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For the Sake of Konohagakure

Hatake Kakashi was not a morning person. Unfortunately for him, Umino Iruka was. Kakashi was about to utter his usual 'one more minute' line when Iruka knocked…that is, if Iruka had not tried to knock his door down.

"Kakashi-san? Are you awake?"


"Lord Hokage wants to see you. Now."

"At this time of the morning…?"

"Iwagakure is threatening war. We just got the message. The Tsuchikage has even come for a visit."

Kakashi knew then that Iruka was serious. 'Why would the Tsuchikage come here, and why is he threatening war? We never really were allies, but…this is quite unexpected.' He dressed quickly and found himself in Tsunade's office along with the other Jounin. Iruka left for a few minutes and came back to inform his comrades.

"It seems the Kages have already started negotiating."

"I still don't get it. What do the Rock shinobi have against us now? Every time we go to war with them, we win. Why do they hate us so much?"

Even Sarutobi Asuma, the chain-smoking Jounin of Konohagakure, was worried. Asuma's unusual behavior was putting Kakashi on edge and making Maito Gai nervous.

"I don't know. We don't get along too well. Our history with them has been quite violent. Don't be too concerned, though. The Godaime will do everything she can to keep the peace!"

Kakashi, not affected by Gai's nice-guy pose, could only sigh at Gai's attempts to lighten the mood. Yuuhi Kurenai was tense, and to Kakashi she looked as though she could fight a war by herself. 'Everyone is tense…even the Rock shinobi look a bit uncomfortable. A war between the Earth and Fire countries would be disastrous. Both countries are powerful…many shinobi would be killed.' After several hours of tension, rude remarks, bitter arguments and pointless conversations, both Kages entered Tsunade's office.

"I would like to announce that after much thought and negotiation, the countries of Earth and Fire have created a peace treaty."

"Under what conditions is the peace treaty valid?"

Despite appearances, Gai was not naïve. He knew there was more to 'keeping the peace' than Tsunade was telling them.

"I will discuss this with all the male Jounin. I would like all the Rock shinobi and kunoichis to leave the room."

Kakashi was now on edge, knowing that Tsunade would carry out the conditions without hesitation. He could see the Tsuchikage behind her, his eyes piercing through Kakashi like a cold blade. A shudder and a good swallow convinced him to look away, though he wondered what the Tsuchikage was thinking. Tsunade looked slightly upset.

"The conditions for the peace treaty are simple. In exchange for peace between our countries, we give them what they want…one male Jounin."

"What? Lord Hokage, you cannot be serious! This is not negotiation, this is appeasement, and it cannot—"

"This is not up for discussion, Gai!"

Tsunade was the Fifth Hokage for good reason. She had the ability to crush Gai's head like a melon, though she decided to utterly destroy her desk instead. The Tsuchikage was the only Rock shinobi not surprised by her strength. Her power was famous, not to mention legendary. 'She is definitely upset…it wouldn't be wise to push her.' Kakashi was not in the mood to be at the receiving end of Tsunade's temper, and Gai had retreated to his side.

"All of you line up. Tsuchikage, take your pick and leave. I suggest you make it quick."

A single Rock shinobi remained after the others were ordered to leave, and he nodded to the Tsuchikage. The Kage of the Rock shinobi left Tsunade's office, leaving only the one that remained.

"My name is Kiyoshi Taro. Hokage, I will do this as quickly as possible."

Taro didn't have any trouble ruling out the majority of the men in the room. Kakashi didn't know what standards he was using, but Gai was excluded without a second glance. 'What are they looking for? Strength, speed, endurance or something else?' There were only five men left when Taro got to Kakashi. He had to bite his tongue and keep himself from taking out his kunai when Taro grabbed his chin.

"Hmm…interesting. Your appearance and strength are satisfactory…not too large or too small…very good…come here."

Taro pulled him over to the side and looked over the last four men. It wasn't long before Taro announced his decision.

"We'll take this one, Hokage."

Tsunade slowly nodded, and Gai exploded. She had to hold him back as Kakashi felt Taro pull him outside. Uzumaki Naruto and Haruno Sakura had been waiting to see how the negotiations were going when they saw him. Naruto didn't know about the peace treaty and assumed the worst.

"Kakashi-sensei! Let him go, you creeps!"

The Hokage was now holding a thrashing Naruto in her arms, and he refused to settle down even after being told about the peace treaty. Kakashi couldn't say anything. What was he supposed to say?

"As long as he comes to our village with us and cooperates the treaty is valid. If he refuses to come or cooperate the treaty will be void. It is up to him."

The Tsuchikage waited patiently with his shinobi for Kakashi's answer, but he could only nod. Gai's expression was breaking him in two.



It took all of his strength not to run back, and he felt a part of him die as they closed the village gates.

'I didn't even get to say goodbye…'


Mazuiko: I know that last line was kind of corny…but the rest of the story takes a more serious tone. This was short, but I wanted to just set the tone with this chapter before going deeper into the plot. I will post a new chapter every five reviews…I have put Forced Friendship on the back burner for now. Here are the Japanese definitions for people not familiar with Japanese or Naruto.

Konohagakure: Translated as 'The Hidden Village of the Leaf'. The Hidden Village of the Fire country. Also known as Konoha for short.

Hokage: Translated as 'Fire Shadow'. Strongest ninja and leader of Konoha. Her real name is Tsunade. She is the Fifth Hokage of Konoha.

Iwagakure: Translated as 'The Hidden Village of the Rock'. The Hidden Village of the Earth country. Also known as Iwa for short.

Tsuchikage: Translated as 'Earth Shadow'. Strongest ninja and leader of Iwa. Real name unknown.

Kage: Translated as 'Shadow'. Each Kage is the leader of their village.

Kunoichi: Translated as 'Female Ninja'.

Shinobi: Japanese word for 'ninja'. Means the same thing and can be plural or singular.

Godaime: Another name for 'The Fifth Hokage'. Her real name is Tsunade.

Jounin: The highest level of ninja before a Kage.