Summary: What would happen if the future were not as it was suppose to be? What would happen when unpredictable events happen to ruin everyone's lives and even end some? What would the survivors do to change it? Would they be able to change it? If so, how? They know nothing of the consequences of changing the past but they do know that the future would not end up as it is now. That is enough reason for two young men to take a journey off to fix the broken past. But weather they succeed or not is up to their parents and up to what they do. For if the past does not change than neither does the future.


Chapter 3: Dreams of the Past

She awoke with a start, her eyes flying open as she grabbed the kunai that laid under her pillow. She blinked a few times as her eyes got adjusted to the darkness of the room. When they did her eyes scanned the room. Someone was here. She could sense them. She slowly pulled the covers off so as not to attract attention and slid out of bed, her senses on high alert.

She heard a whisper and immediately threw the kunai in the direction she heard it. Than as quickly as she could she appeared by the switch to the lights and put them on. She sighed when she noticed her kunai was embedded in the wall next to her vanity. She shook her head as she walked over to the kunai and pulled it out. She could have swore she heard someone.

Closing the light she returned to bed, pulling the covers up to her chin and falling into a light sleep almost immediately. She was unaware of the pair of red and blue eyes watching her.

"Oh, man that was a close one." Hinaru exasperated as he leaned against the cherry blossom tree.

"Hn." Shinji replied, not at all paying attention to him.

His eyes were focused solely on the woman who was now back sleeping in her bed. She was as beautiful as everyone said she had been, even more so. He gave a small smile, filled with pride for his heritage. He had, indeed, had a one of a kind mother.

"….Shinji?" He heard Hinaru call him in worry. He tore his gaze from her and turned to look at his best friend.


"You ok?"


"So when should we go see the Hokage?"

"In the morning. It's been a long day. We need rest."

Hinaru nodded to him, sliding down the tree to sit on the branch he was on.

"Alright. Night, Shinji." Hinaru said as he closed his eyes and placed his arms behind his neck for comfort, his legs outstretched on the branch.

"Night." He replied as he jumped on a higher branch, one over looking the woman.

He leaned his back against the tree, and brought his right knee up his chest while stretching the other one out. He rested on arm on his knee, grabbing his shoulder with it while allowing the other one to rest on his outstretched leg. He rested his head against the tree as he gazed at the woman, his eyes slowly closing.

His eyes scrunched as a blinding light hit them, forcing him to wake up. He groaned in annoyance opening them and blinking a few times to get adjusted. Who the hell had opened the shades? He blinked again, before his eyes widened and he bolted up.

"What the hell….?"

He laid in a comfortable bed with black silk sheets and a heavy black comforter. His walls were black with red and white fans all around them. To his left laid a large window and to this right was his dresser. Next to the bed was a nightstand which held a Kohona headband and a few kunai. In front of him was a lightly stained wooden door.

"Morning sleepy head!" A soft, familiar feminine voice said to him. He turned to his left, where the window was, and saw a emerald eyed, long pink haired woman.

"Mom?!" He yelled in astonishment as he saw her. She smiled warmly at him as she walked over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He just sat there in shock, wondering what was going on.

"Breakfast is downstairs for you. Better hurry up before its all gone." She told him before walking out of the room. He blinked again before throwing off the covers and jumping out of bed, racing out of his room and down the stairs towards the kitchen.

As he entered the kitchen he was met with many startled looks. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion trying to figure out what they were looking at.

"Nice boxers, Oniisan." A onyx eyed, blacked haired eleven year old said with amusement to him.

"What?" He frowned and looked down at himself. He gave a sheepish chuckle as he realized what they were laughing at. He was only wearing a pair of black silk boxers.

"Che. No wonder I'm cold." He muttered to himself. The two girls seated at the table giggled, while the two males gave amused smirks. His mother, who was at the kitchen sink washing dishes, smiled at him, shaking her head.

He shrugged before taking a seat farthest from the kitchen sink, next to the head of the table to the left, where his mother usually sat. He looked around the table and inwardly smiled. He was somehow back with his family before they were all…..

