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Warning: Adult Theme Scented

Kakashi looked up to find a naked pink haired woman in all her womanly glory. One hand was currently squeezing a pert nipple between her delicate fingers while the other had traveled south.

'I hope your hungry sensei, here eat your fill.'

Kakashi suddenly felt something warm, hard, and heavy thrust into his hand.

"Are you alright Kakashi-sensei?"

A concerned Haruno Sakura stood before him garbed in the customary Jounin uniform. She had just handed him a bowl of rice.

Kakashi quickly snapped out of his horrid…and slightly erotic… daydream. Kakashi hoped like hell that the young woman hadn't noticed exactly where his eye had been staring.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for dinner."

The truth was that Kakashi wasn't fine. He quickly lowered his bowl into his lap as he hunched over to eat, back to her.

Naruto and Sakura had become close friends to him over the twelve year span.

This is why it extremely bothered him when he was plagued with such lecherous thoughts while around his pink haired friend. This was Sakura he was talking about for Kami's sake!

The same woman who mended his wounds, called him an old pervert, and would quite possibly tear him a new asshole if she found out about his lust filled thoughts staring her.

'This is all "his" fault!'

Kakashi solely put the blame on their group's fourth and final member. This was all 'his' doing indeed.

Sakura eyed his back curiously as she headed over to the other side of the campfire to sit down on her log.

"I'm just sorry that there's no meat to go with this. I swear those two were supposed to be back hours ago. My stomach couldn't wait anymore, so I made the rice. I hope you don't mind."

"No, not at all, I was… rather hungry myself."

The two continued to eat their dinner in silence as the forest animals went about their business around them. The sky was slowly turning to night and the nocturnal beasts and insects were just starting to awaken.

Kakashi knew he should have been worried about the other's absence, but then again the one was a very bad influence, while the other was just plain annoying. Kakashi mentally shrugged his shoulders.

'They're elite shinobi. I'm their leader, not their babysitter.'

The untroubled silver haired ninja polished off the rest of his dinner without another thought.


Kakashi had his back pressed against the rough bark of a tree as a naked soft body slowly lowered it's self to rest in front of his concealed bulging hardness.

"Here sensei let me take care…"

"….of that for you."

Kakashi almost jumped out of his skin. His empty bowl dropped out of his hands and his cat like reflexes kicked into high gear. He caught the white ceramic inches from the hard grass covered ground.

Sakura took the item from his slightly shaking hands. She was now convinced that there was something definitely wrong with her Team Leader.

A pink haired busty nurse seductively pushed up his headband to place her warm hand upon his slowly warming flesh.

"Kakashi sensei, have I ever told you how incredibly sexy you are? Mm, yes... You are so…"

"…hot. I think you may be coming down with something."

Kakashi wished like hell that the warped erotic flashes would stop plaguing his fragile little mind. He whimpered pathetically under her touch. Sakura took this as a sign that she was correct in her assumptions. She removed her hand and Kakashi desperately tried to beat down the feeling of loss.

Sakura went about hurriedly setting out his bedroll under the blanket of darkening sky, a few feet from the warm fire.

"Kakashi sensei, as our team's medic I am ordering you to go lay down immediately."

Kakashi was never one to be ordered and especially not by someone 14 years his junior. He crossed his arms and stared at her ominously.

"Sakura, I can assure you that I'm fine."

She was having none of his attempted insubordination, however. A vein popped in her wide forehead as she raised a shaking fist. She was desperately trying to control her anger. It was never a good thing to cause bodily harm to your injured patient.


Normally Kakashi would never have submitted without a lengthy argument, with a few love taps from his favorite kunoichi mixed in. Unfortunately, with the utterance of those particular forced words…

Kakashi sighed as the blood rushed to his lower body.

Sakura dropped her fist as her eyebrows skyrocketed. He had never given in so easily before. She watched him flop down onto his makeshift bed for the night dejectedly. She quickly recovered herself as she scrambled over to his side.

Sakura knelt beside Kakashi, who was now lying down on his stomach. His face was pressed into the fabric of his bedroll.

Sakura sighed.

"Kakashi, you're going to have to turn over for me to examine you."

Kakashi's response was muffled as he still had his face smashed into his bed.

"What was that?"

He moved his face slightly to the side away from Sakura.

"I said no."

Sakura's anger was starting to rise again. Her hands shakily reached for his neck, but thankfully her attempt at strangulation was halted, as two angry voices approached.

"Damn it! I'm starving and it's all your fault!"

"Hey, how was I to know a pretty lady was going to show up and vie for my affections?"

"She wouldn't have stopped if you hadn't thrown me into the river, baka!"

"She looked in need of cooling off. It was hot today."

"I'll say she did! She beat my ass!"

Genma and a black and blue Naruto trudged into the camp. The two abruptly shut up as they took in the sight before them. Sakura was still leaning over a prone Kakashi, who faced the other direction. The girl quickly dropped her hands.

Genma's voice held a slight bit of lechery to it as he spoke.

"What have you been doing to our precious team leader, Sakura?"

Sakura scowled at the senbon wielding ninja, as she rose to her feet. She nudged the side of Kakashi's thigh with her sandaled foot, as she growled out her response.

"Our fearless leader is sick and won't let me take care of him. Hey, is that all the fish you guys caught?"

Five scrawny looking fish hung from a line by Naruto's side. It was the blonde's turn to scowl as Genma neared Kakashi's silent and unmoving body.

"Some of us were busy flirting instead of trying to catch our dinner!"

Genma waved off the younger man's comment as he knelt down by Kakashi's head. Sakura and Naruto began to prepare the fish while glaring at him.

"I had my dinner already. What do you think I was doing when I 'walked her home'?"

"Uh, you pig!"

"You bastard!"

Genma easily dodged the two kunai that sailed toward his head. He heard the weapons sink into the tree beside him as he poked his silent friend in the back of the head.

"Hey, you sick?"

Kakashi grumbled something unintelligible.

Genma bent closer to his friend. His head was just inches above the Copy Ninja's.

In the next second, Genma found strong powerful arms wrapped around his head, choking him. The womanizer's body flailed around as Kakashi put more pressure into the headlock.

"K-Kakashi, what the hell…!"

The other two took notice, but neither gave a rat's ass as the orally fixated ninja had flared both of their anger. Sakura had vague thoughts that over exertion on Kakashi's part may be bad for his heath since he was apparently sick.

Then, she remembered his stubbornness and quickly dismissed any sympathy she felt.

Kakashi growled into Genma's ear as he tried to smash his friends face into his bedroll.

"You will never talk about Sakura like that around me again. Do you got that Genma? Never, do you hear me?"

At first, Genma had no idea what had irked his friend so much. He had been saying things like how he'd like to bend Sakura over that log across the fire from them for years. Kakashi had never gotten so mad before.

Then it came to him. He couldn't help the wide smile that spread across his face, even as it was being shoved into the hard ground.

'He's finally seen the world through my eyes.'

Genma was able to come up for air as Kakashi finally released him. He rubbed his pained neck tenderly and looked over to pink haired woman in question.

She was currently threatening Naruto with the knife she was using to de-bone the fish. (He had apparently gotten fish scales in her hair.)

"I wonder if she's as wild in the sack as…."

Needless to say, Kakashi's gloved fist met the side of Genma's face, hard.


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