Chapter 9-Titans South

(Robin's PoV)

Someone knocked on my door. The sound was quiet and tentative, as though the person outside wasn't quite sure they really wanted in.

"Who is it?"


Raven sounded as nervous as her knock and it concerned me. She was never nervous about approaching me or one of the others.

"Come in."

Raven stepped into my room and shut the door. She stared at the walls and the cluttered desk for a moment before seating herself cross-legged on the floor in one easy motion.

"I have a proposition."


"Nachor and Dove would like to stay on earth. So I thought that since the south needs a Titans team that maybe they, Terra, and Miriel could become Titans."

"Raven, that's only four."


"And none of them are exactly leader material."

"I know."

"No way! You want X to join too."

"Not X, Black Hawk."

"They're the same person Raven."

She stared into my eyes for a long moment, her deep purple eyes serious. I could feel the tension in her through the bond we'd shared since the night I'd thought Slade was back.

"No, Robin. They're not. Red X died the night he jumped off that roof. Black Hawk is a hero."

"You can't possibly still like him. Once a thief, always a thief. Once a villain, always a villain."

"Once a hero, always a hero. You didn't give up on me. Don't give up on him. As long as he's willing to change he has hope for a better future."

"And how do you propose we fix the blackmail problem?"

"His niece can live in the tower for a time. Who knows, Maybe she'd like Azarath."

I was about to say no but her eyes caught me. For the first time since I had known her Raven was asking something only for herself. No, I realized, she was asking something that, if X was truly changed, would benefit the entire south.

"I'll think about it."


The Titans from both groups gathered in Jump tower's living room. Speedy spoke first.

"Alright Robin, you called a meeting. Now would you mind telling us why?"

"I'm proposing the creation of a new group of Titans, and because all of your opinions are important to me, I called a meeting."

"Who you plannin' on using?"

"Terra, Nachor, Dove, and Miriel."

"Robin, that's only four."

"I can count Aqualad."

"Then who else are you planning on using? And who exactly is going to lead this group?"

"Black Hawk"

"What!?" Aqualad exploded out of his chair. "I told he wasn't trustworthy and he wasn't. So now you're going to make him a Titan?"

"Man, Rob, I can't kill that kid if he's a Titan."

Everyone began talking at once. Raven just sat, silent except for an occasional sigh. But after several moments her already thin patience died altogether and the others found themselves unable to speak through the black soul-power that wrapped their mouths.

"Everyone shut up. Can you control yourselves or will I have to?"

Everyone nodded, yes they could, and shook their heads, and no she didn't need to.

"Thank you."

"Whose idea was it to make Black Hawk a Titan?" Bee looked searchingly at Robin. "Cuz I know it wasn't yours."

"It was Raven's."

"Really?" Several voices spoke at once and Beast Boy's jaw dropped.

"Yes, really. He was blackmailed into being Red X after the lab incident and he's been cleared of all charges by Judge Richards. Cy, there's no need to kill him. He cares about me."

"Can you really be sure of that Rae?"

"I'm an empathic mind reader."

"That's nice and all, Raven. But he was Red X before."

"I know. You trust me, Aqualad. Surely you can bring yourself to trust an ex-thief."

"The girl does have a point there."

"Sparky's right, ya know."

Robin looked around.

"All in favor of the new team raise your hand."

The vote was unanimous.

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