He shook his head, getting rid of the thoughts. He didn't want to think about that right now. He just wanted to enjoy the time he had with them right now.

His brother, the eleven year old, Reiji, sat to his right. He was just like his father, only with more emotions. Across from him and his brother were his sisters, Hana and Sasora. Hana had green eyes with black slits and black hair with pink streaks. She was two years younger than him, making her thirteen. Sasora was the youngest being nine. She had green eyes and pink hair. She was the splitting image of their mother.

At the head of the table on the right sat his father, Uchiha Sasuke. He wore his ANBU uniform. He was reading the news paper, occasionally sipping his coffee.

"So why are you up so late Oniisan?" Hana asked him and he shrugged in response.

"I know why." Reiji said with a evil looking smirk, making Shinji narrow his eyes at him.

"Why's that, Ototo?" Shinji asked him.

"Cause you were busy all night with your girlfriend, duh." Reiji replied to him causing Sasuke, who was drinking his coffee at the time, spit it out, all over the table.

"What?! What girlfriend?" He demanded as he wiped his mouth with a napkin. Shinji sighed, and glared at his little brother with annoyance.

"Calm down, honey. Reiji was just kidding, right, sweetie?" His mother said to her husband before addressing her son.

Reiji snorted, "Che, no."

This earned a glare and scowl from his mother and caused Shinji to intensify his own.

"Reiji, who is Shinji's girlfriend?"

"Who else but that Tejia girl?"

"Tejia Hyuuga?" His father questioned.

"No, Tejia Uzumaki. What other Tejia is there?" Shinji snapped sarcastically.

His mother sighed and immediately knew what was coming next.

"WHAT?! HE"S DATING A HYUUGA?!" Sasuke yelled, in anger standing from his chair.

"Yeah, I'm dating a Hyuuga. Is that a problem, Sasuke?" Shinji asked, addressing his father by his first name.

"Your damn right it's a problem." Sasuke growled in response.

"No fighting you two." Sakura said cutting in as she sat down next to Shinji at the head of the table. It was too early in the day for a fight.

"Wait, you didn't know he was going out wit Tejia, Otousan?" Sasora asked her father and he shook his head, narrowing his eyes. Sakura sighed once more. There's the start of another argument.

"No, exactly how long has this been going on?" He asked, glaring at Shinji, who was glaring right back.

"Like five months." Sasora answered.

"Five months with a Hyuuga?!" Sasuke growled.

"Everyone knew. How come you didn't Otousan?"

"Everyone else knew?" Sasuke said as he turned to look at Sakura, who laughed nervously.

"Of course everyone else knew. Hell, even Neji knows. The only reason we didn't tell you was because one, you'd blow up like a lunatic and two because its none of your damn business." Shinji snapped at him.

"Neji knows?! And who the hell are you to tell me its none of my damn business?"

"I'm obviously nothing to you, same as you are to me." Shinji told him, standing up from his chair.


"You heard me, Sasuke." He replied, once again using his fathers name.

"I told him not to tell you," Shinji heard his mother say and he, as well as his father, both turned towards her.


"I told him not to tell you."


"Because of what you were just doing. You explode every time you hear about the Hyuugas. What does it matter if he goes out with her? She's a sweet girl." Sakura told him.

"How do you know?"

"She's been over a few times while you were out on a mission." Hana explained to her father.

"She was in my house?" Sasuke yelled.

"No, she was in my mothers." Shinji told him.

"Yes," Sakura said quickly before her husband could respond to Shinji, "She was. I don't know why you don't like her. You don't know her. Besides you and Neji have been on good terms and TenTen is one of my best friends. I don't see the problem with them going out." Sakura told him, her motherly instincts kicking in, as she defended her son.

"Why must you always take his side, Sakura? Your suppose to take mine, not his."

"Excuse me if I like defending my son, Sasuke."

