TITLE: Reasons and Baby Names
AUTHOR: Goddess Isa
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SUMMARY: Buffy and Angel bring Mariah home.
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"Leia!" Cordelia called for her daughter. "Leia, you get back here this instant!"

"She's okay," Angel said as Leia stood gingerly beside the baby carrier than held little Mariah. It was her first day home from the hospital so all the gang had shown up at Buffy and Angel's place to straighten up and decorate. "She just wants to see her," Angel explained as Leia watched the sleeping baby yawn and stretch without making a noise.

"She doesn't cry," Leia said in wonder.

"It's a rarity, I assure you." Buffy said with a laugh.

"Don't get any ideas about a little brother or sister honey." Cordy said, scooping her up. "One pregnancy was way more than enough for me."

"It wasn't so bad," Buffy said as she hung her coat up.

"You weren't confined to a bed for three months with Doyle driving you crazy day and night in an attempt to keep you happy." Cordelia shuddered. "Trust me, if you had been in my shoes, your tubes would be glued together. I was sooo glad when my water broke."

"You'll never hear another woman say that, ever." Doyle commented.

"Maybe, I don't know." Buffy said as she sat on the living room couch. Angel brought the baby in and put her carrier on the coffee table so everyone could watch her. "I wasn't as miserable as everyone else seems to have been."

"Well, you're da Slayer," Doyle said. "That makes it all the more comfortable, wit your strength and all."

"I can't wait to be pregnant," Willow said. "To wear ugly maternity clothes and show off that I'm pregnant, to feel the baby kick and--"

"Marry her first, Xand." Buffy advised.

He picked up Willow's left hand and kissed her emerald engagement ring. "We're workin' on it. Now I gotta ask - this has been driving me crazy - why Mariah Carey?"

"Buffy did it," Angel said quickly.

"You are so bad," she shook her head at her husband. "Mariah Connelly is a beautiful name, and I already promised Willow first dibs on Allanna."

"You never told me about Allanna." Xander looked at his fiancee.

"Tell them the *real* reason," Angel smirked.

Buffy turned beet red. "That is the real reason?"

"It is so not!" Cordy exclaimed.

The Slayer cleared her throat. "Um, you know that Mariah Carey song Underneath the Stars?"

"Say no more!" Xander covered his ears. "Willow, when we get home, we're burning that CD."