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Two passionate moans were heard within the confines of the car, coming from the kissing couple as they locked their open mouths hard. Both enjoyed kissing, stroking each other's clothed bodies, and necking out. True, it was a bit difficult to 'make out' in the front, given the driver and front passenger chairs were separate, but it was a challenge – a fun, loving challenge that was to Kim and Ron.

Within a few days after her birthday party, Kim has all the car's important documents under her name – registration, insurance, and title. A week after the party, they were now currently parked next to Lake Middleton just outside the Tri-City boarders. It was a beautiful night with a full moon, whose light reflected off the lake, giving a romantic atmosphere to the young couple.

Kim gasped into her boyfriend's mouth as she felt his right hand wander under her shirt to caress her back. The ardor generated between them never ceased to amaze her every time they started a make-out session since the prom. Each time, it felt like they were getting closer and closer to the point where they would go all the way. It was only a matter of time, she knew, before they reached that point.

Yet, the redheaded beauty knew it would not be tonight. Much as the seats looked comfortable, it was too restricting inside the car for them to even consider making love for the first time. However, she definitely didn't mind those wonderful hands caressing her body as hers did the same to his body.

Breaking the kiss, she purred with a sexy grin up at that loving face. "You certainly have what it takes to please a woman, Ronnie."

Ron leered at her with a roguish grin as a traced a finger up her spine, making her purr some more. "I am to please, Kimila."

"Ohhh," she softly moaned, her eyes closing as she savored what his hand was doing to her back. "I just love it when you go bad on me." Opening her eyes, she saw Ron was giving her the Zorpox grin, and she returned that wicked grin with her own.

When Ron spoke, he used the Zorpox voice as well. "Rest assured, Kimberly Ann Possible, this bad boy is going to make a bad girl out of you."

With a passionate challenge in her green eyes, Kim placed a hand behind his head. "Make me bad, Zorpox," she purred before pulling his head down to lock their lips together. They groaned and moaned into the kiss, feeling like they could do this all night.

A flash of light startled them, as they broke apart to see what was going on. Another white flash came from the left side of the car, followed by another burst on the right side. Soon white flashes were going off from the front, left, and right side. It became clear to Kim and Ron exactly what was going on now, and they didn't like it at all.

"We're being paparazzied!" Ron cried out as Kim, with an angry growl, quickly took the keys off the dashboard and inserted them in the ignition.

As the photographic assault continued, Kim in quick succession started the car, released the brake, and put the vehicle in reverse. Nearly slamming down on the gas, the car went backward pretty fast, away from the flashing cameras, and once the world heroine turned the vehicle and placed it into drive mode, the car was on its way out of photographers' sights, heading toward the park's exit. Once they were out of sight, both young adults let out puffs of air in relief.

"Man!" Ron placed his hands over his eyes as Kim turned onto the road to head back to Middleton. "How did those guys find us?"

"That's what I want to know!" Kim snarled as she focused on her driving.

Some time before sunset, Kim went to pick up Ron at his house, and as usual, the few stalking photographers in the area were on their tails. They managed to elude the paparazzi after many minutes of whipping in-and-out of streets, parking lots, etc. She happened to know most of the local official photographers, and she could tell these paparazzi jerks weren't even from the Tri-Cities area. So she had the hometown advantage of knowing the streets better, thus she knew some shortcuts and ways to escape the nuisance camera guys.

However, it seemed that somehow they found them. Kim really hated those freaks now for ruining her and Ron's evening.

Placing his hands down, Ron moaned in despair. "Kim… I have a bad feeling that this will be worse than the camping trip photos."

Kim grimaced on hearing him. "You're right, Ron. It'll be worse." And she knew deep down that indeed those photos of them tonight would be published, and she wondered how much damage would be inflicted upon them this time.


"Yep, it's worse." Kim mentally reflected as she and Ron looked down at the various tabloids and magazines, which their pictures graced. Since the publications of these pictures, the week after the paparazzi attack at Lake Middleton, the press was stirring over the situation that the world heroine knew should have been private. Even going out these days would have Kim and Ron with nosy reporters coming at them with questions asked quite literally in their faces.

Sitting around the Possible's kitchen table with Kim and Ron were their families, while Rufus was standing in the middle of the table, looking down at the various of publications. All of them expressed concerned as they read the various articles and looked at the photos. Even the Tweebs showed some unease, despite that it would have been such a sweet opportunity to tease their big sister.

With an open magazine in his hands, Don Stoppable frowned as he sat next to his son, who sat next to his girlfriend. "These photos certainly paint a revealing picture." Both Kim and Ron cringed a bit on that. "I wonder if your reputations will suffer because of it." The young couple groaned.

Hanna Stoppable shook her head. "I can't believe the nerve of these people. Why can't they ever respect people's privacy?" Looking at Kim and Ron as she sat next to her husband, Mrs. Stoppable waved a hand at them. "What were you two thinking?"

"Mom!" Ron rolled his eyes. "For the thousandth time already, we thought we ditched those photographing goons!"

"Nevertheless, they did find you," James Possible said as he sat opposite from Mrs. Stoppable. Both Kim and Ron groaned some more. Gazing into a tabloid paper, he narrowed his eyes. "I still think we should take them to court."

Sitting between her husband and daughter, Ann Possible sighed. "And again, as we already discussed, Dear, it'll be a very costly and lengthy battle. Neither we or Don and Hanna could afford it. With Kimmie and Ronald starting university nearly a month from now, they certainly do not need the distraction of a prolonged court fight."

"Not to mention, they were on public land," Tim pointed out while he sat next to his twin on the opposite side from Kim and Ron.

