When I fall in love


Mainly DM/HG, some HG/HP and very little RW/HG


Every day for as long as she can remember Hermione has song to her self in the shower, this year she is determined to fall in love, with her best friend Ronald Weasley, little does she know that the Goddess of Loves has other ideas…. SMUT

Authors Notes:

First Dumbledore is still alive and Snape is still teaching, Voldemort is still out there, but this won't focus too much on him. The Characters may see some what (OK A LOT) OCC but this is how the idea came out so you are stuck with it!


The Beginning

Hermione Granger started her morning the same way she had for the past seven years. Under the hot Spray of the shower singing.

When I fall in love

It will be forever

or I'll never fall in love

She sang her heart out.

Yes, even a know-it-all, former bucked tooth, library loving, school nerd wanted to find love. Her morning shower was the one and only place she allowed her self to be vulnerable, it was the only place she allowed her self to dream.

When I give my heart

It will be completely

She sang from the deepest recessed of her heart. This year was going to be different, some one would notice her, and she hoped and prayed that some one would be Ronald Weasley.

Draco Malfoy started his morning as usual. His personal house elf, Paddy woke him up and drew his bath. He grudging got up and had a nice long soak. He mind began to wonder as it always did. His father was murdered just a few months ago. He should have been upset, or at least saddened. When in all actuality he felt relieved. He father was an ass; he treated Draco and his mother with such hate and venom since the return of the Dark Lord. Draco's mother Narcissa Black-Malfoy wasn't evil like everyone believed, she was kind and caring and the only person who truly loved him.

A slight rapping on the door caused him to snap out of his trance.

"Paddy, I will be out momentarily." Draco said.

"Draco, darling it's me. Do be a dear and hurry down to breakfast."

"Yes mother, I shall be down soon." Draco said calmly.

Draco finished his bath, got dressed and joined his mother at the breakfast table.

"So Mother, I was thinking of flying for a few hours, then we can have lunch in Paris. How does that sounds?" Draco asked as he looked up from his porridge.

"Oh Dear, did you forget? Today you are going back to Hogwarts." Narcissa said.

In fact Draco had forgotten, not that it mattered in the slightest.

"I'm not returning, I have to run this family now, I will not leave you alone for nine months. Besides everyone at Hogwarts thinks I am a Death Eater." Draco said in a non-challant tone.

"Draco Lucis Malfoy! Since when do you care what others think? I will be fine alone; I am used to it dear. Besides I can manage the accounts, I did have the same amount of schooling as your father. Not to mention, this came for you this morning." Narcissa said as she handed Draco an envelope.

Draco studied the envelope carefully it was from Hogwarts, it could not have been his book list, Paddy has already purchased his books weeks ago. He turned the envelope over in his hands.

"Well, aren't you going to open it?" His mother asked curiously.

Draco sighed and slowly opened the envelope.

Dear Mr. Malfoy,

Welcome back to your 7th and final year at Hogwarts. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that you have been give the prestigious opportunity of being Head Boy. This is a great honor and is not to be taken lightly. Please meet in the heads compartment at 11:20 sharply. There you will meet the Head Girl and be given your duties.

With much respect,

Albus Dumbledore


Draco re-read the letter about 5 times before his mother spoke.

Draco, What is it?" She asked worriedly.

"I've been made Head Boy," he whispered.

"Come again, I didn't quite catch that." She said.

"I've been made Head Boy, Mother," He said a little more loudly.

"Oh that is so wonderful dear! I am so proud of you, I mean you do have the best grades in school and..." Narcissa began.

"Second best grades." He mumbled.

"Since when?"

"Since always."

"To Whom?"

Hermione Granger," he said flatly.

"The Muggle-born witch?" She asked confused.

"Yes her!" He spat.

"What didn't you ever tell me?" she asked.

"Because Father forbade me to. He said it was bad enough that he knew I was second to a mud…. Muggleborn he did not want to announce it to the world." Draco said as he cast he eyed downward.

"Draco, raise your chin son. Miss Granger must be an exceptionally smart girl to have gotten better marks than you." Narcissa said confidently.

"I guess…" Draco said.

"Is she Head Girl?"

"I don't know, I am supposed to meet the Head Girl on the train, but I can almost guarantee it will be her." Draco said half bitterly. Narcissa pretended not to notice.

"Oh no, the train, we better get a move on or we will be late." Narcissa said as she began to rush about.

"We mother? I never said I was going back." He said smugly.

"Pish posh, you are Head Boy, besides if you do not go back, they just might give the position to that Potter boy." Narcissa said as she tried to hide a smirk.

"Fine you win, I will get dressed," Draco admitted defeat.

"Fifteen minutes, I will; have Paddy pack your school trunk."