Sasuke x Hinata: Quiet, content love.

He likes her best in kimono, a small, traditional figure. Especially in hand-stitched midnight blue silk embroidered with cranes in black and white thread. Dark, bluish-black hair and moon-pale skin suffuse with light. Milky grey eyes glow with quiet content when she mellifluously greets him.

She is light and he her shadow, for without light, there is no shadow. Yang-Yin.

She likes him best anytime, in anything. But she is partial to him when he is in his training gi dyed with Uchiha fans on blue cotton. His hair sticks up in spikes of blue-black hair, a shade and hue close to hers. Bottomless, onyx-colored eyes stare at her in affection, darkly. He overshadows her by a head.

He is shadow and she his light, for with shadow, there must be light. Yin-yang.