Kim gave a small growl at her brothers. "Do you have to mention that?"

The Tweebs both held up their hands. "Hey, we simply…" Tim began.

"Spoke the truth," Jim concluded. The brothers eyed their sis warily.

Closing her eyes and letting loose a sigh, Kim nodded her head. "Sorry," she mumbled.

It was the truth Kim knew. Those photographers could easily use that in their defense. Since Kim and Ron were on public land, they had the right to photograph anything that was on public land. The only sanctuary, from the nosy press people, was within the private domains of the Possible and Stoppable homes. Of course, the redheaded, would-be university student knew she and Ron couldn't stay in their homes forever.

The phone rang, making everyone look up at the phone hanging on the wall next to the dining room entrance.

"I'll get it," Jim cried out as he nearly ran to the phone. "Possible residence," he spoke into the receiver after picking it up. He turned to look at his sister. "Who's this?" His eyes went wide. "Yeah, she's here." With a hand over the speaker, Jim held up the receiver toward Kim. "Kim, it's the Dean of Upperton U."

Kim moaned. There was only one reason she knew why the Dean would be calling her.

Her 'rents stood out of the way as she slid out of the booth, walked the short distance to her brother, and picked up the receiver to place at her ear. "Kim Possible," she began. Her green eyes closed as she nodded. "I assure you, Sir, that Ron and I are victims here," she said as her eyes opened to look at her boyfriend, who looked worried. "Okay, we'll be there." After a moment, Kim shook her head. "No need, Sir, I'll tell him." Her lips formed a feeble grin. "Thank you, Sir. We'll see you tomorrow. Bye." She hung up the phone before turning to face everyone, whom awaited the news.

"What?" Ron finally said after an intense minute of silence.

Emerald eyes locked onto brown ones. "That was the Dean of Upperton U, and he wants us to come in tomorrow for a hearing in front of him and the board of directors. They're questioning whether our scholarships and school admittance should be revoked."

This information floored everyone. Ron sputtered. "But… but… They can't kick us out before we've even started, Kim!"

Letting out a large breath, Kim held up a hand to prevent anyone else from saying anything. "You have to look at things from their perspective, Ron." She lowered her hand. "They have the school's reputation to uphold, and since everyone now knows we're going to attend Upperton U, it'll look bad toward the school that they would have students that look like a couple of…" She trailed off, unable to say it.

"Couple of sex crazed people?" Ron asked, making everyone winced at his words.

Kim gave a thin tight grin. "I wouldn't have put it so boldly like that, Ron. Yet you've pretty much got it."

Closing his eyes, Ron moaned and pounded his head lightly on the table. "I wonder if they would believe we're still virgins," he mumbled. Both sets of parents raised their eyebrows at this, making Kim blush a bit.

"Anyway," Kim said, making Ron raised his head to look at her as everyone else did, "the Dean mentioned that some on the board already are thinking of revoking us, but given our world-saving status as Team Possible, he's giving us a chance to explain everything to the board. If it weren't for our hero work, he and the board would have revoked us without a second thought."

"Least that's good news, Kimmie," Mrs. Possible stated, and the other three parents nodded in agreement.

After another minute of quiet in the room, Ron spoke out. "So, what time?" he inquired of his girlfriend.

"2 PM tomorrow at the administration building," Kim answered before raising a finger at her boyfriend. "Wear your best suit, Ron. These hearings are sort-of like being in a court room."

Giving a lopsided grin, which didn't match the worry in his eyes, Ron waved a hand at her in dismissal. "Yeah, yeah, KP. I've seen plenty of Washington D.C. slug-fests on CNN to know what to expect."

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Kim couldn't help but give a small chuckle at Ron's words, which also made their 'rents and her brothers grin as well. She could count on her beloved man to lighten the atmosphere, to make everyone relax, regardless whether he intended it or not. For now, she could use some Ronshine to lighten her up, knowing tomorrow they would be facing a tough challenge for the sake of their future.


The doors parted, and Kim and Ron emerged from the boardroom of Upperton University's Board of Directors. It was an almost lavish room with windows, carpet, and a large rectangular table in the center that could seat the nine board members and an additional three at the end. It was one of the old traditional rooms of the old administration building.

Walking down the hall from the boardroom, Kim, in a gray business dress suit with skirt, high heels, and purse, was in a good mood, which made Ron, in a simple brown suit with white shirt and brown tie, happy that she was happy.

"Well, that certainly went well," Ron cheerfully said as they approached the front of the building and the stairs that would lead them down to the first floor.

"Yes, it did." Kim grinned at him, and she couldn't agree more on how well the meeting went.

Well, at first, they all were asking the same questions regarding Kim and Ron's ethics, morals, and lifestyles. It had taken quite some time for the young couple to explain everything. They were both private individuals who do not wish to display their love, like in those photos, to the public at large, but they were ambushed by the paparazzi. Of course, two board members questioned whether the paparazzi might cause problems on campus if they were to follow Kim and Ron around, but Kim pointed out that there was no predicting the paparazzi and many young celebrities were left alone when they attended university or college.

After nearly two hours of questions & answers, the board, which included the Dean at the head of the table, voted, and, by 8 to 1, they decided that Kim and Ron would stay as students. The young couple has been quite relieved.

Reaching the stairs, Ron frowned a bit. "That one old guy who voted against us was grumpy."

"True," Kim admitted as they descended the wide stairs with Ron just behind her. "Yet I can tell he seemed quite conservative. His questions were mostly on our views regarding our sex lives, religion, and other conservative issues." The beautiful young woman shook her head. "I just don't see how they have merit regarding our education and the well-being of the university as a whole."

