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Chapter 16

These red optics filled with hate. The red eyes that had seen so much death. The red optics that once had been that was watching from a distance. They followed every single move that was made over the battle field between Autobots and Decepticons. They watched every single shot and every step that was taken in the wrong direction.

It had passed more then two years since the human girl Mac and the run away Transformer Mischief had joined the Decepticon side, to fight and search for the lost Mini-Cons that were burried all over the planet Earth. Their lives had changed and sacrefices had been made but that was part of their old life, they were not the same they were a year a go.

HotShot fell down to the ground after been knocked out cold by Megraton. The Decepticon leader felt that some one was watching him. He knew this piercing feeling. The watcher was familiar. The optics had watched him many times and with the same hat. Oh yes, this hate. Millions of years of hate. Fiering at the Autobot leader he still kept his optics glancing aroud just in case he would find this unknown watcher.

"Haha, I know you're out there." Megatron thought and got the sinister grin on his lips and threw his hand back avoiding the attacked from behind by Blurr. "It is just a matter of time until I find you."

Demolisher came driving, in his tank-mode, towards the battle filed with Mac sitting on the roof, waving with a new Mini-Con panel. They had made it befor the Autobot kids once again.

But Mac had changed. Both her looks and life style. She'd let her hair grow down to her waist and har it rarely up in a pony tail and her left arm had been replaced by a mechanic one after an accident during a battle a couple of months ago. With a gesture of victory, she held up the panel straight up in the air givinh up a loud "woo-hoo" and a big grin appared on her face. This was her life as a Decepticon, to find Mini-Cons when the others were distracting the Autobots. Living at the hiden Earth Base wasn't that bad and he own little room at the base was her safe place, her own sanctuary-

Out from no where Laserbeak snatched the Mini-Con panel right out of Mac's hand, it made a sharp turn and flew back the way Demolisher had taken.

"Hey, stupid bird! Give that back!" Mac yelled while reaching behind her back unhooking a crossbow in the same model that Mischief's Mini-Con Laser Arrow had from her belt, and attached it to her metalarm, jumped down from the tank bot and ran after the metal bird, fiering laser shots after it.

"Why are you just standing there Demolisher?!" Megatron yelled and gave the tank bot a glare that made poor Demolisher stuttering something about that he was on his way to follow the human girl when Megatron cut in.

"Let Mischief fix that!"Megatron snorted. "Decepticons!" His voice was hear outloud over the whole battle field. "Prepare to retreat to the base!" He had a feeling in his gut that the optics that had been watching them earlier were about to show itself and it would not be pleasant for anyone most unpleasant for him since it was mostly aimed at him. "That Mini-Con will be brought to the base later! You are repsonisble for that SkyDemon!"

"Yes sir!" Neo responded over radio and avoided Jetfire who made a dive towards him.

"Nu-uh! That Mini-Con will be ours this time!" Jetfire transformed to robot mode and aimed his gun at the black seeker.

"As if..." Neo made a u-turn and transformed in to robot mode aiming his two guns at the Autobot. "Hey kid?"

The blue car bot with flames on the hood stopped and transformed to robot mode and looked around. There was Autobots lying on the ground, on their way to get back up on their feet. Mischeif watched the other Decepticons getting warped back to the moon base and sighed before responding to Neo. "What?"

"Go after the human and see if she's in need of any help, I don't think these bots won't stay for that long." Neo glanced at Jetfire and gave him a smug smile before he lunged towards him.

The blue car bot rolled his optics. "Fine, though I think she'll handle it by herself without any promblem."

He looked up watching the black seeker fight with the Autubot spaceship. They flew towards each other, there was a shot here and there fist that was aimd at the other. With a snort he transformed back in to vehicle mode and drow after the human.

Come to think of it. He'd almost start to think of all 'cons as some sort of family. Well a very wild and violent kind of family that first wanted him dead... and hits him everytime they see him when they are not in battle.

"I could still have been alone on the run, beeing an easy target from both sides..."Mischief thought and passed by Sideswipe who had managed to get up on his knees, shaking his head to get his mind clear. " think of it...not much that separates if from that life on the run, actaullay..."

