Legolas stared up to the sky as the last remains of the night faded into a crimson dawn. He'd not been able to sleep that night, there was an anxiousness, an omen weighting heavy on his heart. There was no reasonable explanation for him to be so worried. He'd scouted ahead quite some distance from where he, Aragorn and the two Hobbits, Merry and Pippin, were camping for the night. There was no threat he could find and many of the dangers that he and Aragorn would usually have to worry about had worn thin after the war with Sauron had ended. This was the only reason they'd agreed to take the Hobbits out and about in the woods as they begged to see the world. They must be the oddest little Hobbits he'd ever seen, to be so adventurous, especially after just helping in the adventure of taking down Sauron. Still, there was something he just did not like about this day.

"Up long?" Asked the ranger, lying on his make-shift bed. His voice was completely clear of any remains of sleep. He had to of been up, listening to the beginning of the calls from the birds that woke with the dawn. Legolas still found it funny, that Aragorn could tell how he felt and see through him so well. They must've been together for just a little too long.

"A while. How about you?" Legolas asked just as coolly and quickly. He didn't need to turn to face the ranger, just as the ranger didn't need to turn to him. They both knew the respect was there and they each knew that sometimes the feeling of knowing you have your own space yet the same time having company to share it with was more comforting than close proximity.

"A few." A silence fell on the two for a moment as they took in the feel of the forest around them. During the time of the war they didn't have the time to take in the world the way they could now. The moment of peace was welcomed, though it almost seemed strange to them after so many years of fighting. Their bodies almost longed for war all over again. Aragorn finally lifted himself up, halfway, smiling and letting a soft chuckled escape as he heart the Hobbits snoring next to him so loudly, their bodies tussled and tangled in their coverings. "Seems the Hobbits wills be sleeping for a while yet"

"Something happened in the night" Legolas voice was so cold, so flat it killed any and all humor Aragorn had found in the Hobbits sleeping. His face suddenly became stone as he looked to the Elfs back. He'd sensed it long before the Elf had said it, the Elf knew this too, he just didn't want to beat around the bush about it. "Blood was spilt this night." He looked to the sky, the last fading stars disappearing from the sky, looking for an answer. "Innocent blood."