Upon arriving at the first floor, they turned toward the large front entrance of the marble administration building, and soon, both were out the doors outside under the clear, bright, warm sunny sky. Kim and Ron walked down the few front steps of the building before taking a path toward the nearest parking lot, where Kim parked her new car. The green-leaved trees and shrubs along the route provided some splendor to the wonderful prestige university.

"Wonderful day, eh, KP?" Ron smiled at the gorgeous woman walking besides him.

"Mmmm," she hummed, taking in a large smell of the greenery around them. "A bit on the warm side," Kim confessed as she hook her left arm through her man's right arm, "but otherwise a wonderful day alright." With a contented smile she placed her cheek on his shoulder, enjoying being close to him, and he lovingly smiled back, savoring her touch.

Being near the end of July, the university didn't seem to show much bustle. Of course, the truth was that the facility and staff were all preparing for the start of the fall semester one month from now. Even now, future would-be students and veteran students were preparing themselves as well.

For Kim and Ron though, they were already mostly prepared. They'd already secured their dorm rooms, and surprisingly, Kim found out that Monique would be her roommate. Classes were already scheduled for them according to what they desired. All necessary papers have been filed, and they'd received their student ID's and needed papers, like student parking stickers for their vehicles. So for the final month before leaving home, it would be some peace and quality time for them before the start of adapting to university life and living on their own for the first time in their lives.

Drawing near the parking lot, Kim looked up and froze, making both of them stop walking. Ron followed her line of sight and moaned. "Aw, man!" he whined. There were some reporters and photographers waiting nearby Kim's car. It became clear to the two new university students that they had been followed… again.

Taking a deep breath and narrowing her eyes like she was preparing to go into battle, the redheaded leader of Team Possible opened her purse to retrieve her car keys and the remote key chain, which could unlock the doors and the trunk. "Come on, Ron," she said with fire in her eyes. "Let's get quickly past them to the car. I'm certainly not in a mood to talk to them." Her boyfriend gave a nod.

Coming out into the open as they made way toward the sedan, one photographer spotted them and headed toward the couple. The others followed suit, and soon Team Possible was surrounded with waving microphones, audio recorders, and cameras in their faces.

"Miss Possible!" one male reporter called out as he walked beside her, given she and Ron were not stopping. "Is it true that Upperton University's board of directors want to kick you and your partner out of attending classes before you two even start?"

The question momentarily threw Kim, for how could the guy possibly have known about the meeting. "We're not being kicked out," she replied quickly, forgetting her promise not to speak.

"What about your missions?" another asked. "Will you continue to do them while attending university?"

Frowning, Kim didn't reply to that one, for that was a question she hadn't even thought about. Ignoring the questions, she wondered whether she and Ron could continue doing missions while in university. High school was one thing, while university would be another.

"Miss Possible," yet another reporter spoke out, "what about you and your partner, Ron Stoppable? Are you two planning to get married? Have a family? Surely, the way you two were going at each other at Middleton Park should show you two have it hot and heavy for each other."

That last comment brought Kim to a halt before she spun around to face the person who has spoken. Her eyes were snapping with fury. "Beg your pardon?" she inquired with heat in her voice as she stared at the man. She immediately recognized him as the same jerk who asked the sexual question at high school graduation.

The nosy reporter smirked. "Come on! You and your boyfriend were going real hot and heavy for each other at the park."

Seeing the anger in her face growing, Ron knew what she was about to do, so he immediately went behind her and grabbed her arms just when she was raising her fist. "No, Kim!" All the reporters flinched back upon seeing the storm in her face. "He's not worth it! Don't make things worse!"

Kim growled as Ron gently pulled her back and guided her to walk with him toward the car. Looking over her shoulder, she didn't let her eyes off the smirking reporter as Ron took the keys from her hand and pressed the button to unlock the doors. The next thing she knew she was directed to enter the front passenger side of her car and after she was seated, the door was closed in front of her. It was only then she was aware of the photographers were still snapping pictures and the TV cameras were still rolling as Ron walked around the car to the driver's side.

After getting into the driver's seat, Ron at once started the engine and backed the Corolla away from the parking spot before driving away. He saw in the rearview mirror that none of the reporters were rushing to get to their vehicles to follow them. Once they were out of sight, the blonde man let out a breath before quickly eying his girlfriend, who was still peeved.

"Ron," Kim softly began with lace of anger in her voice. "We have to do something about this." Her furious eyes were looking straight ahead.

"I agree," Ron responded, eyes on the road, "but what? Short of suing them, which we can't afford to do, what can we do to get them off our backs?"

She shook her head, for he was right. What could they do? "Well, we have to do something. We can't go to university with those…" She snarled. "Vultures watching us all the time!"

As Ron pulled the car out of university grounds onto the main street toward the interstate highway, he gave a small grin. "Well, how about we do this, KP?" His words made her look at him. "Once we return home, we change into our usual comfy clothes, and we meet at our usual private place to discuss ways to get the news freaks off our backs."

Blinking, Kim was confused at what he was talking about, until she remembered. Her lips curled into a grin. "I like your plan, Mr. Stoppable. I didn't think of using that place before."

Ron smiled. "Well, you know my Dad built it when we were seven, so you and I can have some fun. It'll make a nice private oasis for us now."

Nodding in approval of Her Ron's plans, Kim turned to look out the side window at the passing small businesses of Main Street. Something had to be done regarding the harassing news media. This last incident was the last straw as far as she was concerned. It was time for Team Possible to stop this once in for all.