But he'd started to learn who it all worked in the group. Never talk if you're not responded and do what you're told with out scrweing it all up and you might keep your body in one part. He also was greatfull that Neo also had changed in his personality that he wasn't the sniper lying in ambush aming at you head, that he'd once been back at Cybertron.

Following the signal from Mac, Mischief was getting closer to her and it seemd like she'd stopped.

Also Mac had changed. She was not the frighten little girl anymore she was almost frightening herself sometimes and there was something that she was hiding.

"Mac!" Mischeif called. "You got the panel? We need to go-" he choked on the last words and hit the breaks when she saw what made Mac take so long.

There, infront of him, a bad memory that never would be forgotten, the red hounds glowing optics glared at him but most at the Decepticon mark on the hood. The red optics filled with hate against every Decepticon that ever excisted. Cyberhound, that was this beast name that came back to Mischiefs memory. The hound was standing on his hindlegs in robotmode with his big jaw slightly open to remind of all the razor sharp teeth that had ripped Transformers apart through million of years, leving the trace of mecha blood behind him where ever he'd gone.

Mischeif hesitated to transform to robot mode, he knew he was faster in vehicle mode. But would he be faster then this beast? Last time they met he wasn't... and now he would find out in a few moments if he was about get out of this situation in one piece. But where was Mac? The signal showed that she was supposed to be... some where around the hound.

Roaring the engine loud once, was the signal Mac had asked for if she didn't hear Mischief call for her at first but not even to this she responded.

"Where is my human?!" Mischeif asked and tried to sound as threatful as he could so that the hound would think that he wasn't as scared as he really was.

"Your human!?" A female voice spat out and walked out from behidn the big hounds hindleg. It was the human of the Blood Hounds; Computerghost. Under her arm she had the Mini-Con panel and in her hand she held something made out of red cloth and over her shoudlder, Mischief saw a blond hair that he was very familiar with. But she wasn't moving so she must be out cold. Had Mac really let someone knock her down?

"She's one of my kind and she does ot belong to anyone!" Computerghost continued and pointed threatening at the blue car.

"You are right..." Mac suddenly spoke with a low voice and opened her eyes. "I don't belong to anyone!"

She clenched her metal fist and with all the power that had been given together with the mechanic arm, she hit the girl in the spine and heard a cracking sound of bones and... was it metal that also broke inside of her? But that didn't matter as long as it was pianful and would let Mac down.

Computerghost gasped and tried to let out a cry of pain but not a sound was heard from her mouth as she fell down on her knees and Mac got ground under her feet. The Mini-Con panel had landed on the ground by the damanged girl's head and Mac reached down for it.

Computerghost grabbed Mac by the wrist and looked up a bit confused and gritted her teeth in pain.


Mac jerked her hand from the gripp and picked up the panel, just giving the girl a cold gaze before turning around walking towards Miscehif. But she stopped and turned back to Computerghost and kneeled down, looking at her with a more normal look in her eyes and snorted before reaching for the read cloth that Computerghpost still held in her hand, the cap that belonged to Mac.

"Surprised?" Mac didn't have to say more, she just pionted at the mechanic arm's shoulder, a big metal ball that was attached to the shoulder when her left arm had been ripped off, and on it there was the purple Decepticon mark. On the same place as the one she'd once carved in to her shoulder when she knew that it was no point of runing away.

The sly smile that apperd on the blond girl lips made Computerghosts eyes widen in surprise and shock.

Mischief had been standing on the same place with out letting the big red hound out of his sight. But the beast hadn't moved either. Only at the moment Mac had made her move when hitting the Computerghost in the back, he'd just twitched but held himself back. Why?

Hearing the door open, Mischief snapped out from his thinking and head Mac's voice as she closed the door.

"Let's go before the big dog decides to make a move."

Mischeif roared with his engine once more, drow backwards and spun around to get in the right direction so he could just step on it and get away without even get a skratch from Cyberhounds sharp claws.

"Mac..." Mischief spoked when they had reached saftey and he cut down on the speed and moved forwards in a normal speed. "I guess you are still upset with the arm... Right?"

She didn't answer she just looked down on the panel she held in her arms.

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