Spoilers: The Man in the Morgue

A/N: Just a one-shot dealing with the missing phone call and the missing time. And maybe it goes a little off from the show cause I want more B/B!

"Dr. Brennan…..Dr.Brennan….." The voice was fading, getting softer. She wasn't focused on it, more concerned with staying upright while her mind spun trying to determine how she had lost a day. Everything was fuzzy, muddled. She wasn't able to think, and that more than anything frightened her. The receiver was hurting her ear and she let it fall to the table.

How did she end up here? What had happened the day before? Why was she so injured? The knowledge that she had not been in control was starting to hit her, making her shake. The one thing she relied on more than anything was control, especially over herself. She knew she needed to be treated but more than that she needed to find out what happened and there was only one person she trusted to help her with that.

Feeling galvanized now that she had a mission she scanned the room looking for her cell phone. Spying it on a table across the room she slowly rose and steadied before moving. She had almost made it when a wave of dizziness hit her and she fell into the table. Luckily, the object of her quest landed within reach and she reached for it gratefully.

By the time she heard the fourth ring she had almost given up and then a gruff, slightly irritated voice broke the silence. "Bones, I realize that you have some whacked out notion of what a vacation really is, but I beg of you could you at least wait until the sun was up here before you call to share."

She was silent for a moment, the normality of his sarcasm startling her since everything around her was as far from normal as possible. "B..B..Booth" she started, shocked at the hollow tone to her voice, it didn't sound like her at all.

"Bones. What's wrong?' he asks, suddenly completely attuned that something wasn't right.

"Uh…I don't know. I lost a day. There's blood….I can't find my earring…I don't…" she trailed off knowing that she wasn't making much sense but unable to be clearer.

"Blood! Bones, what are you talking about?" his concern evident.

"I woke up in my bathroom, I don't know how I got there….I think I need stitches…I can't remember what happened. I don't know what happened to me Booth." She could tell that her words were becoming more difficult to understand even though she was trying as hard as she could to make them intelligible.

She could hear noises in the background now, drawers being opened, muffled sounds and what sounded like the slamming of a door, then the unmistakable sound of Booth's black SUV being started.

"Bones, I need you to listen to me. You with me?"

"Yeah, I'm here." She responded tiredly

" I need to know where you're at. Can you tell me that?" his voice softer now

"Uh… the Rouge Saisons, on St.Peter's."

"Ok, that's good. Now I need you to get off the phone with me and call the police, you need to get to a hospital." He insisted

"Ok…oh…no hospitals, they're all gone now." It was getting much harder to focus now. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew falling asleep would be bad but it was hard to fight.

"You need to call the police Temperance. Do you hear me!" he raised his voice hoping it would get her attention, he was getting worried about how she sounded.

"I will, it'll be ok." She said, now wondering why she had called him, she shouldn't have bothered him.

"I'm almost to National now, I'll be on the first flight down, shouldn't be more than a few hours. You should be all fixed up by then ok." He tried to sound more reassuring than he felt.

"You don't need to come….I'm sorry…don't" she apologized, she hadn't called him expecting him to come.

"I'm coming Bones. You do what you're told for once." He ordered as he slammed his car door behind him and raced for the terminal.

"Booth…..what happened to me?" she sounded almost scared and not like the Temperance Brennan he was used to.

"I don't know, but we're going to find out, I promise. I'll be there soon." He held his breath for a moment before ending the call and turned his attention to the departures board searching for a flight going to New Orleans.

She listed to the dial tone for a minute before summoning the effort to turn the phone off. She knew she needed to get some help but she was so tired and her head hurt too much to keep it upright any more. Letting herself sink to the floor she told herself she would rest for just a moment before calling.

Seely Booth felt a brief flash of pity for the poor woman unfortunate enough to be dealing with him at the ticket counter. He had found a flight leaving within twenty minutes but she was trying to tell him that they couldn't sell any more tickets for it. He tried pleading, he tried begging, and then he pulled out his badge and told her it was an emergency. Within two minutes, he was charging for the gate. Within five, he had secured his weapon with the Air Marshall and within ten they were taxiing down the runway. The plane was in the air before he realized he hadn't contacted his boss or anyone at the Jeffersonian. Those were things he could deal with later though, after he knew what had happened to her.

It took Booth less than five hours to be at her hotel. Throwing some money at the cab driver he was out of the car before it had fully stopped. He raced into the lobby and flashed his badge at the woman behind the desk. "Where was Dr. Brennan taken?"

"I'm sorry, what do you mean taken?" the clerk asked, clearly confused

"What hospital, or clinic? Where did she go?" he asked, exasperated

"Is Dr.Brennan ill? I know she was supposed to leave today but she sounded very distracted earlier when I called to let her know her shuttle was here. I assumed she had changed her mind and decided to stay."

"She didn't call the police!" Booth was already heading for the stairs before swinging back to the clerk. "What room is she in? And call an ambulance!"

"302, go left at the top of the stairs. Is Dr.Brennan sick?"

"Just call!" Booth barked and continued up the stairs

"Bones! Bones! Answer me Bones!" he yelled as he entered the unlocked door. He had drawn his weapon as a precaution but quickly holstered it as he came around a corner and saw her crumpled form.

"Damnit Bones! You can't ever do what you're told!" he said as he dropped to the floor beside her, quickly scanning her injuries as he did so. The head wound looked nasty but had stopped bleeding. He gently brushed the matted hair out of her face as best he could and tried to straighten her limbs out a bit, noticing the bruising on her wrist as he did so. He cupped her cheek and moved her head towards him, trying to get her to wake up. "Bones….Temperance….Wake up. It's Booth, you need to wake up now." He got no response and tried again. "Tempe, please wake up. I told you I'd come. Come on Bones! Wake up!" getting frustrated he raised her shoulders up and leaned her against him hoping it would help. The change in position seemed to do the trick and he saw her eyes start to flicker open. Confusion was clear across her face.

"B…Booth, wh…what are you doing here?" she asked, her voice sounding it's worst now.

"You called me remember? You were supposed to hang up and call for help. What happened?"

"I uh…I was tired, my head hurt, I was just going to rest." She closed her eyes again and leaned closer to him resting her head on his shoulder "I'm so tired"

"Nope. No sleeping Bones, I may not be a doctor but I know sleeping when you've got a knock on the head isn't good. The clerk called an ambulance, we'll get you help soon."

"That sounds good…" her voice trailed off and she became heavier against him

"Uh-uh Bones. Stay awake." He cradled the back of her head and turned so that he could face her directly "Open your eyes!" she did, and for a brief moment he allowed himself and her to feel the worry and concern he'd had for the last few hours. She gave him a small smile of reassurance before they were interrupted by the entering paramedics.

"Step back please sir." One of the young medics said as the other was setting up the stretcher.

Without taking his eyes off her he slid his free arm beneath her legs and stood up in one smooth motion and placed her on the gurney. Surprising them both with his next action, he pressed a quick kiss onto her head away from her injury.

Finally he turned to the medic with a look that dared them to challenge him. "I'm F.B.I and where she goes I go."