Under the cover of darkness, a lone figure leaped over the high wooden fence of the Stoppable's backyard. She quickly ducked behind some bushes and looked around, making sure she was not being watched or followed. Seeing the coast was clear and that the light was on in the tree house above, she ran toward the base of the tree where wooden rungs of a ladder led up to the opening in the bottom of the tree house. Climbing up to the top, she poked her head through the opening and saw her man was smiling at her.

"Hi, KP," Ron, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, said as he sat on the old couch. Rufus was busy devouring chips on the right couch arm.

Kim, wearing her purple crop top and shorts, grinned as she pulled herself up into the tree house before settling down on the couch on her boyfriend's right. "It has been awhile since we've last been here together," she admitted.

"Yeah," Ron agreed with a small grin. They'd been so busy in the past several months since the prom that they didn't have the time to even consider coming to the tree house for any private time. In truth, the last time they had been together in their old childhood playhouse was the night Kim came to talk to him and reassure her best friend that Eric was not going to change anything between them. The recollection was bittersweet for him.

Kim immediately regretted her words, for she knew what had happened between them the last time they were here together. Reaching out to her love, she cupped his cheeks and pulled him into a kiss. One that spoke volumes of what she thought of him and that that night months ago was a distant memory now. She felt him return the pressure as he wrapped his arms around her, and she knew she has gotten through to him.

After a couple more minutes, they parted, and Kim smiled warmly at him as she moved her hands to his shoulders. "I have you now, Ron," she whispered, "and I'm not letting you go. That night long ago should be nothing now."

Giving a relaxing sigh, Ron combed his left fingers into her soft hair and lovingly smiled at her. "Thanks, KP," he softly said. "I'm the luckiest guy in the world to have a bon-diggity girlfriend that cares about me."

"I do care. I do," she replied, looking into those adoring chocolate eyes. "I'm sorry for leaving you that night for…" Her face scowled in a distasteful manner. "Him."

"Oh, don't worry about it, Kim," Ron comforted her. "As you said, it's nothing now." His lips formed into a wicked grin. "Besides, syntho-fake met his dues later for hurting you."

Her expression slowly matched his. "That's right. He became nothing but a pile of goo. Good riddance."

"Pile of goo!" Rufus chirped in harmony.

Both Kim and Ron beamed down at their little friend. "That's right, buddy!" Ron exclaimed. "You beat the syntho-fake down to size! All in one bite!"

"One bite! Yeah!" Rufus smiled at the memory. He ate another large chip before plopping down on his back, giving a large burp, and at last closing his eyes satisfied.

Kim giggled and shook her head, while Ron only chuckled. This was the way Rufus was, and as far as they were concerned, they wouldn't have him any other way.

Turning back to face his redheaded girlfriend, Ron leaned back against the couch, while she settled against his chest with her cheek on his shoulder and his right arm around her waist. "So, KP," he said. "Any ideas how we can fight back against our foes?"

His words made her automatically snort a laugh, her mind imagining the paparazzi dressed silly like Drakken, Shego, and the other villains Team Possible fought over the years. "Well, I have thought about it ever since we've gotten back." She frowned as she thought out loud. "We know we can't sue them."

"Oh, yeah," Ron concurred. "We can't afford it anyway."

"We can't slug them," she admitted, "like they were any of our arch foes."

Ron grinned and shook his head. "As much as it would make us feel good, KP, it lets them have the ability to sue us." He frowned. "You almost did that at Upperton U today."

"I know," Kim moaned before looking up into his face. "Thank you. I certainly wanted to give that creep a punch in the nose."

"We've just convinced the university board to not oust us," he pointed out. "If you had slugged that guy, the board would have thrown us out for good." She nodded, and she was thankful again that Ron was there to prevent her from making things worse.

Holding up his left palm, the blonde man continued the conversation. "So what options do we have?" he asked before lowering his hand.

Sighing in frustration, Kim, after a moment, shook her head. "That I do not know, Ron. We have to find something to combat them, or else we're not going to have any peace."

Feeling her tense up, he leaned down and kissed her forehead while his right hand began gently rubbing her back in soothing motions. Soon, he felt her muscles unwind as she softly purred with eyes closed.

"Ron Stoppable," Kim gave a throaty moan before opening her green glowing eyes to look up at him with a grin. "You certainly know how to make a girl relax."

He gently grinned at her. "We can't have you all tensed up. You can't think straight like that." His lips once again kissed her forehead before reconnecting their eyes. "We'll figure out something, KP."

Bobbing her head, Kim closed her eyes and snuggled her face into his shoulder. He was right, for they would figure out a way. They just have to for the sake of their future.

After several minutes of quietly basking in each other's warmth and touch, Kim picked up the conversation with a sigh. "I just don't know, Ron. Maybe we have to get used to living with our new sitch."

Ron grimaced at that. "You think we can live sneaking around like this? We certainly can't do that at Upperton U. There are wide open spaces there and just too many people." He shook his head. "I don't think I can face the prospect of living day after day with the news media just waiting to hassle us, Kim."

Just then, Rufus opened his eyes as something has caught his attention. Not wanting to bother the conversation between his two favorite human friends, he jumped off the couch and climbed out the window to a long branch. Looking down into the dark, his eyes spotted a shadowy figure at the base of the tree, listening up at the tree house's entrance. His eyes narrowed, for the smell of this stranger was not a family member or friend of Kim and Ron's. He knew what to do.

Hurrying back through the window, he hopped to the top of the couch, just when Kim had finished a question. "How about we try to get the university board to ban reporters for a certain period of time?"

Ron frowned at that. "Would the university's news media like that? I can already imagine the protests that would generate, if the board tried to ban the news media just for two students."

