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"Hey Bones what are you looking at?" Special Agent Seeley Booth barged into Dr. Temperance Brennan's office. Brennan quickly attempted to shut her laptop to hide whatever it was she was staring at in deep concentration. Booth smoothly flashed his 'charm' smile in hopes of discovering what was so interesting on her laptop that she barely acknowledged his entrance. He was failing and badly, his charm smile always worked when he needed something from the opposite sex, but somehow the one person he needed it to work on seemed to be immune to it.

Brennan refused to let on exactly how much the 'charm' smile effected her, Booth did not need to know that little piece of information. She needed him to keep on thinking that she was immune to the smile that could turn every woman to mush, including herself.

"A stake through the heart, a little sunlight - it's like falling off a log" A familiar voice came from Bones' laptop revealing to Booth exactly what she had been staring at on her laptop.

"Bones is that what I think it is?" Booth swiftly evaded her attempt at blocking him and lifted the screen to find himself watching none other than a petite blonde vampire slayer. Booth laughed in amusement, "Since when do you watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?" Brennan looked slightly embarrassed being caught watching such an illogical show.

"Well, It seemed like a good show when I was reading the summaries of the seasons in Kayley Gordon's bedroom so I went out and I bought the first few seasons of the show. Hey wasn't it you who told me that I should know more about pop culture anyway?"

"Yeah I did say that but Buffy is a little extreme I was thinking baby steps like you should start with Barney or something."

"I don't know what that means."

"You never heard of the purple dinosaur? You know what never mind Buffy it is. Can you maybe peel yourself away from your new love of vampire slayage and come with me to Sid's to celebrate?" He asked ignoring the glare he was receiving at his criticism of her new interest.

"Celebrate what exactly?" Brennan asked curiously quirking an eyebrow.

"Geez Bones I don't know the fact that we nailed the bad guy, that Kayley and Kyle survived, um your recent venture into pop culture, I don't know pick one."

"Oh alright, can we stop at my place first though?" Brennan asked unbuttoning her crisp white lab coat to reveal a dark brown coffee stain that covered the majority of the front of her shirt. "I didn't have time to change earlier."

"What did you pour the whole pot down your shirt?" Booth joked as he quickly dispersed the images that the statement brought on before he did anything stupid, 'she's your partner for god sakes, besides she doesn't feel that way about you'

"First of all I didn't spill it on myself, and second a person walked into me when I was walking into the coffee shop this morning with two very full and very hot jumbo sized cups of coffee and I have been very sticky all day thank you very much."

"Well I'm in no hurry we'll go to your place first and you can take a quick shower and change before we go." Booth reasoned.

"Yeah well I don't really have a choice, I was going to call you for a ride when I finished anyway." Before had the chance to ask her why she continued, "Well it seems that my best friend Angela forgot, very conveniently I might add, that I had asked for her to give me ride home because my car won't start."

"Yeah she doesn't miss an opportunity to push us together does she?"

"Not one, why would she automatically assume that I would call you?"

Booth laughed, "Because she's Angela, besides she was right wasn't she? Hey you wanna hear something funny?" Brennan nodded her head, she could use a laugh after the day she has been having. "It's not even just Angela anymore."

"What do you mean?" Brennan once again quirked an eyebrow up not quite getting the funny part of his statement. Booth elaborated on what he meant as she looked completely clueless to what he was talking about.

"Mrs. Gordon asked me how long we have been married the other day while you were up in Kayley's room. She didn't seem too convinced when I told her that we are just partners." He didn't mention the fact that he got a little too excited over the fact that someone else saw the chemistry between them besides Angela, also that maybe he wasn't just imagining things.

Brennan hoped that the look of disappointment did not show on her face from Booth's previous statement. 'He thinks that actually being in a relationship with me is funny. How could I be so stupid to actually think that he would be interested in a romantic relationship with me?'

"Bones, you ready to go?" He noticed that Tempe's demeanor changed ever so slightly, he could have sworn he saw disappointment and hurt on her face.

"Yeah I guess." 'Just partners, that's it, well maybe friends, but nothing more than friends. I can do this.' The two partners thought as they exited the building and headed toward Booth's car. Booth didn't even notice how he place a hand on the small of Bones' back to guide her to his car, 'It's just a habit, I was just leading her to my car. That's it.' Brennan experienced a sense of loss as Booth removed his hand from her back and she climbed into his SUV and buckled her seatbelt. The ride to Brennan's apartment was silent; both people were lost in their own thoughts of their forming relationship.

Bones lead the way to her apartment and unlocked her door and switched on the lights. "Make yourself at home I'll just be a little while."

"Bones if it's any easier I could just go pick something up from Sid's and bring it back and we could just eat here."

"Yeah that would be a lot better, you can go get whatever, I'm just going to get the shower really quick."

"Take your time Bones like I said I am in no hurry to be anywhere. Just don't ask me to get any drinks from your kitchen." He laughed humorously at a not so humorous subject. That had been one of the worst nights of his life and the one of the best.

"Okay I promise there are no explosives in the kitchen this time, at least I don't think, you might want to be careful." She sent him a smile telling him that she was just kidding.

