just signed your death warrant. For a Sith Master, you are quite a fool…

Sidious was still smiling as he raised his glass to his lips. You must think me a fool, Lord Tyranus. I know about your plans to overthrow me. I admire your daring, apprentice mine. It will be a great loss to me when I eventually have you killed. This machine could hardly fill your shoes…

At that moment, Grievous coughed. Sidious glanced at him - it, observed the over-glorified droid, and swallowed his distaste with the wine. If only Skywalker had not proved such an unworthy ally… he thought morosely.

His train of thought halted completely. A great burning pain was filling his chest. He gasped. The pain was spreading, crippling his whole body. Within seconds, he was on his knees on the hard marble floor, writhing in agony.

Tyranus looked on, revulsed and suspicious. What kind of elaborate trap was the devious Sith setting now?

Lord Sidious, the greatest Sith Master that had ever lived, was on all fours now, moaning and salivating. Darkness was spreading in his mind as his organs rapidly degenerated. Fighting the pain with one last effort, he managed to raise his head briefly and stare into the eyes of his apprentice… his ally.

Tyranus stared back and his suspicions lifted. He had seen the look of death in too many eyes not to recognize it now. This was no trap. Sidious was dying. A broad smile spread on his face and he raised his glass in a toast.

"Master, I drink to your healty," he drawled.

Traitor! Was Sidious' last coherent thought. Then the Lord of the Sith died.

It was as if a void in the Force had swallowed in on itself. Tyranus' hand shook a little as he sipped the wine.

How pathetic. That the Great Master Sidious survived a lifetime of deception, the Clone Wars, the Jedi, Skywalker… only to be crumpled just after his victory by a heart attack!

Shaking off his former scare, Lord Tyranus, the new Master of the Sith laughed out loud and raised his glass again.

It fell to the ground as his hand spasmed with agonizing pain. His chest was on fire.

Fire that was fast spreading through his own body.

How can this be? Lord Tyranus, last of the Sith Lords, asked himself as he fell into the ground. How can this be? He screamed in his mind as he gasped his last breath.

The two Sith Lords, his own former Masters, lay at the feet of the sentient droid. He kicked them carefully, making sure they were dead. Then Grievous took the bottle of wine and poured its poisoned contents into the drain.


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