"Damn it. Your so annoying." Sasuke responded before he could stop himself.

'Shit, I shouldn't have said that.' He thought to himself as he inwardly cursed.

"Thank you very much. Your annoying too, you asshole." Sakura told him and he looked at her in shock while Shinji smirked.

'Take that you bastard.' He thought to himself.

Before Sasuke could reply, however the doorbell rang.

"I got it." Sakura said before leaving the kitchen to answer the door. Sasuke sighed as he rubbed his temple and sat back down in his chair.

"Is she strong?"

"She's a Hyuuga. You figure it the hell out." Shinji snarled before sitting back down in his chair as well. Sasuke closed his eyes to keep from killing his eldest son.

"Look whose here." Sakura said as she returned, five people trailing behind her.

The first two were Neji and TenTen. The next one was a fifteen year old, name Tenji, who had white eyes and brown hair. He looked exactly like Neji. The one after him was a thirteen year old woman, name Tejia, who had brown eyes and brown hair. She looked exactly like her mother minus the two buns. The last one was a eleven year old, named Rei, who had white eyes with brown tints and brown hair. She was a mix of her mother and father.

"Hyuuga." Sasuke said, acknowledging the family.

"Uchiha." Neji said in response.

Shinji stood and bowed to the head of the family saying, "Neji, TenTen."

"No need to bow, Shinji. We're practically family." TenTen said with a wink and his cheeks tinted to a light pink as he nodded.

"Shinji." Tenji called out to him.

"Tenji." Shinji said with a smirk as he approached the man and shook his hand.

"So, what's up, guys?" Sakura asked them.

"Oh, nothing, Mrs. Uchiha, we just wanted to visit." Tejia told her and she smiled at the girl.

"No need to be so formal, Tejia, as TenTen said, we're practically family." Sakura told her and she blushed. Shinji smirked at this as he walked over to her. He took her hand and placed a light kiss on the top of it.

"Milady." He said to her and her blush intensified.

"Shinji." She exclaimed, nervously as she took a glance at Sasuke. He followed her gaze and chuckled.

"What? Everyone knows."


"Yup, everyone knows about your little love affair." Reiji said with a smirk.

"Yes, now why don't we leave the kids alone and go talk in the living room?" Sakura suggested and the other three adults nodded as they left the room.

"Nice outfit, Shinji." Tenji said to him as the adults left the room and he smirked in response.

"I know, right?"

"Yeah just don't go outside like that. Your fan girls might attack."

"Yeah," He shivered in displeasure before taking Tejia's hand, "Come on."

He dragged her up the stairs and into his room. She sat on his bed as he rummaged threw his dresser, trying to pick out some clothes. He settled for some beige cargo shorts and a black tank top with the Uchiha fan on the back. When he was finished they both went outside to the backyard.

"So how'd your father take the news?"

"How do you think? I'm going out with his rival's daughter."

"That bad?"

"Nah, my okaasan took care of it for me." He told her and she smiled, grabbing his hand.

"She sure is a life saver, huh? She helped us with my father too."

"Yeah, I'm lucky to have her as my mother." He said, intertwining their fingers together.

She nodded and he smiled at her before frowning. His head snapped towards the left where Tejia was, where daggers, shuriken and kunai were coming at them. Out of reflex, he pulled Tejia in back of him and shielded her from the attacks. He grunted and winced in pain as the weapons hit him and he fell to his knees, in utter pain.

"Shinji…." He heard someone call him.

"Shinji…." It was louder this time.

"SHINJI!!" He jumped up as his eyes flew open. He smashed his head into Hinaru's who had been barely an inch in front of him.

"What the hell…..?" He muttered as he shook his, now, aching head.

Hinaru quickly stood, as he rubbed his head and said, "It's morning."

"I can see that." Shinji told him with a scowl as he stood.

"Well, excuse me than." Hinaru said sarcastically and Shinji snorted.

"Let's go see Tsunade." Shinji said and Hinaru nodded as they both started their way towards Hokage Tower.

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