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Chapter 1

Junk Hunt

Okay now what will the junk yard bring today? There could always be spare parts that could be used. The fun part of the week was now. The junk yard was opened once a week and today was the day.

Anna packed her black leather bag with necessary things; a flash light, screwdriver and other things she could use while looking for spare parts for her mechanic works she made on her free time after and before school.

Looking in her drawers for her keys she finally found them in the drawer in the middle under a pair of sox.

"Ha ha!" she laughed and put her keys in the small inner pocket in her bag. "Yes, I hope someone have left a TV or a cool machine they could not fix!" Anna laughed and picked up her keys. "And -gasp- may I even think of it… A car!"

She threw her bag up on her back and with high hopes and the biggest grin on her lips, she walked out from the apartment and slammed loudly in door when she left for her treasure hunt!

Anna was an eighteen year old girl with a big interest in mechanics. When she found out how fun it was with sparkles when two cables met each other!

Her blond hair was hold up by in the hole behind the green cap she was wearing. And the blue jeans shirt she was wearing, you might think it had seen the last of its life, but as long as it was comfortable, Anna didn't mind wearing it, and of course she had a pair of black jeans so that dirt would not be so visible on them!

Anna lived with her grandpa in a big apartment in the middle of a small community not so far away from the big city.

The sun was warm and a small wind was blowing through the trees that were planted on the pavements as decorations so the cold cement jungle would get a touch of some colour.

People was casting an eye on Anna when she passed by them on her bike.

"Move people! I'm in a hurry!" she said and jumped out on the road and biked along with the cars.

"Hey watch it, brat!" some people yelled after her and was waving fists after her and cars honked when she as an answer smiled and stuck out her tongue at the drivers she biked by.

She looked over her shoulder if there were any cars near behind her. No, no cars and she biked straight across the street over to some stair and down a long stair that by it's end a big market started. You could hear people yell to come to their stand and get their vegetables at his or hers stand.

Anna stopped down the stairs and jumped of her bike and walked over to a small stand at the nearest corner that appeared to be a fruit stand.

She stopped at a fruit stand and looked over the fruits that was offered and pointed at a yellow apple. They are the sweetest ones and so easy to bit in too, not to hard or to soft.

"This one please," she smiled and picked the apple up. "Thank you… and put that up on me and I'll pay next week!"

The sales man that was used to see Anna smiled and waved after her. He knew that she always paid once a week so it was no problem.

"Okay Anna," the salesman yelled when and waved after the blond girl when she continued biking toward the junk yard.


Ah, finally at "Joe's Junk Yard", that was surrounded by a high fence, There was big heaps of junk –some was even higher then the small house –that was all about to fall in to a heap itself- that was by the entrance. On the short end -pointing to the north- that was far away, there was a river, though with no good fishing but still very beautiful. One the east side of the yard was a huge, thick forest, nothing special, but hey, it is a forest.

Anna threw her bag on the ground, opened it and pulled out a pair of working gloves that was very used -like the old shirt Anna was wearing- maybe it was time to get a new pair of those too. Nah… Do that later she thought and threw the bag up on her back again and pulled the gloves over her hands and punched the air with one of her fists.

"Okay, working time!"

And with what could have been mistaken for a jump she practical dove in to all the junk to find all the treasures that was buried.

She crawled through tunnels that were made by coincidence when the junk was thrown or trucked and they were perfect for her search. She found a small pipe

"Ah what have we here?" she held it up and looked through it. "Nah…!" and threw it away again.

As time flew there was no treasure found. Anna sighed and sat down on a steady piece of junk. "Why can't people throw away stuff that I need?" She sighed deeper and leaned her head in her hands.

"How's it going down there?" a voice was hear and Anna's head peeked up from a car tire.

She saw a old man with a green cap over his while long hair and he was wearing a dirty orange overall and he was leaning on a stick

"Do you find anything useful?

