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2 Chronicles 20:8-9(New King James Version)

And they dwell in it, and have built You a sanctuary in it for Your name, saying, 'If disaster comes upon us—sword, judgment, pestilence, or famine—we will stand before this temple and in Your presence (for Your name is in this temple), and cry out to You in our affliction, and You will hear and save.'

The Mutant X team had found Adam fairly easily. The dominion was in such turmoil they hardly put up any resistance as the team took Adam from the rubble. The man in the wheelchair had left Lexa with keys to the company vans and they left together to see what was salvageable from sanctuary.

The team arrived at sanctuary with heavy hearts. After leaving the van Shalimar locked her arm around Brennan's and Lexa did the same with Jesse. Adam was in the front as they entered…until he stopped abruptly. The rest of the team did the same when they were aware of what Adam saw. Sanctuary was fine, except for the evidence of the scuffle and the small explosion, nothing seemed wrong. The dominion was gone and nothing was out of place.

Jesse immediately ran to the computers to make sure none of the files had been copied. Lexa followed and sat close. Brennan, Shalimar, and Adam went to investigate further.

"Oh my God," Shalimar cried as she saw a blood trail.

The team followed the blood trail down the hall, but jumped as a small child popped out of the corner. The child himself was a little bit startled, but smiled when he saw Brennan. He lifted his arms toward Brennan wanting to be picked up.

"No, Justin c'mon," another child called.

This one was a girl. She had the same blue eyes as Justin, but her hair was blonde and Justin's was dark brown. The little girl took Justin by the hand and ran.

"Ali," she cried "Ali…they're here."

The little girl ran perfectly down the blood trail until she ran in another room.

"Stay at the computers," Adam told Jesse and Lexa.

The remaining three members ran into the room the little girl had run in. When they entered the room Shalimar cupped her hand over her mouth and stepped back. The sight was too much for her. Another child, the one called Ali, lay their in a pool of blood. This one was the oldest but couldn't have been more than twelve. She was sitting propped up against the wall. Two boys close to the same age as the smallest girl stood on both sides of Ali guarding her. It was obvious they were twins.

Ali held her side where the blood was running. She was conscious and breathing, but pale as nothing they had ever seen.

"Ali?" the smallest girl who was holding Justin stood in the corner and asked.

"Don't talk to them," came Ali's immediate reply.

"But it's Brennan," one of the twin boys said.

"I said don't," Ali's voice was surprisingly authoritative for her weakened state.

"Brennan, Shalimar get me a spine board and bandages. Tell Jesse and Lexa to prepare the lab for emergency surgery.

Adam came over to where the bleeding girl was lying. The twins stood up straight resuming their guard duties, but after one firm look from Adam they backed down. By that time Lexa had come in to see what was going on.

"Ali," Adam addressed the little girl, "The children do not have to talk to us, but I need you to tell them to leave with Lexa, so I can take care of you."

"Follow her," Ali said, "and do as they say."

Adam waited for Lexa to take the kids far away then started treating Ali. Just as he had thought, with the children gone Ali allowed herself to play victim.

"It hurts," she seethed as Adam took her hand off the side wound.

"You were shot, I imagine it would."

Adam tore away the girl's shirt to get a better look at the wound. He took his clean hand and moved Ali's long auburn hair to one side. Adam put his arm around her shoulders and gently leaned her forward to make sure there was an exit wound. Ali whimpered at the pain, and Adam sighed relieved that there was in fact an exit wound. Shalimar and Brennan came in with the supplies Adam needed to transport her into the lab.

"Ali's going to be fine," Lexa told the kids after Adam and Shalimar had been working on her for three hours. "It will be about a day before she wakes up again though."

Lexa could see the relief in the faces of the older kids. Baby Justin was still too young to understand the situation.

Lexa and Brennan had watched after the kids the entire time. Except for the last twenty minutes because Brennan had left with some DNA samples he had got from them. He told Lexa he was going to give the sample to Jesse and then he would help Adam and Shalimar patch up Ali.

The kids, even Justin, hadn't spoken as they were instructed. Lexa could only take so much silence, and decided to have a one way idle conversation with the kids.

"You two are twins," she said eyeing the older boys. The kids continued drawing on the paper that Lexa had given them. "It can be pretty fun being a twin, I know because I am one…" Lexa was going to continue, but she was interrupted.

"Ali and Jacob are twins, me Samuel and Marcus are triplets," the girl said with ice.

"I'm sorry," Lexa sincerely apologized "you must get that a lot?"

"Yeah," the little girl agreed.

"Em, you're not supposed to talk," either Marcus or Samuel said.

"I don't care," she retorted, "Ali's not our boss."

"Who's Jacob?" Lexa asked.

"Ali's twin brother, he was left in the present," Em responded.

"The present?" Lexa questioned.

"Yes, our parents had nowhere safe to bring us so Ali's mom told Jacob to send us into the past where it was safe. Ali got shoot, and Brenna was taken, so Jacob made us all go through, so that he could get Brenna."

"You're from the future," she questioned Em.

"Yes," was the one word response.
"Lexa come down here I know who they are," Jesse's voice came from the comm. ring.

Lexa rushed down after instructing the triplets to watch after Justin.

"Jesse, they're…"

"From the future I know," he finished.

"Get Shalimar out of the lab and bring her in here."

Lexa did as she was told and brought along one confused Shalimar.

"What was that all about?" Shalimar asked.

"The kids are from the future," was the only thing Lexa could come up with.

"The twins and their little sister…" Jesse addressed Shalimar

"Actually they're triplets," Lexa corrected.

Jesse looked almost pale "The triplets," Jesse gulped, "They're yours…they belong to you and Brennan."

Shalimar stared at Jesse knowing their was more to it.

"Shalimar you are pregnant with them right now."

Jesse had wanted to get Shalimar out of the room with all the chemicals.

"How do you know?" Shalimar asked.

"I could only guess," Jesse explained, but I'm pretty confident. "Ali is the only one who has already been born. Well, her and her twin brother, and they are six right now. Ali told Adam she was twelve so they have to be six years into the future that is about the right time for you to be pregnant with the triplets."

Shalimar felt suddenly faint, she had to sit down.

"It only gets stranger," Jesse cautioned "Lexa, Ali and Jacob are your niece and nephew…they are Leo's children." Jesse stopped he didn't know if he could go further.

"Leo had children," Lexa asked her heart pounding hard.

"That's not the strange part," Jesse said.

"Then what's the strange part?" Lexa demanded.

"Their mother…is Emma."