Kim sighed in defeat. "You're right."

Rufus took that moment to come up right between their heads on the top of the couch. Both were startled by his appearance, but he spoke up quietly before either of them could say anything. "Stranger. Base of tree. Listening. Not good."

The two members of Team Possible were surprised for a moment before both of them grew angry. They knew Rufus's eyesight and hearing was better than a human's, and he was able to sniff between friend and foe. If he said someone was listening to them, someone was listening in on them. They trusted his judgment.

"Well," Kim said as she rose from the couch, "how about we take a break from talking about the university and play some music?" As she backed away and toward the side window, the same one Rufus has used, the redheaded heroine pointed to the battery-powered boom box on the floor on the other side of the tree house

Her blonde paramour caught on to her plan. He smirked and winked. "Sure thing, KP," he replied grandly, playing his role, as he rose toward the boom box.

Just as Ron turned on the radio and music was beginning to play, Kim silently climbed out the window onto the large branch. Crouching low, her green eyes could make out the silhouetted form of the stranger at the base of the tree, and as she paid closer attention, she was able to see the intruder was holding a small tape recorder in one hand. Her face became furious; for it was obvious this person was a member of the news media spying on her and Ron.

There was no doubt in her mind what she had to do.

Leaping off the branch, Kim tackled the intruder, catching the person by surprise. They rolled several times on the lawn as the stranger tried to get free from Kim's grasp. The person elbowed Kim in the stomach, giving the stranger the ability to break free and stand up. Undaunted, Kim flipped off the ground to a standing position and grabbed the person again. Kim knew it was a woman after the roll on the ground, and when the unknown woman turned around to swing a fist at her, the redheaded leader of Team Possible knew the unwanted guest was an amateur when it came to martial arts. So it was easy for Kim to dodge the punch, grabbe the woman by the shoulders, and pin her to the ground with no way to escape.

"KP!" Ron's voice cried out from the tree house's entrance above. The next thing Kim knew, she was bathed in light, and she knew Ron was using the flashlight normally kept in the tree house for emergencies.

Ron's flashlight provided her with a full-view of the trespasser's features, and Kim's eyes narrowed even further upon recognizing the face. "Andrena Lynn," she sneered.

The blonde woman smirked up at her. "In the flesh, Kim Possible. Been a long time since we last met."

Letting the ex-TV star go, Kim closely watched her as both stood up together. The last time she saw Lynn was nearly two years ago when the crazy woman used Brick Flagg to lure her and Ron into a trap to show the world that Kim couldn't save everyone. She had saved both Brick and Ron, who was captured by Lynn after arriving at the amusement park, and in the end, the police arrested the reporter and her partner. Now after all this time, the blonde woman still looked the same with her crop hair and lithe body in black body suit, which no doubt was used for camouflage.

"So… You joined the paparazzi," Kim stated with a face full of contempt and arms crossed.

Lynn smirked with a hand on one hip. "After you and your sidekick destroyed my TV career, I knew I had to change career tracks. I found being a paparazzi reporter and photographer was challenging and paid well for the right exposures." Her expression became devious. "It was a gift that you and your sidekick became romantically involved. You weren't even worth a bother before your prom night, but afterward, you two became a hot item. People just loved the romance of two long-time best friends finally hooking up at the prom." Blue eyes narrowed at the young world heroine, her smirk growing wider. "It's an ironic twist that I could find revenge against you and your dobby boyfriend by exposing you two and get paid to do so. Just getting those shots of you two making hot-and-heavy on your camping trip was worth it."

Emerald eyes went wide for a few second before they narrowed, her face fuming. "It was you." Kim clenched her hands, noticing the flashlight beam was moving, and out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Ron, with Rufus on his shoulder, was descending the make-shift ladder while keeping the flashlight on them. "I'm guessing," she focused on Lynn again, "that you were the one who spied on my home during graduation day and released the news that Ron and I were going to attend Upperton U."

The blonde woman gently clapped her hands. "Very good deduction, Kimberly." She stopped clapping just as Ron reached the ground. "My partner couldn't get much of a rise from you at the high school, so I went to find some news that would make good stories."

Approaching the two women, Ron blinked and pointed to the older woman. "Kim… I have a feeling her partner—"

"Is the freak who was asking those lewd questions," Kim finished, gritting her teeth at the smiling paparazzi reporter. "He almost made me punch him today."

"Yes, you almost did," Lynn said with a smug appearance. "If you had hit him, it would have made juicy headlines for the papers. We knew you would eventually be asked to speak in front of the university's board of directors to explain those photos of you and your amour at Lake Middleton."

While Ron and Rufus narrowed their eyes in disdain, Kim put two and two together from Andrena's words. "You were the one who photographed us at Lake Middleton."

Raising a scolding finger, Lynn chuckled. "My partner and I were not the only ones. You might have escaped some of us that day," she lowered her hand, "but it was obvious to anyone with a brain where you two were heading. It didn't take much reasoning to figure that you two wanted some romantic, private time, and what better place to do so than Lake Middleton at night under the moon and stars."

Kim growled. This woman was galling two years ago, but now she had reached a new level of insufferable.

Seeing the really tweaked face on the young redhead, Lynn felt triumphant. "Maybe I should sell the tabloids the story of the two of you making out in your little tree house love nest," she gestured toward the structure with her head. "All I have to do is play my audio tape." Her hand reached for the tape recorder and found nothing. She blinked upon realizing she has dropped the recorder during the shuffle with Possible. "My recorder!"

