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Tell Me Why!

I was walking on the empty hallway and there I was, daydreaming. I don't even know where I'm going and then I just fell backwards. I just realized that I bumped on him again. Him… him again. I fell in love with him and every time I see him, my heart always skip a bit and now that I saw him bumped into me…again, I think my love is growing deeper.

It was almost our daily routine—you know, bumping to each other. I don't why we always encounter like that. Everyday, I always get a butt ache because from falling. I admit it; I really liked bumping into him because I always wanted to see him. Well, when I snapped back to reality, he was in front of me again, like always, and giving me a cold stare of annoyance. I feel so sorry for myself because he doesn't like me and keep on telling myself that he would love me but knowing the truth, it's never going to happen.

I just formed a sad smile at him knowing that he doesn't care whatever smile I give him. He was still in front of me and I think he's waiting for me to get out of his way. Then I stood up. I dusted myself and looked at him. He's looking back at me that seems like he wants me to apologize to him. Well as I always do, I brought all my courage to speak.

"I-I'm so sorry Sasuke." I looked t him and he glared at me.

"You are so annoying." He coldly said to me. I know my eyes are watering by now. I know he said that to me everyday. I'm pretty sure I'm getting used to it but the problems is, I don't know why it still hurts me so much?

"I'm really sorry. I didn't expect this to happen…. again." I sadly said and looked down to prevent him to see me cry.

"You know, I'm so getting tired of this and I really don't know what's up with us bumping to each other almost every day." He loudly said. My heart kept on sinking and it's actually drowning with tears now.

"But I didn't—" I got cut off by him.

"You are so frustrating and I'm really sick of this." He madly said. I can't take it anymore so I decided to go but when I turned around, he pulled me and turned me to face him. Our face was so close that I can even feel his hot breath tickling my cheeks and my heart that's beating against his.

"Do you even know why I'm so irritated? I will gladly answer it for you. It's because I always see your face. And I'm so sick and tired of you saying 'Sasuke I'm so sorry'." He looked at me madly once more. And I guess he is really mad.

"Why Sasuke? Why are you always like that to me?" I softly said and looked at him in the eyes. "You know that I loved you so much. So, why is that you're always so mad and so mean to me? Why?" I shouted and whispered, "Please answer me."

Sasuke pulled me closer to him. I was crying that time and while sobbing, he cupped my chin so that he could see my face. He looked at my eyes. He seemed calm now. I am waiting for him to answer my question.

"I'm so mad at you because I can't help loving you." He finally said it and I was totally shocked. I was still looking at him in the eyes and once I know it, I just felt his lips with mine. After a minute, he broke it and it was breath taking. I hugged him and he hugged me back.

"S-Sasuke… are you still mad at me?" I asked him.

"I always am mad at you." He answered and just hugged me tighter. I waited this time to happen for so long and it finally came true.

And now, we just realized that we are madly crazy in love with each other. By the way, I'm Haruno Sakura. Now, I finally got what I truly wanted…him.