Hi everyone! I'm back! Writer's block sucks jtlyk. Anyway here's chapter…I forgot… the one after the last one I posted.

Somewhere between 1 and 5 hours later…

Bill walks into the random room where Jack, Tony, Michelle, Chloe, and now Audrey are all playing Super Smash Brothers.

Bill- Jack I need you to get a team ready. After long hours of searching and looking for leads we've finally found Nina Myers. Turns out her terrorist hotline was in yellow pages and Milo found her looking for Pizza Hut… but you know…either way none of you asses lifted a finger.

Tony- What are you talkin about? You need to use at least 2 fingers on each hand to play game cube!

Michelle- If you found a hotline how is that gonna help us find her location?

Bill- Someone will call the hotline and pretend they are a terrorist. They have to stay on long enough to trace the call.

Chloe- That's retarded.

Bill- Good you can make the call.

Chloe rolls her eyes.

At Kiddie Land…

Logan- I can't believe we're gonna meet pikachu Mike!

Novik- Um sir you do realize he's just an under paid man in a suit, right?

Logan- Shun the non believer!

Novik- Oh God.

Logan's phone rings.

Logan- Hello.

Bill- Mr. President this is Bill Buchanan from CTU.

Logan- Sup Bill! I'm gonna meet pikachu.

Bill-…As exciting as that is sir I have important information. We found Nina Myers.

Logan- Wonderful! Isn't she the Pizza Hut lady?

Bill-No…Sir she's the terrorist.

Logan- Oh… that's good too. Well I'm next in line. Good-bye Bill! -click-

Bill- Mr. President?... Ass.

He walks back in the room where the retards playing Game Cube are.

Bill- Ok Chloe I'll give you the number.

Chloe- Then what?

Bill- Just pretend you're a terrorist.

Bill gives Chloe the number, she calls blah blah blah. Not important.

Nina Myers- Terrorist Hotline how may I help you?

Chloe- Um… I want to blow up some places, but I don't know anywhere I could get explosives or anything.

Nina- What's your location?

Chloe- Los Angeles.

Nina- Well there is a warehouse downtown where I know some people. You can't miss it. It's a shitty looking building with a big white van in front. It kinda looks like a rapist van.

Bill signals that they got the location.

Chloe- Thank you. Bye. –click- Wow. That was weird.

Bill- Jack get a team ready. We got the location.

Jack- Awww… but That's So Raven is on!

Tony- Yeah it's the one where Cory's friend from Florida comes!

Bill- Ooh I love that one! I'll watch it while you guys are in the field.

Tony- You suck.

Bill- Haha.

Yay another chapter! I hope the next one will be up soon. It will be if I can think of anything. The super bowl is in to weeks! GO BEARS!!!!!!!!