"You mean this?" Ron gave a feral lopsided grin as he held up the audio recorder in his hand while still holding the flashlight with the other. Lynn's eyes went wide as Kim matched her beloved's expression. "It would be a shame that something might happen to it." He hmmed a bit in mock thought before his replied. "Like say it was smashed?" His palm opened up, letting the small device fall down to the ground before his foot came down on it making a crunch. "Oopsie."

After Ron removed his foot, Rufus ran down his owner's body to immediately play with the exposed magnetic tape, spinning it out of the cassette and making a mess out of it. "Yeah!" he squealed happily.

Raising her head from gazing at her destroyed recorder, Lynn gave a small snarl before it disappeared behind a small grin. Giving a shrug, she crossed her arms. "I can easily replace it, and despite you destroying tonight's story, you two will be in trouble anyway."

"You're the one who is going to be in trouble, young lady," a male voice came out of nowhere.

All three whirled toward the Stoppable's house with Ron pointing his flashlight, which caught Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable right in the eyes.

"Son," Donald Stoppable said as he and his wife winced from the shining light, "lower the flashlight. You're blinding your mother and I."

"Sorry, Dad," Ron sheepishly replied as he did what his father instructed, enabling his 'rents to see again. The two elder Stoppables once again centered their sights on Andrena Lynn, their faces showed their distrust and scorn.

"Miss Lynn," Mr. Stoppable began with a stern voice. "You are aware you are trespassing on private property."

Voice dripping with acid, Hanna Stoppable continued. "You have no search warrant to come onto our property without permission. Only law enforcement agencies are allowed to have such warrants."

"Since you don't have a warrant," Mr. Stoppable picked off, "you don't have the right to use recording devices on our property. You can be easily arrested for trespassing without a warrant and using a recording device." He thumbed over his shoulder. "Get off our property."

The blonde woman looked a tad enraged at the elder couple before turning to Kim with a small snide smirk. "Face it, Possible," she pointed to the glowering young woman, "as long as you and your buffoon sidekick do your heroic deeds and stay together as lovers, you will not ever be left alone by the paparazzi. As long as there are people who are interested in knowing more about their favorite celebrity hero, the tabloids and magazines will pay big for photos and reports on you two." She chuckled wickedly. "Even if the two of you break up, it would still make great headlines." With that, Andrena Lynn walked away laughing as she headed around the Stoppable house to the street where she parked her car.

After the craze reporter was out of sight and hearing, Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable turned to face their son and his girlfriend. "Oh, I'm so outraged!" Mrs. Stoppable said with heat. "That… woman has no right to do this to you two!"

"Nevertheless," Mr. Stoppable countered with a hand on his wife's arm, "she's right that Kim and Ron will not be left alone." His gaze fell on Kim. "You were popular before prom night, but after you and Ron became a couple, people just couldn't get enough." A sigh escaped his lips. "I'm afraid you two have become the new Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie."

"Awwww, man!" Ron placed a hand over his eyes upon hearing his father. "How are we going to live like this?" He removed his hand to look at his parents, who wore sympathetic faces.

"I don't know, Ron," Kim spoke, making all three Stoppables and Rufus fix their eyes on her thoughtful face. "I think Andrena Lynn might have given us the solution to our problems."

All three Stoppables raised their eyebrows at this. "KP?" Ron asked bewildered.

With a small knowing grin, Team Possible's leader gestured to the house. "Come on, I'll tell you and your 'rents. Later, I'll tell my family and Wade." Her grin faltered a bit. "I know some of you might reject the idea, and even I have some reservations, but I think this is the best way out for us."

Coming over to place a comforting arm around Kim's shoulders, Mrs. Stoppable smiled encouragingly at her. "Then come inside and tell us, dear. I'll have some coffee and cake for us as you explain your suggestion."

Mr. Stoppable was already heading toward the back entrance to the house, when Ron headed toward the tree house. "Let me turn off the lights in the tree house," he said over his shoulder. "I'll be there in a few minutes."

Kim scooped up the remains of the audio recorder as Rufus climbed onto her shoulder before they followed Mrs. Stoppable into the house to join Mr. Stoppable. Only after Ron joined them a while later, did the fire-haired young woman tell them of her idea.


It was one of the oldest structures in all of Middleton, standing in the heart of the central business area of the city. Dating back nearly 100 years, it has been the symbol of the city government, like most towns and cities have throughout the country. Yet despite its aged marble features, like the columns, wide marble steps, and others, Middleton's City Hall still struck a cord in most, for just looking at it reminded people that their city has been in existence for a very long time now.

So that was what the many reporters, TV crews, and photographers were doing as they waited at the bottom of the hall's front steps for a quick news conference called by the mayor at 3 PM. No one knew what was going to be said that would be so important, but if the mayor called for a conference, something big was about to happen, that was for sure.

By 3 PM, on a clear, sunny day, the small podium was set and everyone was ready. Everyone was expecting the mayor to walk out the front doors. It came as a surprise to all that Team Possible, in their mission uniforms, came out first, followed by the mayor, his staff, the mayors of Upperton and Lowerton, and finally the families of Team Possible.

With TV and photography cameras already busily trained on her, Kim descended the steps. Team Possible's leader knew what she was about to do was for the best for her and her partner's future. Three days ago, she had seriously discussed this with the Stoppables, and the following day, she repeated it with her family and Wade. As she had predicted, many thought she had to be foolish to suggest such a thing, but they all came to the same conclusion, that it was the best way to end the paparazzi nightmare. Ron and her mother has been the most supportive of her decision, for they saw her reasoning from the moment she mentioned her idea, yet she was now grateful for everyone sticking behind her.