"Go shower now you smell." He laughed as he propelled her by her shoulders to the direction of the bathroom.

"Alright I'm going." Temperance laughed along with him as she retreated to the bathroom. Even after the awkward car ride here they easily slipped right back into their regular routine of bickering and joking around with each other, it was so weird that it felt completely normal for him to be in her home as if he had lived there as long as she had.

Booth sat on Bones' couch planning on watching a little TV before ordering the food but then it occurred to him that Brennan didn't own a TV. Giving up the idea of watching TV he searched around looking for something to entertain himself while Bones was in the shower. He was flipping through one of her books when thoughts of his partner in the shower right down the hall started to invade his mind, images, though not necessarily unpleasant, were very inappropriate especially since he couldn't even gather enough courage to ask her how she felt about him, let alone tell her how he felt. The he thought about the game they had started earlier that week. Maybe he did have a way of finding out how she felt after all.

Brennan walked out of the bathroom clad in a white tank top and dark blue pajama bottoms. Her hair was still damp so she pulled it up not really giving a second thought once she smelled the food out in the living room, her stomach growled so she just followed her nose to the food. Booth had already set up everything, even venturing into the kitchen for plates, forks and drinks. "You went into the kitchen?"

"Yup I did and there were no explosives just like you promised."

"You know what I just thought about? You never answered my question from when we were playing that game." Brennan sat down across from Booth in the living room and started digging into her food.

"Whoa Bones eat much?"

"What I'm hungry, don't change the subject you have to answer my question."

"Alright, the question was about what I did in New Orleans right?" Booth asked Brennan as she nodded her head confirming that that was her question. "I know you better than you think I do Bones and I know that you could never take someone's life unless you absolutely had to. That earring meant so much to you it being your mom's and all I figured no harm no foul, I knew that you couldn't have killed that guy because although you are many things Bones you are not a killer. To me that earring wasn't evidence that you had ruthlessly murdered someone and faked amnesia. It was one of the few memories that you had of your mom. That Bones is worth more than a job."

Brennan smiled, she was lucky to have him watching over her, although it annoyed her at times she couldn't be any happier to have what Angela calls a hunky knight in shining amour. "Thanks Booth that meant a lot to me."

"Anytime Bones, anytime."

"Okay your question now." Brennan informed him as she had already begun picking at the food on his plate since she finished her own.

"Okay if you knew that you would only have 24 hours to live what would you do on your last day?"

"I don't know I would probably spend time with Angela, Zack, Jack and you, tell everyone that I love them and just enjoy the day. I would visit Russ and probably go to work and solve one last case, help one last victim get their voice back. I would tell Angela that she is the best friend anyone could ask for and tell Jack to make sure Angela is ok. I would make sure Zack gets his doctorate and just enjoy every last minute of my day with the people who care about me." Booth sat their in amazement, if he would have know it would only take a game of twenty questions to get her to let her guard down he would have done this a long time ago. He also knew that what he was hearing was privileged information that she trusted him with and that she trusted him enough to tell him anything he wanted to know.

"Where do you see yourself in 20 years?" Brennan asked polishing off his plate of food that Booth had surrendered to her.

"I hope married and settled down with a few more kids and I don't know happy. I guess if I'm still here in twenty years that's where I would want to be. Hanging out with you though seems to threaten that little plan doesn't it?"

"Hey- That's not funny if I had a gun a lot of those near death experiences could have been avoided" Brennan protested as she playfully punched him on the arm. They relocated themselves to the couch Booth courageously wrapped an arm around her expecting to be punched he tensed up but he quickly realized that Bones was actually snuggling into him, encouraging him to hold her just a bit tighter.

"What is your favorite memory of your childhood?" Booth asked carefully knowing that this was not exactly her favorite subject to talk about.

"Me and Russ. Just going through school everyone knew that I was Russ's little sister, I loved when in the middle of a class I would hear him yelling Marco I would yell Polo back no matter where we were or what happened Russ was always there to protect me." Brennan smiled as she thought back to the days when everything seemed so much simpler and happier for all of them, before she was forced to grow up overnight and face things that no adult should have had to deal with let alone a young girl.

"What has been the best experience in your life?" Brennan asked basking in the joy that she was actually cuddling with her very hot partner and the best part was that he seemed to be enjoying it as much as she was.

"Definitely had to be holding Parker in my arms for the first time, nothing will ever beat the feeling you get when you see that little person in your arms that you created and that you get to watch grow up. There is nothing like it."

"When are you going to change your mind on having kids?" Booth asked eagerly.

"If I find the right person and if I ever accept the fact that although it's not written in rock that I will always be there for the child but as long as I am able I will take care of the child I hope that someday I will have kids I guess."

"Bones it's written in stone not rock and I got you to change your mind didn't I?" Booth asked smugly.

"I'm not answering that."

"Do you have any regrets in life so far?"

"None" Bones opened her mouth to say something but then he continued to elaborate. "I don't regret any mistakes I made because then things wouldn't be the way they are now."

"What is your favorite color?"

