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Just wanted to note that I'm not going to make Hinata stutter in this fic and she'll probably be a bit OOC, because typing with stutters is troublesome P And then it takes too long to develop her character lol.


Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Tenten are best friends. They are the beautiful people at their boarding school.

Sasuke and Monique are the most unmatched couple ever. They are the beautiful couple at their high school. Naruto, Shikamaru and Neji are Sasuke's helpless friends who watch him flit from one girl to another, wishing he'd just fall in love and settle down.

By chance or maybe coincidence hosted by an evil authoress, they meet and Sasuke's friends' wish comes true. But before their wish comes true, a lot more things happen along the way.

Pairings: Mainly SasuSaku. A bit of ShikaIno, TenNeji and NaruHina!

Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own Naruto. -cries- But I do own Monique since she's a character I made up for the purposes of this story since I don't want to be labelled as a –insert name here- basher. Monique's job in this story is to be the evil girl who gets in the way of our romance so I didn't want to use a much loved authentic Naruto character. –smiles-

"So. How did the modelling auditions go?" Sakura asked Ino as she took a bite of her egg salad.

"Well…" Ino smiled as she trailed off, increasing the suspense. All three other girls leaned in as they waited for her to continue.


Ino couldn't help but begin to grin uncontrollably. She could tell the suspense was killing her friends and us Ino! Hurry up! and she was loving every moment of watching them squirm. Oh the evilness! She could feel that even Hinata was getting ticked off, as a pair of pearly eyes began to singe the tips of her fringe. For the sake of saving her fringe, Ino decided to get on with the conversation.

"I made it!" Ino shrieked.




"I knew you could make it!"

The four girls began to squeal with joy.

"Your dreams are finally coming true!" Sakura exclaimed. "I knew you could make it. Although personally, I think my pink miniskirt that you wore was the real ticket hehehehe… Which reminds me, you still haven't returned my miniskirt."

"Heh, sorry about that, I'll get to it ASAP."

Hinata butt into the dialogue. "Screw the skirt, let's celebrate Ino's debut into the modelling world tonight! Before she's not allowed to eat anything so she can fit into microkinis when she starts doing runway work!"

Omg I know, Hinata has become such a bad little girl. Heh, I guess Sakura, Ino and Tenten aren't very good influences P

"How about the new underground club? Um, I think it was called Bubblegum Pink or something…?"

"Cool." Ino grinned, she loved dancing!

"So it's a girl's night out then," Hinata said.

Hinata really loved hanging out with her girlfriends. Ever since getting over most of her shyness and speech problems, her life had never been better. She was still a bit shy around guys though, at least until they pissed her off enough.

"I don't know…" Sakura said. "Isn't Bubblegum Pink like on the other side of town? And besides, it's a school night. We're not allowed out of our dorms after 10 pm on weekdays. They lock the school at 10, how are we gonna get back in?"

Tenten shrugged. "It's not like any of us have classes tomorrow or anything right? We can stay out late and come back tomorrow morning or something. Bubblegum Pink is opens till 6 am so it's all good."

"Please Saku-chan?" Ino chimed. "After all, the beauty of being in a boarding school is so your parents won't be there to stop you staying up late!"

"Alright I guess…" Sakura reluctantly agreed.

"Yay!" the other girls cheered as they began to plan their girls' night out.

Sasuke woke up around noon. He was immediately greeted by a strong stream of sunlight invading his room and a cheery singsong voice.

"Cmon, wake up sleepy-poo!" the voice cooed.

Sasuke sat up and cradled his head gently in his hands. Argh, his head was pounding like a hip hop beat and he felt incredibly nauseas. The voice kept inanely chatting and pierced his head like a blade. His head ached terribly and he was incredibly dizzy. The owner of the voice didn't seem to notice as she swooped down and gave him a kiss

Suddenly Sasuke's eyes became wide open.

"I knew that would wake up," the owner of the voice smirked.

The smirk would fade soon as soon as Sasuke vomited all over her Gucci shoes. Ah there he goes. Oh would you look at that. He's got green vomit. Wow that's foul.

"AIEEEE! My shoes, they're ruined! GUCCI!"

Yes, the after effects of too much drinking really did smell bad and lasted for ages. Years later would be recognised as the stain you never could get out of your carpet.

Surprisingly, Sasuke's hangover soon faded within several hours. However his girlfriend was now totally ignoring him. Well not exactly. She said she was ignoring him. He wished she would. But her definition of 'ignoring' was sitting there, clutching her ruined shoes while screeching about how they were limited editions or something. How could shoes be limited editions anyway? Sasuke would never understand what women found so endearing in shoes anyway so he told her so.

"Monique, what's so great about Gucci shoes anyway?" Sasuke asked sceptically.

"What's so great? WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT'S SO GREAT!" Monique's voice would have put an opera singer to shame. "These shoes are exclusively only for senior members of the Gucci V.I.P. club! I can't get another pair!

Sasuke couldn't help but think that his Monique was so cute! At least in his eyes. None of his friends could tell what he liked so much in her. Sasuke knew though. He liked her legs.

It was their anniversary this week so he had something special planned. He smirked as he took an envelope from his desk.

"Ohh Monique, baby. You can't be angry at me for long… after all, look what I found," Sasuke waved the envelope at her.

Monique was a material girl. She loved anyone who could give her material things. That meant her perfect man was rich, generous and preferably handsome so she could flaunt him in front of her friends.

She immediately snatched the envelope from him. All traces of anger or sorrow about her destroyed shoes instantly vanished at the promise of something better. When she saw the contents of the envelope her face lit up and she flung her arms around Sasuke.

"Thank you baby!"

In the envelope were two tickets showing that Monique and Sasuke had been invited as V.I.P.s by the new nightclub's owner to attend the opening ceremony of Bubblegum Pink Underground Nightclub. Sasuke had also signed him and Monique up for the couples dance competition. Monique loved to dance. She wasn't bad at it either.

Oh what am I saying? She was terrible! But Sasuke didn't know that. After all, they'd only be dating each other for a few months.

Yep, that's right. Only a few months and they're already living together. Sasuke was a bit of a playboy nowadays. Ever since inheriting the family business, his seemingly unlimited wealth had attracted many attractive women and he welcomed their attention.

Yeah. You heard me. He welcomed them.

-scary music-

What has become of this world!

Hahaha, I know. All the characters are sooo OOC. Just wanted to add that Hinata's only outgoing around her close friends (Ino, Sakura and Tenten) and actually shy around strangers so she's not a total opposite of her real character in this fic.

Sasuke's really OOC though. But I just needed an excuse to make him go to the club and fall in love with a certain girl –smiles-

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