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Sophia sat under the shade of a tree, enjoying the feeling of the warm Vanguard III sun. Fayt had taken the whole team to the planet to relax and rejuvenate. But she was also enjoying something else.

As Albel approached her from behind, he realized she was licking something off of her fingers. It was white and frothy… Looked kind of like liquefied, and then solidified again sugar. "What are you doing out here? Don't you know there are enemies just waiting to eat you?"

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah. Like the blobs of jam or the harmless nobleman? And anyway, I'm eating cookies!"

He glared at her for a moment. Cookies? He hadn't had a cookie since he was six years old. He took a seat in the grass beside her, crossing his legs under him. And besides that, the damn girl hadn't cooked all day today or yesterday, and he was practically starving from the lack of goods.

She seems to momentarily tear herself away from the sugar on her fingers to look at him and smile, holding out to him an offering of peace—a single double-sided cookie with a layer of that white sugar crap smashed between each side in the middle.

Albel glanced from the girl's smile down to the cookie, and then back at her smile a few times before taking it from her gently. He turned it over in his human palm, admiring its grooved texture. Not wanting to keep his appetite waiting, he shoved the little thing quite roughly into his mouth.

"No! That's wrong!" Sophia shouted, looking horrified.

He stopped chewing, glared at her for a moment, then obstinately started chewing again.

Sophia huffed softly and stuffed another cookie into his hand.

Albel hurriedly brought it to his mouth yet again, intent on wholeheartedly DEVOURING the damn tasty sweet, but she stopped him, holding his wrist.

"These are special cookies and require that you eat them a special way!" She let him go, and grabbed another cookie from her small pile on the plate in her lap. "Do as I do." She pulled the two sides apart, revealing the almost sparkling white center.

Albel did the same, eyebrow raised. "This is stupid. What the Hell does this--?"

"Shh. You're learning." She shot back, smiling a bit shyly. She brought hers and his attention back to their cookies. "Now that all the frosting—that's what that white stuff is called—is on one side of the cookie, we lick it off." She began to daintily lap the creamy "frosting" off the one side of her cookie in her right hand.

Albel stared at her utterly confused. He looked down at his own side of a cookie, perfectly separated like hers, and tried copying her strategy, using his tongue to scrape the frosting off.

Sophia watched as he skimmed off a bit, suppressing a torrent of very girlish giggles. She was just finding it hard to believe that the one and only Albel "The Wicked" was sitting beside her, licking the frosting off of an Oreo™!

He grew bolder, and attempted to all at once get the frosting to pile up on his tongue. But, the cookie snapped in two at the applied pressure of his teeth and tongue, and fell soundlessly to litter the top of his skirt.

Finally, Sophia couldn't take it anymore. She let her laughter slide out of her in gasps, doubling over and knocking over her own plate of cookies.

Albel stood, growling, and chucked the remaining side of his cookie at her head. "Maggot."

A/N: Short, but sweet. Was originally going to be inserted into "Of Maggots of Men", but no room was found for it, so it was converted into a little one-shot!

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