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This is set in an AU where the four main races/nations are- Demons, Elves, Humans and Dwarfs….


BLURB; For thousands of years there has been a brittle peace through the Dragon Riders. But when the elves are left with no Rider to represent them the playing field is shifted and a strange bargain has to be made for the greater good…


Chapter 1- Teeth and Ambitions are Bared

For thousands of years the four nations had lived on the razor edge of all out conflict.

The Humans tried to obtain the illusion of power and failed miserably, while the Dwarfs kept to themselves behind there thick walls and deep chasms

The problem had always been the Elves and the Demons.

A battle between them, the two strongest know political powers, would cause all out chaos and losses neither side could bare.

Peace was kept with the looming threat of Dragon Riders.

Eggs were rare, but each race had a rider to represent them and protect them, with magic, skill and raw power. No rider wanted to confront another and a single dragon could bring down an army in a single night.

When the riders reached old age they trained an apprentice to take their place once they died.

After a rider died it was an all out race to provide the next rider with a dragon egg, because it was at this point when a nation was most vulnerable.

And this was the position the Elves found themselves in…


King Ryou sighed leaning back in his crystal throne miserably.

His father had only died a few months ago and already the nation was in disaster.

Their present rider was on his death bed and an egg for his apprentice hadn't been found yet.

If something didn't happen soon, Ryou might have to be forced to make a deal with the Demonic governments

Ryou shuddered thinking of the last Demon diplomat he had to face, with those piercing dead eyes and sharp blood flaked nails, probably stained with the blood of one of his own slaughtered children…

The Elves had always hated dealing with other races but it was necessary and Ryou as king was expected to show up with a pleasant smile and reasonable demeanour.

It really was frustrating; he had hoped that he would be able to make it through his first year as king without some enormous disaster…oh well….

Playing with his robes distantly, Ryou hoped Yugi was having a better day that he was.


Yugi sighed stroking the enormous Dragon in front of him quietly.

His master was dying, and with him this magnificent beats…

All his life Yugi was told he was going to be the next rider, the idea was looming but now it seemed that might never happen.

Yugi had barely been three when he first started his training and now it all seemed worthless. What good was he if he couldn't help his country?

Exodia his master's dragon grunted loudly, making the whole mountain range shake with his voice. It was his way of telling Yugi to cheer up, but it was failing.

Running his fingers over the golden scales Yugi hoped that tomorrow wouldn't be the day he first laid eyes on a demon.


"How long till the old fart is dead?" demanded Atem, Supreme Ruler of the Demons

"The Elves Rider should be passing in the next two days, if not we can always use our spell casters to speed up the process of his passing" replied Seth drumming his fingers on the ebony table.

"So your Highness, would you have me ready the troops?" asked Bakura smiling darkly


"To prepare to lay waste to the Elves of course, this is their moment of weakness! We must strike! Surely you don't intend to let this opportunity slip away after a hundred years!" called Bakura jumping up, sending his seat crashing against the floor.

"No, I will take advantage of their weakness Bakura" replied Atem twirling a wine glass around in his fingers

"But in a different way, the Elves are proud so I will prolong their pain…You forget in this situation we can make them bend to biding…" Atem paused, crushing his glass and watching the mixture of alcohol and blood drip from his fingers

"It will be so enjoyable to crush them"


"You're Highness, King Ryou!"

"What is it?"

"Master Sugoroku is dead!"

"This is truly our darkest hour….."


End of Chapter 1

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