So with the decision made, through Wade, Kim had asked Middleton's mayor for the conference, and of course, she had to explain to him why she needed it. It saddened the mayor, as well as the mayors of the other two cities of the Tri-City Area when they were informed, why their two greatest heroes were doing this, but even they saw the sound reasoning and accepted the choice with dignity.

Kim reached the podium and stood behind it with the microphones ready to hear her words. Ron stood on her right, and their families just behind them to their left. The three mayors and the staff stood just behind to their right. Everyone was quiet for a couple minutes until Kim began to speak.

"Many years ago, when I went on my first mission, I wanted to help people, and since then, over time, my team and I have done great good in the world. Looking back, I wouldn't trade the experience for anything." She gave a small grin.

"Several months ago, my partner," she briefly turned her head to eye Ron before returning to face the reporters, "and I went on the biggest mission we've ever faced. The world almost fell to Dr. Drakken at the time, but we prevailed. Since then, together we've taken a step up in our relationship, which both of us are happy has happened." Ron smiled warmly at her.

"One month from now, we're both going to be attending Upperton University. A new phase in our lives is about to begin. No longer high school students, but young adults, we're going to be working for the betterment of our future."

Kim paused for a moment to let the words sink in before continuing. "I love to help people, thus the reason for our missions. Yet it was easy during high school to do them." She slightly shook her head. "However, we'll be entering a university, where higher standards are expected and the course work will not be easy. Missing even a few days worth of classes could slip our grades and possibly make us unable to continue our education into the next semester."

She took a deep breath. "After long discussions with our families, my partner and I reached a decision. To stay focused on our course work as we attend Upperton University full-time, we've decided to resign from doing missions and retire Team Possible from the field as of today."

As expected, the reactions from the mass of reporters and even some onlookers were ones of shock. Team Possible retired? Two of the world's greatest heroes were no longer going to help people?

Giving a gentle grin, Kim looked at the stunned crowd. "Yes, I understand this news comes as a shock to most. The decision didn't came easy for either of us." She raised her right index finger. "However, it's possible we might return after completing our university stay." Her finger was lowered. "As of now, we both have no idea what roads we might take together years from now. We might use our university knowledge to become an even better team to help the world. We might simply move into other careers." The redhead shrugged her shoulders. "As of now, that future has yet to be set in stone."

Her face became serious as she looked into the eyes of the 'eyes & ears' of the public. "Now I can hear the question that most have on their minds. What will the world do to stop villains like Drakken, Dementor, and others from doing harm if Team Possible is not around?

"Global Justice has informed us that they will be taking up the pace of stopping villains, and I have a feeling that new heroes will rise to take up the mantle." Her lips curled into a smile. "I know that good people everywhere in the world want to do good, and despite that Team Possible may be temporarily out of the picture, these new heroes, whomever they may be, will be waiting to fill in the picture."

Feeling the burden now lifted from her shoulders, Kim felt freer and lighter now. "On behalf of my partner and teammates, Rufus and Wade Load, I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone everywhere for their support of us and our cause. We've helped the world become a better place, and now this chapter of our lives is drawing to a close. A new one is waiting for us… for all of us everywhere. We wish everyone the best."

She raised her hand quickly to forestall any questions. "My team and our families will not be taking any questions. We wanted this conference to tell of Team Possible's retirement." With a hand, Kim gestured to the mayors of the Tri-City. "The mayors of the Tri-City will be happy to answer any questions. Thank you, and good day."

As Team Possible's leader turned to walk away, she was not surprised the reporters started to bomb her with questions despite her statement. She led Ron and their families up the stairs to the front entrance of city hall as the mayors came up to the podium, and despite the police there to keep anyone from getting through to follow the Possibles and Stoppables, several reporters tried anyway but were unsuccessful.

Walking through the front entrance, Kim let out a sigh, and the next thing she knew, she felt an arm wrapped around her shoulders. Emerald gems gazed to the right into chocolate orbs. "How are you feeling, KP?" Ron asked as they continued to walk, heading toward the rear of the building and the parking lot behind it.

Kim couldn't help but smile into that face she loved so much. "Lighter, Ron," she admitted softly. "I feel lighter now."

"You going to miss it?"

"Doing missions?" Her boyfriend nodded, and she gave a tiny shrug with a frown. "Maybe a little," she confessed before shaking her head slightly. "Yet I know we will be having a full plate on our shoulders a month from now." Her loving smile returned. "We'll be planning our future, partner. Are you up to it?"

"Booyah," Ron grinned in response before hugging her shoulders. Rufus grinned and nodded his head in agreement.

Wanting to feel even closer to him, Kim wrapped her right arm around his waist and hugged him, and together, arms around each other, they faced forward as they led their families toward the rear entrance and the parking lot, where their vehicles waited to take them home.


So the news of Team Possible's retirement spread throughout the world in less than a few hours. Many were blown away by the information. Others were not much surprised, knowing university work would be tough at times. A few predicted Miss Possible wouldn't last long until she was back doing missions. Yet all agreed that the news was major.

For the next few days, Kim and Ron's retirement were talked of on the news, late night shows, papers, tabloids, etc. Reporters kept following the pair around for many days, and the paparazzi even trailed them for several weeks.

Yet, as Kim predicted, the excitement died down, and since Team Possible no longer were doing hero work, even the tabloids slowly lost interest in even publishing any pictures of them. After all, Kim and Ron were average civilians again with nothing to draw people's attention. So when even simple photos of the pair going to the mall or driving around town didn't draw any money for the paparazzi, the spying photographers and journalists lost interest, and finally, after nearly three months, the harassment ended, bringing much needed relief to Kim, Ron, and their families.

