Kiba x Ino: Understanding, intense love.

He watches his piglet with rapt concentration, marveling at how she can shape delicate flowers with such strong, callused hands. Hands that have killed and tortured many. Kiba watches her, intent on the strands of silvery gold and look of intense focus. Suddenly he feels lucky that he isn't one of her flowers.

She is skilled in the way of ikebana. Snipping the last stem, she throws herself at Kiba, understanding evident in her eyes.

They fall over onto the floor, laughing.

She clasps her puppy tight, not letting go. Ino is exuberant when Kiba visits her, because that means she gets to spend more time with him. She smoothes the locks of unruly brown hair and traces the red markings on his cheek. The touch is feather-soft on Kiba's rough cheek. Ino stares intently at Kiba with her blue eyes, trying to articulate her feelings. Then she decides to do what she does best: talk.

"Kiba…I know this is unexpected, but I just realized this. I love you."

Silence greets her outburst. Ino is worried, but Kiba alleviates her fears.

"Ya know, Ino, you could've told me earlier. Then I wouldn't have to agonize on how to tell you that. I love you, too."

Piglets and puppies can be stubborn creatures.