Usagi sprinted into in to the gravel car park. "Oh god, I'm so late!" she wailed, cerulean eyes misting over. If she missed this she'd have to wait another year to audition.

Flying up the ramp and into the green room she screeched to a halt, her blonde odangos whipping past her face before resting peacefully beside her.

"I'm so sorry Mr Heartly, is there any chance I could still audition? Pretty please?" pleading her puppy dog eyes up at the man he only laughed. Placing his hand on Usagi's back he gently lead her to the line of seats beside the big brown doors of which the auditions were to be held on the other side.

Mr Heartly was an elderly man in his late sixty's although you'd never tell by looking at him. He had short white receding hair, a round rosy cheeked face and a love for his daughter like no other.

"Dale will be out at any moment Usagi," he reassured. "She's just finishing up with the role of male lead. Now if you'd just fill this form out…" he handed over an A4 sheet of paper requiring her to fill out the usual details, name, age, address, abilities etc.

Her petite face scrunching in concentration, Usagi placed the form on her lap and continued to fill it out. She'd spent a lot of time researching the main female lead role, so she opted to wear a knee length white skirt, plain white singlet top with a red ribbon around her tiny waist and red high heels. Satisfied that not only had she done homework for once but it'd be worth her while.

"Thanks Darien, I'm sure you'll be hearing from us very soon" Dale beamed. 'This is our Tony' she thought, one role down…

"Thank you Dale, I can tell this show's going to be a good one," he smiled back. Darien had been somewhat apprehensive about this role. A young boy who fell in head over heals, on cloud nine in love. A somewhat distant reality to what Darien lived. Orphaned at a young age when his parents tragically died in a car crash Darien has never felt the true comfort and love of a family, let alone someone more than that. He wouldn't let anyone close enough. 'Well', he sighed to himself. 'At least this will test my acting capability…'

"Ah how did it go?" questioned Mr Heartly the minute he walked through the doors.

"Good Russel, pretty confidant…though this is going to be a tough one, good but tough," replied Darien scratching his ebony hair and flicking it out of his eyes.

"You'll do fine my boy" grinned Russel Heartly, his cheeks turning even rosier.

"Now Usagi," Russel continued turning his attention back to the Blonde. "It's your turn pet. Don't worry about the form, you can fill the rest out later."

Startled Usagi looked up bug eyed, pencil balancing between her top lip and nose.

Quirking and eyebrow Darien headed towards the door, casting his dark blue eyes once again at the blonde, smirking. "Good luck Meatball head…" he called before disappearing out of the door and out of sight.

"AH!" Usagi screamed standing, pencil dropping to the floor. "Who is that Baka?" she demanded turning to Russel.

Amused by the interaction of the two Russel just gaped before spitting out the name "Darien."

"Ohh" shuddered Usagi picking up her script. "If I ever see that man again, ohh…"

storming through the open doors Usagi turned sharply slamming them.

"Well I never…" muttered Russel getting back to the pile of previous hopeful audition forms.

So what do ya think? I no its short but trust me got ideas for a lot more chaps yet!Random idea that came into my head. Havnt said the name of the play yet but you should be able to guess it if you know ya broad way. Very hyped by this story hope you all like it and r & R if I should keep posting it?