"Late! late, late I AM SO LATE!" Chihiro hopped out of bed and quickly ran to the bathroom. She grabbed her toothbrush and quickly ran it over her teeth, then ran a comb through her brown tangled hair. " MOM! WHY DIDN'T YOU WAKE ME UP!" she yelled as she ran past her on her way down the hall. Chihiro burst through the door of her older sisters bedroom and began jumping on the bed. " Time for school Rei, were late!" Rei grunted then turned over in bed. "Leave me alone," she mumbled, "I'm not going to school today, i have a cold." Chihiro's eyes grew wide.

" WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME! now I'm late!" Chihiro ran into the kitchen and quickly fixed herself a lunch. " I'm off! see you at 2:00."

Chihiro jogged towards her school. She was gasping for breath and was pretty tired. gosh, this is the third time this week I'v been late! She jaywalked (more like jay-ran) across the street and pushed open the door to her elementary school. Chihiro ran to the office, signed in, and quickly made her way to her classroom.

" I am NOT late! " she yelled as she ran through the door. Chihiro's best friend, Rya, giggled. " sorry, Chi-san, but i think your late. " Chihiro shot her a dirty look then quickly sat down. "What did i miss?" she leaned over and whispered, but Rya just shook her head. " You should have been on time," She whispered back. "

Later at recess, "So Chi-San, why were you late in the first place?" Rya asked tilting her head to the side. Chihiro shrugged her shoulders. " My Mom forgot to wake me up. Again." was her reply. Rya gave her a pitying look. " Thats to bad, " she said sincerely. But Chihiro just shook her head. " It's fine," She replied truthfully. Thats when Jason strolled up. " You ladies are looking good this morning!" Chihiro gave him a dry look. " Leave us alone," She said most defiantly.

Jason took this as a signal to go on. " But, what i like most about girls like you, is that you always keep men like me on his toes with something new!" Jason went on and on with junk like that, thinking it was actually flattering them. Chihiro folded her arms and Rya yawned. " You know this is pointless, right?" Chi-San said after awhile. Jason looked hurt. " I flatter you and you give me lip?" with that he stormed off. " Gosh Chi-san, you can make anybody angry, can't you?" Rya shook her head, "What a shame. " Chihiro stuck out her tongue. " Why do i care what he thinks?" she replied.

On the way home for school, Chihiro pondered over what Rya had said. I don't make anyone angry! they make ME angry. She thought to herself. Chihiro looked sad for a minute, but a second later she was Miss. Sunshine again. " Oh well! I shouldn't let that get me down. Jason is just a conceited jerk!" She said aloud. A minute later Chihiro was skipping into her driveway, as happy as a lamb. " Mom, Dad, Rei! I'm home! " She yelled as she entered the house. There was know reply back. "Hmm, they must have went out." she said to herself. Chihiro dropped her bag on the ground and turned on her heel and walked out of the house. Mom and Dad shouldn't mind if i go for a walk! She said to herself. Chihiro walked out to the old abandoned farmhouse to take a look around. "This place is pretty cool!" Chihiro said out loud for company. "And now that i think of it, there is a dried up old river just on the outskirts of town! maybe i should go check that out." She hopped onto her bike and was gone in a flash.

About an hour later Chihiro pulled to what looked like a small stream. " This is the great Kohaku river I'v heard so much about?" She rolled her bike up to the bank and kneeled next to the stream. Sighing, Chihiro stood up. " This is pointless," She said. Just as she was about to hop back on her bike, something caught her eye.

"What is that?" She asked, turning to get a closer look. What she saw made her scream. " A DRAGON?"