Hi all! I'm going to post the short drabbles I've written or entered into contests (of which voting is already over, yes yes I know) I just want somewhere to put these for posterity!


Drabble contest submission

Theme: Sunrise

She was fascinated by his hands. Not more than his ears, of course, but it was a close thing.

They were, like him, mutable. Like the seasons, like the elements—he was changeable, following the patterns of the moon…and the sun. Everything about him, from the top of his silver head to his calloused and bare feet, was natural. Perhaps that was why she never had trouble accepting him as he was. How do you deny the natural order?

Awake, as always before the sun started to peek over the horizon, she watched his hands. As the first rays of filtered sunlight scattered across the land, he flexed his fingers slowly as the nails lengthened. Tawny eyes closed he sighed, finally at ease after the long night, and dropped his tired hands from the sword.

She gave him a tentative, exhausted smile, reaching out to grasp his hand and give it a quick squeeze. It took a moment, but slowly his strong hands curled around her own, gently returning the pressure, mindful of his claws. She smiled again, content.

Weapons, tools, touch, youkai, hanyou, or human—his hands were like him; strong and gentle, callous and careful…sunrise and sunset.