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This is just a quick little oneshot concerning Jesse and Kimmy's daughter. I wanted to put this in A Galaxy Darkened, but Kimmy giving birth wouldn't work with where we ended it unless something else happened that did not and would not happen. So, introducing Kimmy and Jesse's daughter... (drumroll please)

The Galaxy's Hope

Jesse paced back and forth in front of the bedroom door, jumping every time he heard Kimmy cry out. This was torture worse than any Sith could derive.

You could have been in there. He thought. But no, you had to insist on having a real doctor instead of a medical droid. Kimmy's the one having the baby, but you're the one who wasn't ok with it.

That was true. But medical droids were so unfeeling, and why shouldn't they be? They were made of metal for crying out loud! He wanted his baby delivered by a real person, not a droid. Who would want the first thing their baby to feel to be a pair of cold metal hands?

That was Jesse's argument, so Kimmy had given in. Unfortunately, the doctor Jesse had found had insisted on Jesse being outside and 'out of the way'. So now Jesse was reduced to chewing his fingernails and counting milliseconds.

Finally the door opened and the doctor stuck his head out. "You can come in now." He said and poked his head back in.

Jesse didn't need to be told twice. He must've set a record dashing inside and kneeling by the bed as Kimmy held the little wrinkled baby.

"It's a girl." She whispered.

Jesse took the baby gently, hardly able to contain his joy. She was theirs, their daughter, no one else's, the result of his and Kimmy's love for each other.

He rocked the baby until she cried out hungrily and he had to give her back to her mother. He watched, stroking the light, feathery hair.

"What should we name her?" Kimmy asked.

Hundreds of words came to Jesse's mind. Beautiful. Wonderful. Perfect. Beloved. Amazing. He didn't speak for a minute.

"Something with an L for love." He finally said.

"What about Lariska?" Kimmy suggested. "It's my grandmother's name."

Lariska. Good, but not quite right. It was a perfect name for formal wear, but she needed something for everyday wear and tear. "And we'll call her Lark for short." He said.

"Perfect." Kimmy said.

Perfect. Looking at his daughter, Jesse couldn't help but agree. He would teach her how to use the Force, providing that she was Force-sensitive, and a lightsaber. He would start looking for the parts now, but not the crystal. She would need to choose the color herself. And he would help her make it. And someday he would tell her all about the past, and someday she would help change the future. Somehow, he knew that she would join the small group of people who would be the Galaxy's only hope of redemption.

He kissed Lark then Kimmy. "Sleep." He said to both of them.

Kimmy held to him.

"I love you." She whispered.

Jesse didn't resist, and Lark was cushioned between them as they kissed again.

"I love you too."

Aww, how sweet. So anywho, the next story will be up shortly, WizardJedi and I were working on it while finishing up A Galaxy Darkened, so if I get some reviews, I'll put it up ASAP. If not... well you can wait a little while.