"Is that seriously your question?"

"Yes that is a valid question!" Booth retorted pretending to be offended.

"If you say so, it's blue."

"Same question."

"Red." Booth answered back.

"Do you believe in love at first sight?"

"I believe attraction at first sight, I think that you should at least know the person before you commit to saying that you love them." Brennan explained completely shocking Booth with her answer; he was expecting her to say no all together.

"Do you believe there is life outside this planet?"

"I think it would be conceited of us to think that we are the only living creatures in the entire universe, so yes, but do I think E.T. is going to grace us with his presence some time soon, no not really." Judging from her puzzled expression gracing her features she had never seen the classic movie. "I know you don't know what that means."

"Ok what's the worst experience in your life?"

"Seeing you blown up in my kitchen." Brennan admitted shyly.

"Same question." Brennan asked.

"Seeing you bound and gagged with a gun pointed at your head."

"Who is the one person you know you couldn't live without?" Booth asked. Brennan wanted to shout out his name but decided that that wouldn't be the best way to confess her feeling for the FBI agent.

"Um Angela, she maybe crazy but she is always there for me no matter what."

"What is your fondest memory at work?" Brennan asked curiously wondering what his answer would be.

"I think seeing you beat the crap out of that mob guy was definitely one of my favorites."

"What is the most important thing in a relationship?"


"If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?"

"Um George Washington?"

"Is that character in your book based on me?"

"My book is fiction."

"That wasn't the question Bones." Brennan rolled her eyes and continued.

"I guess you could say that there are some similarities."

"What do you look for in a significant other?"

"Someone who complements me. They don't necessarily have to like everything that I like because then what fun would that be if you can't grow with the person, why would you want to stay the same when you could be a better person?"

"Do you believe in soul mates?"

"No I believe that some people are more compatible than others but with all the people in the world, believing that there is only one person that you perfectly suited for is a little dense isn't it?"

"If you say so Bones," Booth yawned and glanced down at his watch, it was almost three o'clock in the morning.

"Name one thing that you always wanted to do but couldn't."

"This." Booth gently brought his lips to hers, and tensed up her was expecting a black eye but soon relaxed when he realized that she was kissing him back. She let him take control of the kiss as their tongues did a sensual dance; she was now practically sitting on his lap. They broke apart a little while later when the need for oxygen became an issue. Booth placed a few gentle butterfly kiss on her soft lips before she snuggled into him once again.

"Do you know how long I have wanted to do that?" Booth smiled as he whispered the question in her ear, she couldn't wipe the goofy smile off her face if she tried.

"What does this mean now?"

"It probably means that for one Angela is right, and second that I should probably take you out on a real date." Booth answered hoping that she wasn't regretting what they had just done; it had been the most amazing kiss of his life. "So any regrets?"

"None." Brennan replied surely placed a sweet kiss on his lips to prove just that. With that the two fell asleep on Brennan's couch soundly sleeping in each others arms.

Booth opened his eyes to find himself in an unfamiliar place when he realized the events of last night and a very peaceful Bones sleeping in his arms. His senses jolted awake when he realized his cell phone was ringing. He gently unwound himself from Brennan's sleeping form to answer his phone.

"Booth." He answered sleepily to find a scream from Angela come from the phone. He then realized whose phone he had actually answered.

"Hi Angela" He replied sheepishly as she started asking him questions a mile a minute.

"No we did not have sex we just fell asleep on the couch last night while we were talking and kissing." More squeals of joy came from the other end of the line and possibly something about it being about time and a plot involving getting locked in a closet. "Angela I will tell her you call, see you later bye." Booth smiled he and Brennan were together, at least that's what he hoped last night meant.

"Good morning Bones" Booth exclaimed cheerfully as he walked in as she was waking up. "I hope you don't mind but I answered your phone by accident and now Angela is probably telling everyone she knows about us."

"Oh ok beats doing it myself." She smiled at the memories of the night before, "So does this mean we are together like boyfriend and girlfriend or what?"

"If you want to be my girlfriend that's what you'll be." He replied unsure that she actually wanted to be his girlfriend.

6 months later

"Earth to Bones!" Booth waved a hand in front of her face bringing her back to planet earth.

"What, sorry I was just thinking."

"Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah" Brennan followed him to his car and climbed in. "Why don't I ever get to drive."

"We are going to Sid's its right down the street what difference does it makes who drives as long as we get there. You can drive on the way back I promise." He offered her his 'charm' smile and she agreed.

"Hey Bones I have a question for you." They sat at Sid's in their booth waiting for their food.

"One question or twenty?"

"Just one I promise."

"Bones ever since I first met you, you have turned my world upside down, you push to my limits and always inspire me to be better every day of my life. Every day you say or do something that surprises me, you keep me on my toes and is never afraid to put me in my place. And I want to spend the rest of my life trying to figure you out. Temperance will you do me the honor and be my wife?"

"Yes Seeley of course!" Brennan replied happily as he slipped the most gorgeous diamond ring she had ever seen on to her finger. She was going to be happy and she knew that if anyone Seeley would be the only person who could convince her to have children and be married.

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