Chapter 1

People were screaming and running around. Everyone was in panic. Sirens blared as buildings caught fire and citizens and tourists were getting injured. New York City was in destruction.

Wait, I'm getting way ahead of myself here.

Our story starts on as sunny day in May. Amy Smith smiled as she headed to her locker. Amy was a pretty girl of 16. She has long jet black hair and big chocolate brown eyes. She has pale skin and is 5 foot seven inches. Amy wore a purple short sleeved shirt with black pants and shoes. Her boyfriend, Jake Long was waiting for her by her locker.

"Hey, babe." He greeted.

"Hey." They kissed. "So, my dad is giving me the night off. You wanna do something?"

Jake groaned regretfully. "I can't. I'm working tonight. I'm sorry."

Amy's' face fell. "Oh. That's okay. I'll stop by later."


They walked together. Both with secrets. Jake couldn't tell Amy he was a dragon in fear she will run away. Little did he know, Amy, too is a dragon.

"Hey, kid." Fu greeted Jake.

Jake sighed. "Love sucks!" He slumped down on the couch. Fu sat next to him.

What's the problem?"

"I can't decide whether or not to tell Amy I'm a dragon. I'm afraid she'll leave me like Rose did." He confessed. Then he was struck with realization. "Oh my Gd, I sound like my mom!"

Jake had not seen Rose since the Grand Equinox Hunt. He never thought he would fall in love again until he met Amy the previous September.

"Jake, don't you think after 6 months of dating, Amy deserves to know the truth?"

Jake thought for a second. "I will tell her tomorrow." He decided.