"This has got to be the worse idea you have ever had Griffin." Caitlin complained.

"Come on Caitlin, it'll work."


"Well, you'll see."

"Famous last words." she said as she rolled her eyes and followed him.

"Dude what's she doing here?" Griffin's two best friends Brett and Eric asked.

"Look she knows how to pick locks okay."

"Wait a second, you only said we were going to change the sprinkler system, nothing about picking lots." Caitlin said going to leave.

"You promised to help." Griffin said.

"Fine, but only to get back at Taylor."

Brett chuckled. "What she do this time?"

"Nothing yet." she said smiling.

"You know when ever she does that smile it can never mean good." Eric said.

"Look if I had it in my right mind I would have left you up all alone on that hill that day we went snowboarding."

"Hey what did happen then?" Brett asked interested.

"Nothing." they said in unison glaring at each other.

"Caitlin come on." Griff said getting annoyed.

"God we can get rid of you too." she said picking the lot and opened the door. "Happy?" she asked as Griffin nodded. "Good, bye." she said starting to leave again.

Eric grabbed her arm. "Not a chance Seeger."

"Eric I did promise I'd break your arm once it healed didn't I?"

"Well, you can break it later, but you're coming in with us."

"Fine, but you guys all owe me big time.

"You bring it Brett?"

"Right here Griff." Brett said taking out a huge bottle of bubbles as he and Griffin poured it into the sprinkler system.

Caitlin giggled. "You guys aren't serious are you?"

"You bet." Brett said smiling at her.

The next day at school everyone was outside since it was such a nice day for the morning assembly. Mostly it was for Taylor who had won some sort of reward for cheer leading. Caitlin took a seat in the very back. She noticed Griffin near his girlfriend and his friend Jordan sitting only a few seats away from them. "Hey anyone sitting here?" Eric asked Caitlin.

"Obviously not." she said.

He sat next to her. "So you didn't tell anyone about our adventure last night did you?"

"Really Eric who would I tell?"

"Well a certain named of Will comes to mind."

Caitlin sighed and looked at Eric. "Look okay I have not spoken to Will since the dance all right. Nor do I plan to since no one believed me, but well Griffin."

"I'm sorry." he said.

"It's okay." she said quietly.

"Hey you two, why talking to quietly?" Brett asked coming up from behind Eric and Caitlin which made them both jump.

"It's nothing." Caitlin said.

"Well, okay." he said taking the seat on the other side of Caitlin.

"Why aren't you sitting with Annie?" Eric asked.

"She's sick today."

"Well, Jordan has an extra seat next to him." Caitlin told him.

Brett chuckled and put his arm around Caitlin's shoulder. "You wouldn't be trying to get rid of me now would you?"

"If I said yes would you leave?"

"Probably not." he said smiling at her.

"It's starting." Eric whispered to her as she nodded.

"And now will Taylor please step up to receive her prize for cheer leader of the year!" the principal called.

Everyone clapped and some even whistled. "I'd like to thank all of you who did vote for me. I love each and every one of you." Caitlin, Griffin, Eric, and Brett all looked at they're watched and smiled. "And those who didn't vote for me well you can all go and burn in..."

The sprinklers turned on and bubbles came out everywhere. A lot of people screamed. Brett walked over towards Griffin to congratulate him since his plan actually worked. "Well, for once Griffin's not a total loser." Caitlin said smiling.

"I guess not." Eric said smiling back at her.