Summary: What would happen if the future were not as it was suppose to be? What would happen when unpredictable events happen to ruin everyone's lives and even end some? What would the survivors do to change it? Would they be able to change it? If so, how? They know nothing of the consequences of changing the past but they do know that the future would not end up as it is now. That is enough reason for two young men to take a journey off to fix the broken past. But weather they succeed or not is up to their parents and up to what they do. For if the past does not change than neither does the future.

Chapter 1: Stolen: The Scroll Of Time

A gentle breeze shook the leaves, sweeping them up and rushing them around. Tree breached lightly swayed back and forth as the wind hit them. Glowing red eyes watched in eternal silence, studying the every movement of his target.

Bright blue eyes watched as well, looking and also studying the target. Both pairs of eyes were narrowed, intently staring at the target, who was pacing around his office, frustrated by something apparently.

The man with the red eyes was perched on a wide tree branch, hovering outside the target's office, looking down at him. The blue-eyed man stood behind a wide oak tree, his head sticking out of it, as he watched the target.

It occasionally disappeared behind the tree if the man sensed or heard something or someone coming. Both men looked around their surroundings but only once or twice, to make sure nobody noticed them.

His bodyguards as he liked to call them were stationed all threw out the outside of the building. Every five feet there was one. It would be very difficult to get in and out unnoticed with what they desired, that is it would be if they were normal but they weren't so they had no worries.

They were more advance than most, they were stronger, smarter, faster and just plain better than anyone weather they be the same age, younger or older. There were two causes of this.

One was that they trained very hard and have been training since they could walk and two was because of their heritage, because of who their parents were. Anyway the red-eyed man nodded to the blue-eyed man once he caught his eye, signaling the start of the mission.

Both men quickly and quietly moved towards the building, hiding in trees, making sure they were not seen. There were two main ways into the building.

Either by the door or the windows and since both the door and the windows were heavily guarded they had to find another way into the building. They couldn't transport for that would make too much of a ruckus and they couldn't run for a fear of being seen.

"Throw something to distract them." The red-eyed man hissed into the dark, motioning towards the blue-eyed man.

He nodded in response and searched the ground with a keen eye. Once he found a big enough rock, he picked it up and flung it over to the opposite side of where they were. A loud thud was heard throughout the area, making the guards alert instantly.

Most made their way towards the sound but two remained behind, watching and guarding the door. The two men, the red and blue eyed one quickly made their way towards them. Without a seconds hesitation both ran at both guards, quicker than lightning, hitting them on the pressure points on their necks.

The blue-eyed man caught the guards before they fell making sure no sound was made. The red-eyed man took a metal key from one's pocket and positioned it in the door's lock, turning it. He put his hand on the doorknob and pushed open the door. They then proceeded into the building. The blue-eyed man was dragging the two guards silently behind him.

They were in an office, a medium sized one. There was a desk, a few chairs, some file cabinets, and some other non-important things. A man sat in the chair behind the desk, looking wide-eyed at the two who had entered his office. His eyes widened even more upon seeing the two guards being dragged behind them. He stood, looking at the two who had now turned to face him.

"Wh-what? Ho-How did you…?" The man stuttered, trailing off, obviously confused as to how this happened and why. The red-eyed man smirked, while the blue-eyed man grinned.

"Easy as ever. I think you're the weakest yet." The red-eyed man snapped at him.

"Yeah, I would have thought you and your guards would be stronger and smarter. And to think you're the seventh hokage." The blue-eyed man said to him, sounding disappointed and mad at the same time.

"Wh-who are you?" The man identified as the seventh hokage asked, still shuttering.

"Old friends of the village." The blue eyed man replied, in an instant.

"Wh-what? How can you be old friends when I've never seen you before? The seventh hokage said, clearly confused even more than before.

"Idiot." The red-eyed man muttered under his breath.

"How you became my dad's successor is beyond me, you're weaker than a genin." The blue-eyed man stated while glaring and shaking his head.

"Yo-You mean your dad was the…."

"Yes, the sixth and best Hokage there was." The blue-eyed man said, cutting him off and finishing the sentence for him.

"But it was said that…"

"I died in a massacre long ago? Yeah, I know. All the easier it makes for us, right?" The blue-eyed man said cutting him off again as well as finishing the sentence. The red-eyed man nodded at the statement made, agreeing silently with him.

"Wh-who is he?" The Seventh Hokage asked, pointing to the red eyed man who just glared at him.

"Oh, him? He's a survivor of the massacre as well. You know who we are?" The blue-eyed man asked and the Hokage nodded.

"I-I can only guess. From what the reports said, only two bodies were not found. One was Uzumaki Hinaru, and the other was Uchiha Shinji." The Seventh Hokage explained.

"You are Hinaru, if I am correct?" The Hokage asked, motioning towards the blue-eyed man who nodded.

"And you are Shinji?" He asked, looking at the red-eyed man who just intensified his glare.

"Yeah, that's Shinji. You know why were here?" Hinaru asked and he sighed when the Hokage shook his head, no.

"Useless." Shinji spat at him angrily.

"Why are you here?" The hokage asked, ignoring Shinji's comment.

"Well, we have decided that we need to change some…unneeded events that have happened. And to do that we…"

"Need the scroll of time now." Shinji demanded while cutting off Hinaru.

"Yes, I was getting to that." Hinaru said to him, disappointed.

"The scroll of time? You cannot have that. You can alter time and change the future." The Hokage told them.

"No, shit." Shinji replied, angrily. Nobody told him no and lived to tell about it.