"Nah… nothing…" Anna shocked her head and scratched her cheek. "No one has turned in a car or something bigger then a dishwasher?" she asked hopefully.

The old man scratched the back of his head and thought for a while.

"Hmm not that I can remember but… something strange happened last night…" he seemed to fall in deep thought.

Joe was this kind of old man that can talk about something and the all of a sudden just change the subject and talk about other stuff.

"Wait, I come over to you," Anna waved and crawled up and over all the junk and walked over to the old man. She took of her cap, so her hair fell out free and she put the cap in her mouth.

"Whak hakkenged Oeh?" she asked with the cap between her teeth as she pulled her sleeve up so the hair band she wore around her wrist could be seen. While trying to not drool one the cap, she put up her hair in a pony tail and put the cap on backwards.

The old man looked back to see if he could sit on. He could feel in his knees that he could not stand up the whole story. His knees hadn't been the same since he started to jog every morning, so he stopped to jog.


Joe looked up and saw Anna hold up a rusty bucket. He took it and sat down.

Anna could hear small cracking noises when the old man bent his knees and she made small invisible funny faces when the cracking could be heard. How was he able to stand on those with out falling on to a heap of body parts, twitching on the ground?

"Thank you!" Joe and he started his story by pointing to the short side of the junk yard -the end that pointed to the small river where you could catch gigantic, mutated fishes-.

"I was just about to go to bed when I heard how something, with heavy and very noisy footsteps -like metal- around that area."

Anna put her bag down on the ground and sat down beside it, while she was still listening to the story the old man was telling her, she reached over to her bag and opened it slowly and pulled out the apple she got earlier.

"And when I walked over to the window to see if I could see what was causing this steps," the old man continued! And there was this bright light that blinded me…"

"A light?" Anna took a bit in her apple and made big eyes.. "What kind of light?" she took another bite.

"It was like car beams but much brighter… and I can't figure out what made the loud bang…"

"And then what happened?" Anna swallowed what she got in her mouth. Her heart started to beat faster and the feeling in her legs that just wanted just to run over to the short end and see if there was any sign or tracks from… whatever blinded Joe.

"I -I don't remember…" Joe got a silly smile on his lips and gave up a small laughed while he tapped his index finger on the stick and looked down on his shoes "I…I heard a loud BANG and I must have fainted or something because when I woke up it was morning…"

Anna's glittering eyes and big exciting smile faded away. "Eh…"

What a lame end on an exciting story, Anna thought and took several bites from the apple. She thought Joe was going to tell her that he'd seen what made the strange noises at night.

"Mind if I go check it out?" she asked and glanced at Joe over her shoulder. "Joe…?" She turned around to see Joe's head drop and small snoring sounds could be heard. "Eh… I take that as a "Yes" Anna gave up a small laugh, threw the apple house in a garbage tin by the corner of Joes house and started the hard and difficult way to the north end of the junk yard. Now "she" had the chance to find out herself.


"Poor Joe, he must bee so tired after that beam thingy last night…" Anna crawled through the tunnels that seemed to lead to the north end.

This wasn't the first time that the metal steps or noises were heard near the city or the junk yard area. News had interviewed people that said that they'd seen big shadows and heard the metal noises near the yard and someone had snapped up sounds.

All in her thoughts of what possible could have made the noises she forgot to see where she put her feet and that's what made her lose the single foothold she'd got and fell forwards but just before she was going to fall and hit herself, she managed to get a grip around something steady and not hit herself unconscious in some hard junk piece.

"Puh… that was close."

She took a deep breath of relief when she looked down and saw that it was a big hole right under her, and lifted her head to see what she had grabbed.

Her eyes widened when she saw when she was holding on to and her heart started to beat faster and faster, harder and harder. Her mind went blank and she managed -with a trembling voice- to say what she saw and was holding on to.

"A- A -A- A gi- gigantic finger!" she screamed and let go of the finger and she fell down in to the hole…


To be continued…


Yes this was the first part of my Transformer fanfic. It will get better in time ; I hope.