By Superpower37

Disclaimers: I don't own the children's book, The Little Engine that Could or the song Shape of My Heart, otherwise see previous chapter(s).

Author's note: I'm going to try something different. Let me know what you guys think.

POV: Sammy and Michael.

Chapter 10

We arrived in Windom, Minnesota at the house of Dad's aquaintance. When we entered the house, dad introduced us to the two people. The woman was Kate Milligan and the younger man was Adam Milligan, their son.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! We have a brother? And you didn't tell us because..." Dean asked. I was frozen solid and Sam looked at me in surprise as he heard what I was thinking.

"Y-You can't be Adam Milligan, he's not real" I exclaimed. The man glared at me as he stepped closer. Dad and the others looked at me confused.

"Well, I hate to disappoint you, but I am real. So, whatever you're talking about is just crazy talk" he said. I raised an eyebrow. There was only one way to know if it was real.

"What was the one song that a young girl sang to you when you were little? It was after you were read The Little Engine that Could" I asked him. His eyes widened in surprise.

"Shape of My Heart by the Backstreet Boys. How'd you know that someone read me a book, unless..." Adam trailed off. His eyes lit up.

"You were the boy I used to see. I never really met you though, so it was a psychic connection" I asked nobody in particular. Kate asked Adam what we were talking about and he told them all about the nights when I would 'visit' him; which now we knew were through the ability that Yellow-Eyes gave me; when she was working late and would keep him company.

"Sammy, I hate to interrupt, but there's a ghoul coming at you" Mike yelled at me. We had, stupidly, left Mike and Castiel to deal with the ghouls.

"Sorry" I yelled whipping my pistol out and shooting it at the ghoul. It took the ghoul out for a moment and the other one threw itself at me. I didn't have time to react as it began to attack me.

"Hey! Get away from her" Adam growled grabbing a gun from Dean and shooting it. The ghoul turned it's attention from me and started towards Adam. The first one recovered and flung itself at me, but I was too busy paying attention to the one that was about to attack Adam.

"Sammy" Mike yelled at me as I successfully killed the second one. I turned to find the first, and last, ghoul almost on top of me. I fell to the ground and the others attempted to get it off me.

"You're going to pay" it shrieked slashing at me. It sent dad, Sam, Dean, Kate, Adam, and Castiel across the room and into a heap. It took one of its fingernails and opened my throat a bit. I heard a battle cry and soon, the ghoul was off of me and gone.

"Sammy? Sammy, are you okay" Mike asked me. A second later, he appeared in my vision as did Adam. Adam looked at Mike and back at me.

"It didn't k-kill her did it" Adam asked him. Mike looked at him and shook his head. I got my bearings and grasped Adam's shirt. He looked down at me in relief.

"I'm fine, I'll probably have one heck of a scar though" I assured him. He helped me sit on the couch and plopped down next to me while Mike sat on my other side and shifted closer protectively.

The next day, Adam showed up at our hotel room saying that he was going to join us and that Kate had, reluctantly okayed it. Dad refused at first, but Adam told him that he was coming along with or without permission.

"Little brother. I love it" I said as I tested the term out. I smiled and wrapped Adam in a huge hug and a grin split his face in half. He then got a reluctant pat on the back from Sam and Dean while Castiel just gave him a nod. Adam turned to Mike.

"So, are you her boyfriend or something" he asked him. Dean and dad choked on their beers and Sam nearly dropped his laptop.

"N-No, I'm Michael, the archangel" he said turning a little red. Adam raised his eyebrows and Mike explained what happened. That night, Mike had a vision.


I groaned. I couldn't really feel the pain, being an angel, but living with the Winchesters made making human sounds a habit.

I followed the Winchesters through the forest and stayed close to Sammy incase something tried to attack her. Something didn't feel right; I just hoped that I could help avoid Sammy or the others from getting hurt. Suddenly, the group stopped and Sam motioned for Dean and Castiel to follow him.

"Diiiiieeee" a shriek sounded. A bunch of demons attacked and we were all taking on about three demons each. Castiel and I easily defeated our opponents, but as we were going to help the others, a powerful angel appeared.

"I got it" Castiel told me. I nodded and went to go help Sammy and Adam. A few minutes later, Castiel was sent flying and collided with me. He grunted in annoyance and Sammy told me to go help him.

"Be gone" I ordered. Normally, the angel or whatever I was facing would be gone, but not this time. This time, it launched himself at me and threw me a couple of feet into a tree.

"Adam, you got it" Sammy asked. Adam nodded and Sammy came running over. The angel saw Sammy and grabbed her tossing her headlong into a tree opposite of me. I growled and started to get up. It had hurt Sammy! Nothing hurts Sammy and gets away with it!

"You really thought you could kill me that easily" Sammy asked him smirking. I snorted. Anything that thought that they could kill a Winchester easily was sadly mistaken.

"No, I knew I couldn't kill you. That was just a distraction" he said before grabbing Sammy and disappearing. I ran to where she was last and tried to fly to where she was, but I couldn't find her.

"GABRIEL" I screamed to him. Gabriel could help, he knew her. The two were connected at the hip or something.

"Dude, wake up" Dean's voice yelled in my ear. I jumped a foot in the air and realized that everyone was staring at me. Sammy had her hand on my arm.

"Gabriel" I called. Soon, I heard Gabriel's wings and he was standing behind everyone. The others turned and jumped back. I managed to sigh. Hadn't they gotten used to angels appearing out of nowehere yet? After recovering from shock of both him appearing out of nowhere and realizing who he was, Sammy ran fowards and whacked Gabriel with her fists. Gabriel looked at her open mouthed.

"H-How could you? D-Did you even think about me or anything else" Sammy cried pounding on his chest. I didn't move a muscle, she wasn't going to hurt him. Soon, Gabriel wrapped his arms around her as she began to sink to the floor.

"I'm sorry Sammy, I'm so sorry. You're right, I wasn't thinking at all" he told her softly as he pulled her close. Adam and the others snapped out of their trances and raised their eyebrows.

"Gabriel was the first angel and the only archangel to ever be created using human soul. He was Sammy's best friend in high school. Gabriel Martinez, I believe he was called on Earth. I also believe he was a fellow hunter and a family friend" I explained to them. Sammy clutched Gabriel tight.

"Remember? Gabriel died after graduation during a hunt" Sammy asked her brothers and father. If I could remember correctly, Gabriel's family and Sammy's always traveled together, if not right after one another until Gabriel died.