"Yea, the past is going to be changed. Now we can do this the hard way or the easy way. You pick." Hinaru said to the Hokage while Shinji cracked his knuckles, getting ready.

"No, you can't change the past. What has happened is done and can not and will not be altered." The Hokage told the two.

"Really? I beg to differ, Hokage-sama." Shinji sneered, taking a few steps towards the Hokage. He stopped when a hand was placed on his shoulder. He glanced back out of the corner of his eye.

"Calm down Shinji. Intimidation isn't the only way to get what you want," Hinaru said, and than turned to look at the Hokage, " Now, Now don't be too fast to make a decision and statement like that Hokage-sama. I mean what would you do if in some random accident both your wife and daughter where…. I don't know, say misplaced? What would you do?" Hinaru asked him a sly grin on his face. The Hokage paled instantly as his eyes widened.

"Yo-You wou-wouldn't." He said shakily.

"No, I wouldn't but I can't say the same thing for Shinji." Hinaru replied to him, motioning towards Shinji, whose eyes glowed brighter than before. Shinji also had an evil smirk upon his handsome face.

"No, please don't." The Hokage begged.

"Give us what we want and we won't." Hinaru told him straight out.

"I-I ca-can't, I-I ju-just can-can't." The hokage shuttered out.

"Guess that's too bad. Shinji, you know what to do." Hinaru said and Shinji nodded, disappearing.

"Noooo, please don't hurt them." The Hokage exclaimed loudly, anybody within ten feet of the building would be able to hear it.

"Shit." Hinaru cursed as he walked over tot eh Hokage, and slapped him across the face.

"Shut your mouth, unless you want your family to experience something worse than death." Hinaru stated, his eyes narrowed at the Hokage who nodded in response.

Shinji returned no more than a minute later with two females. A woman about the same age as the Hokage and a little girl about the age of five.

"No, not my family. Please don't kill them. I'll give you what you want just don't hurt them." The Hokage pleaded to the other two.

"The scroll. I want the goddamn scroll." Hinaru yelled to him, not caring that their were Anbu outside anymore.

"I can't give you that but I can give you anything else." The Hokage pleaded once more.

"Not good enough. Shinji go ahead and kill them." Hinaru stated and Shinji grinned, as he walk over to the two, a kunai in hand.

"Fine, fine. I'll tell you." The Hokage said.

"No dear. It's no telling what they'll do with the scroll. Don't give it to them. You can't do this to him. You can't threaten him. He's the Hokage." The Hokage's wife yelled.

"Shut up bitch. I knew the last Hokage. He was my dad's best friend and you see him he was the last Hokage's son. Now shut your fucking trap." Shinji snarled to her. How he hated being disrespected.

"Hinaru, come on. The Anbu will be here soon. We need the fucking scroll." Shinji said to him, he couldn't wait to leave. He hated this village and all the people in it.

"Hokage tell me where the fucking scroll is, NOW." Hinaru yelled as he threw him across the room, his anger getting the better of him. He landed against the wall making a large indent.

"Do you wish for that to happen to your precious family?" Shinji asked and the man shook his head as he tried to lift himself up.

"I didn't think so. Now tell us where the scroll is."

"The safe. It's in the safe." He coughed out.

"Good." Shinji said as he walked to the safe and punched it open.

A scroll in black leather wrappings with a metal chain and lock around it laid in the safe. Shinji grabbed it and put it in his black pouch that resided on his right thigh over his black shorts.

"Thanks but now we really must be leaving." Shinji said and motioned for Hinaru to untie the Hokage's family. Hinaru complied. He untied the Hokage's family, after knocking them out, to make sure they didn't do anything to draw attention.

"The Anbu are closing in on us." Shinji said to his partner, feeling the chakra of them.

"I know but I though you put a barrier up to prevent them from coming close to the building." Hinaru said to Shinji who nodded his head.

"Yeah, I did but it's wearing off, meaning we have to leave, unless of course you wish for me to kill all of Kohona." Shinji told him and he shook his head.

Shinji sighed and walked to the door and opened it, sticking his head out to look outside. His head quickly ducked back into the building as he slammed the door closed. Hinaru looked at him with confusion.

"What?" He asked, and received his answer a moment later. Shuriken and kunai's were embedded in the door, close to where Shinji had been standing.

"Oh, well I guess we'll have to make a window exit, right?" Hinaru asked and Shinji nodded while rolling his eyes, becoming annoyed.

He could beat every Anbu thrown at him but no, Hinaru wanted to keep a low profile so nobody knew they were alive. Wouldn't work though, especially since the Hokage and his family had seen them.

"Can we kill them?" Shinji asked, staring at the unconscious bodies on the floor, wanting nothing more than to watch as blood seeped out of them from opened wounds he might give them. His eyes filled with blood lust, just thinking about it.

"No, Shinji, how many times must I tell you?" Hinaru asked him and Shinji glared at him. "Our low profile is going to be killed if we allow them to live." Shinji reasoned.

"Doesn't matter. We'll be out of here soon enough. Be patient." Hinaru told him and he nodded reluctantly, returning his blood lust filled eyes back to being emotionless.

Shinji walked over to one of the windows and looked out it, for any signs of Anbu, seeing none; he silently opened the window and motioned for Hinaru to follow. Shinji jumped out of the window and ran into the forest so as not to be seen by the Anbu. Hinaru followed closely behind. They ran all the way to the gate out of Kohona, stopping before reaching it.

Memories had flooded through Shinji's head as he was looking around while running. Some good, some bad, some both, most without a happy ending.

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