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A Rose By Another Name

Chapter 2-Abnormality

The rain poured down from the night sky. Giuseppe stood and let the rain fall down his face. The mission was a failure. Not because of anything except Henrietta. How it happened, Giuseppe still didn't know. They had gotten away and they took Henrietta. It was a moment of confusion. Now he wished more than those few hours ago, that he hadn't gone on the mission.

"What-what happened?" Rico echoed Giuseppe's thoughts as they all stood in front of the building trying to decide the next step.

Jean's heavy footsteps pounded as he fell in the makeshift like, next to his brother. "This is because you didn't condition her enough. I knew something like this was going to happen-"

Jean stopped speaking as Giuseppe rounded on him quickly, "Stop. Just-just stop." His hand clattered uselessly at his side. It was like loosing his sister all over again. Only this time it was worse. Henrietta had started off as a replacement for his sister, but lately she had become more of a daughter to him. He felt like he raised her. Cared for her. Bought her things. Reprimanded when needed. And in seconds, mere seconds she was gone. There was shouting and fighting, the normal sounds. Then suddenly everything had changed.

Flashback – Two Hours Ago

Henrietta looked up at Giuseppe as they rode his car towards their next mission. Over taking a Padania stronghold wouldn't be easy. It was reported that his man was one of the biggest players in the financial status of Padania.

'Finally, one step closer to getting one more terrorist group.' Giuseppe thought as he glanced at the young girl who hadn't taken her eyes off of him for the last five minutes. "Do you need something, Henrietta?"

The girl immediately looked down and locked her eyes on her folded hands sitting in the center of her lap. Giuseppe sighed as he watched the girl do this. He should have known that she was going to do that. He should have spoken softer and not been so abrupt. He knew her for almost a year now. He berated himself for not watching himself. "ou know you can tell me anything, Henrietta."

The young girl sighed as she looked up at him again, "I was just…umm…well…wanting to…never mind."

Giuseppe chuckled lightly, "Wondering what, Henrietta?"

"Well…what you though of my new dress." Henrietta promptly blushed and looked back at her hands.

Giuseppe had noticed she was wearing a new dress, one that he was sure that Elenora had chosen. It was simple; the blue short sleeved dress was cut simply but had an elegant look to it. Giuseppe shook his head knowing that he could have never picked out something like it, even if it was help in front of him and had a free price tag on it. "It looks lovely, Henrietta. I think Elenora should do your shopping from now on. What do you think of that?"

Giuseppe was mildly surprised by how fast her face started to glow, "Oh could she? I'd love to go out with her again. She picks out the loveliest clothes!" Her eyes widened suddenly, "Not to say that your dresses weren't lovely. I love them all!"

He chuckled full out as he looked back on to the road, his black hair bouncing as he laughed, "Don't worry. I know you love everything I get you."

The car rumbled slightly has he let off the clutch and turned off the car. They were 100 feet from the target. A large white house with vineyards attached to it. It was the family's country house. They had another smaller house inside the town. Giuseppe had tired to keep her attention focused on him as they had driven through the town. This was the very same town she was attacked in. The same town her family was brutally murdered in. He hoped she wouldn't remember anything and right now it seemed that she didn't.

It was an hour later that he was walking down the battered hallways. He could see what used to be ornate paintings bloodstained and torn through with bullet holes. The constant serenade of gunshots didn't ease him, but the moment of silence that came next made him uneasy.

'Henrietta just went in that room, why aren't their gunshots?' He asked himself as he saw Triela and Rico round the corner. They could feel it too; something was wrong. He picked up his pace, his feet falling firmly on the now silent path toward the room. Something was wrong.

He skidded to a halt behind Triela, as she put up her gun towards a boy in the middle of the room. He vaguely glanced over as he turned his attention back to Henrietta. His eyes were wide as his brown hair hung limply in his face. The cock of Triela's gun was almost as loud as the sound Henrietta made when she turned towards Triela and fired a shot removing the gun from the older girl's hand.

"Stop." It was simple. She commanded the other two cyborgs with a simple word. The boy behind her had moved closer to her and with one glance towards the newcomers simply grasped her hand and ran towards the backdoor. Rico was the first to move, running quickly after them, but it wasn't quickly enough as she rebounded into the wall opposite of the doorway. The house in rubble from where they had set a bomb off after them. Giuseppe couldn't think or move at the moment he was stunned. Nothing made sense, none of it. It baffled him how he got outside, or even how he got home that night.


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