The peace came just in time for the two families, Monique, and Felix to celebrate Ron's 18th birthday. The Ron Man finally came of age, and he was happy he had at last joined his high school classmates in reaching adulthood, for he was after all the youngest in the class. If he had been born a few weeks later, he would have been one grade lower than Kim, thus he would have to wait a year before joining his girlfriend, Monique, and Felix in Upperton U.

As predicted, Ron was given presents that fitted who he was as a person – a couple of new video games, a Zombie Mayhem guidance book from Felix, who still beat Ron in the game, a couple of high-tech motorcycle helmets from Wade, and several other goodies.

Yet for Ron, the real present came a few days later, when, for several hours, he and Kim were alone in her house when the rest of her family was away. He really considered it a gift to both of them, for it was when they went all the way in expressing their love, spiritually and physically. It was the first time for both of them, and despite that it wasn't perfect, they considered it a special moment for them as a couple.

A new life for Kim and Ron started from that special day onward. As she had said to the reporters, one chapter of their lives has ended and a new one was beginning.


As for Andrena Lynn and her partner, eventually Fate had finally caught up to her. Her unorthodox methods were used to spy on a private celebrity party in California. She was caught, and it was unfortunate the wife of the state governor happened to be there.

Let's just say the Governator didn't take kindly to Lynn and her partner as both ended up nearly broke from the lawsuits the entertainer-turned-politician had dropped on them.


Back in the present, Debra's bedroom

"So you see, Deb," Kim said after finishing the story. "Ron and I went through a rough summer. The news media gave us a hard time, but things died down after we resigned from the hero business." She placed a hand on Debra's shoulder. "What you went through in recent times with the media were small in comparison. There's no reason to be concerned about them. In time, they'll leave you alone." She released her friend's shoulder.

Debra sat there, blinking her blue eyes at her friend. Seeing the younger woman was not saying anything, a confused Kim looked at Ron, who also was looking confused at Debra's silence. The redhead turned to face the other woman. "Debra?"

It started with a small chuckle, next Debra started softly laughing as she closed her eyes, and lastly, unable to contain herself, she was laughing fully.

For Ron and Kim, the sight of Debra laughing like this sent chills up their spines. Even Rufus backed away a bit from the laughing girl. One didn't need a psychology education to see what was happening. Debra wasn't laughing out of joy or humor. It was sarcastic.

After her laughter died down a bit, Debra opened her eyes, filled with tears, at her two friends, who saw anger and fire in those sapphire gems of hers. "I'm sorry, Kim, Ron," she whispered in a strained voice. "I know you two meant well in telling me your story, in trying to help me, but…" Her eyes narrowed as her voice rose in heat. "Do you think you have it worse than me? DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE IT WORSE THAN ME?" Kim, Ron, and Rufus flinched at the fury being unleashed, watching a few tears trailed down Debra's cheeks.

Debra continued as she shook a hand at them. "Did either of you ever wonder why my parents and I moved to America? Away from one of the best economic countries in the world?" She paused for a moment to let the question sink in. "Did you ever wonder why I have no love for the news media when they ask about my singing? Why I outright refuse to sing for the public?" Again she paused, and knowing her friends were waiting for her to resume, she did with a soft heated voice that made them feel more chilled than being screamed at. "I told Felix my story last night, and now you will hear it as well. Afterward, you can judge which one of us had it worse."

For Kim and Ron, both knew, as Debra started, they would not be hearing a happy tale.


To Be Continued…


After-story A/Ns for this half of the story:

1) As I said, this story is so long that I've decided to post the first half up. The second half (Debra's story) will be posted when I finish it (whenever it may be). This story would no doubt hold the record for the biggest single KP story I've written thus far.

2) Some of you are wondering what has Debra experienced that could be worse than what Kim and Ron's experienced? I've given hints here-and-there since "To Help A Friend" on what Debra endured, and rest assure that the second half of this story will answer everyone's questions regarding Debra's experience.

3) I have no idea how the entire admittance process for colleges/universities go. I only took a guess based on the limited knowledge I have. I know that Kim and Ron going for the interview in June would be considered late, but given their world status as heroes, I gave them some slack that Upperton U would make an exception for them. :)

4) I know that not everyone in the news media is cruel, especially the paparazzi, but there is a dark side to the business and sometimes that dark side shows itself in bad ways. For some paparazzi photographers, this is their life, for they could end up making big money for capturing photos that magazines and papers would want to publish. IMO, some of these paparazzi people just don't respect the privacy of other people, for as long as they could get photos that could make them money, they don't care. I know it was that driver's fault, but the way I see it, if it weren't for the hounding paparazzi jerks, Princess Diana would still be alive today. Some celebrities even today wind up in driving accidents to escape the paparazzi.

So thus why Kim and Ron were over their heads. They can't fight the paparazzi hound dogs like they were the usual villains, and they certainly can't afford to sue them. They couldn't live with the paparazzi following them all the time, so how could they solve this? So I made them retire from the hero business. It makes sense given they would be starting university soon, and once people know they are no longer in the hero business, interest will decline. Some celebrities in reality were mostly left alone when they went to college/university, thus they were drop out of the public eyes until they reenter the entertainment business again.

5) Kim and Ron's resignation from the hero business was mentioned way back in TUY Story #1, "Looking Back, Looking Forward". I figured the resignation would fit well as a way to stop the harassing paparazzi from bothering Kim and Ron. Also, the couple knew they have to focus on their university work if they need to earn their degrees. They've done plenty for the world for many years, so they figured it was time to step down for the time being until they feel it is right to return, and only if they decided to return that is.