Luke 8:52-53 (NKJV)
Now all wept and mourned for her; but He said, "Do not weep; she is not dead, but sleeping." And they ridiculed Him, knowing that she was dead.

Brennan had left without mention of where hours before. Shal assumed it had something to do with their fight, but wasn't positive. She sat on the couch Brennan had left her on. She thought about Emma, she thought about Brennan, and she thought about Jesse. Her mind was so conflicted she couldn't hold a single thought for more thirty seconds. The sun had come up an hour before. Lexa was sleeping in the lab watching out for her nephew Jacob. Adam was in his room fast asleep exhausted from all the excitement of the last couple days. Shalimar felt herself about to doze, but one of the children began crying. Adam's room was too far away, and Lexa couldn't hear it in the lab.

Shalimar got up from the couch and went to find out what was wrong. She entered each guest room until she found the crying child. It was Brenna.

"What's wrong?" Shal asked.

"I had a nightmare. I want my mommy," she cried.

Shal stood there unsure of what to do.

"I want my mommy," she cried again.

Brenna was about to go into a wail, but Shal decided to seize an opportunity.

"Okay. I can drive you, but you have to show me where to go."

"I can only figure it out from D'Auria Park," she sniffed.

"Okay, let's go," Shal said.

Shalimar got directions to D'Auria Park and drove Brenna. Shal followed Brenna's directions into an alleyway. The little girl got out and punched a series of bricks when suddenly a tunnel opened for the car. Brenna came back into the back seat.

"Keep driving straight until the lights turn orange."

Shal drove in the underground tunnel each time there was an intersection the lights turned a different color. She drove until the lights went green.

"Turn that way," she said pointing left.

Shal followed her directions until there was a parking garage. She parked the car and followed Brenna who was walking fast. They went up an elevator and then through a series of hallways. Shal passed a few people, but didn't make eye contact. The feral saw her for the first time. Emma, she could be seen through a window on the door. Shalimar stopped Brenna mid stride and held her against herself as she watched Emma in the window. The little girl began to protest, but Shal shushed her. Brenna suddenly realized she had been used. She wasn't happy, but she stopped struggling.

Emma had her hair brown again. It was slightly longer than when Shal last saw her. Emma was wearing a pink shirt with a black jacket and pants. The psionic was talking to Brennan. Shal wasn't surprised to see Brennan. She was a bit surprised to see him holding a baby in pink.

"That's you," Shal whispered to Brenna.

She watched another minute then looked down at Brenna.

"Tell Brennan you need a ride home," she said.

Shal ran down the hallways towards the parking garage. Seconds later she heard more feet racing after her.

"Shalimar, Shalimar stop," she was ordered.

She didn't. She kept running. Some force outside her body made her stand perfectly still. Shalimar couldn't do anything, but wait. Emma popped into her vision after a few seconds. She was breathing hard.

"Shal?" she huffed out.

Emma released the mental hold she had on her friend. Shal stared at her blankly on the outside. Inside her were so many emotions boiling inside her she was on her way to a full fledge panic attack.

"Your okay," Emma said putting her hands on the feral's temples.

The pained expression on Emma's face showed Shalimar that Emma could feel her pain.

"Okay" Emma said again.

The psionic looked directly into her friend's eyes. The last thing Shal remembered was a pink light before everything went dark.

Emma looked at the six-year-old version of the baby she was holding. Her children were the only piece of Leo she had left.

"What's going on," she finally asked.

Brennan had been telling her about the children, but he hadn't gotten to the part of why they were there.

Brenna played with the present day Ali. Jacob was with a friend elsewhere.

Brennan explained the bad future, but he only knew so much. He told her about Jesse and someone who was controlling him, but he could only give what information he already had.

"We have to change the future," The little girl said as she walked up to her mother. "We can start by reuniting with Mutant X. They never knew you were alive in the future."

"It's not that simple," Emma told her.

"It should be," she said longingly.

"Emma?" The intercom in her room called.

"Yes?" she answered.

"Ms. Fox is coming to," it informed her.

"Thank you," she responded.

She looked at Brennan, "Brenny may have something. We should talk to her."

"Okay," Brennan nodded.

Emma left the baby in the care of her friend and left with Brennan to the infirmary where Shalimar was.

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