A/N: Well, I thought this would be a one-shot but it's still hanging around so…it's now a two-shot. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

The ride to the nearest operating hospital took twice as long as it should have. Closed roads, debris, and non-working stoplights made themselves known. Booth sat in the back of the ambulance watching the medics work on his partner. He knew it was a good sign that she had regained consciousness when he arrived at the hotel but she was worrying him again.

Finally they arrived and he jumped out after the stretcher, prepared to follow it wherever it went when a hand on his chest stopped him.

'Sir, you can't go with them.' A nurse armed with pen and clipboard informed him.

Booth matched her stern look with a glare of his own and brought his badge back out. 'This says otherwise.' And made to continue when she stopped him again.

'You may be F.B.I. but we need to know who we're working on. Is she an agent also? There is protocol to follow when law enforcement is brought in.'

'She's my partner.' He barked impatiently. The stretcher holding Bones was now out of sight.

'Alright then. Fill this out so we can do our best to help Ms…'

'It's 'Dr.' Dr. Temperance Brennan.' He retorted, but taking the clipboard. If filling this out would get him to Bones, he'd do it.

The nurse gave him a kind smile and directed him towards a wall of chairs. 'Let me have that when you're done and we'll get you back to see your partner as soon as we can.'

Booth began to fill out the forms but quickly realized he didn't have much information past name and address. He glanced at his watch and knew that he needed to call the Jeffersonian and let them know what had happened. If he got Angela on the phone he was sure she'd be able to help him fill in the details.

The phone rang twice before the upbeat voice of Angela Montenegro answered. 'Medico/Legal lab, you've reached Angela.'

'Uh hey Angela, it's Booth.'

'Hey Booth, you know Brenn's still in New Orleans right? Hope you don't have a new case for us, she'd be upset if she missed it.'

'Well, actually that's why I'm calling. I'm in New Orleans.'

'Wh…why are you in New Orleans? Is Brenn ok?' she was concerned and Booth's strained tones weren't assuring her.

'Not exactly. She called me this morning, disoriented, hurt. I couldn't get much out of her. I told her to hang up and call the police and that I was on the way but she must have passed out after I got off the phone with her.' Angela's gasp of shock made him pause. 'When I got here she was still out, she woke up for a moment but…' he trailed off recognizing that he really had no answers.

'Oh my god! What happened to her?'

'I don't know. I'm at the hospital now, hopefully she'll be up soon and she can tell me what's going on.'

'Do you want me to come down? I can be there by tonight.'

'No, I don't think that's necessary. I'll keep you updated though. You can help me though with something. I'm trying to fill out these damn hospital forms.'

With Angela's help he had the forms completed in a few minutes. Returning them to the nurse he hoped she wouldn't keep him from seeing Bones anymore.

'Thank you, they're still working on Dr. Brennan and a detective from the local P.D. has been called. I'm afraid it'll be a while longer.'

'Look, I'm her partner! You can't expect me to just sit here and wait patiently!'

'I can and I do Agent. Sit. Wait.' She pointed back towards the chair he had been sitting in with a look that told him there wasn't another option.

Booth growled in disgust and stomped back the way he came, but he didn't sit. Pacing seemed like a better idea.

Time had apparently decided to start going backwards he concluded as he stalked the waiting room. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and giving a quick glance to make sure the nurse wasn't looking he headed off the corridor where they had taken Bones. After passing several rooms and seeing no trace of her he stopped a passing a nurse and between his charm and another flash of his badge got the information he wanted. He had just spotted the correct room when there was a yell behind him, the nurse from the waiting room.

'Sir! You can't go in there! Sir!'

Not waiting for her to catch up he quickened his pace and barged into Bones' room, immediately looking for her and feeling grateful that she was conscious and sitting up.

'Bones! Are you alright? What happened?' he questioned as he approached the exam table she sat on, ignoring the presence of other people in the room.

'Booth! I thought I told you not to come.' She countered, seemingly affected by his being there.

'Yeah, well lucky for you I listen as well as you do! You'd still be passed out on your hotel floor if I hadn't come.'


Another voice broke in and Booth looked up from his examination of Bones to notice the woman standing to his right.

'Dr. Brennan, care to explain.?' She asked gesturing to Booth

'Detective, this is Agent Seely Booth with the F.B.I., he's my partner.' Brennan explained.

'Partner huh? Flew all the way from D.C. in time to find you in your hotel room passed out.'

Booth cut her off 'Look, I think we need to be working on what happened here.' Turning back to Bones he continued 'Who did this to you?'

'That's the thing Booth, I can't remember.'

'You can't remember? What do you mean? You have to remember this.' He said waving a hand to indicate her injuries.

'I remember the day before, working at the morgue, but the next thing I know is I'm waking up in my bathroom and calling you. That's it. I've lost an entire day.' Her concern was beginning to show now and she dropped her gaze hoping he couldn't see her fear.

For the first time Booth addressed the doctor. 'What's this about? She really can't remember?'

'It's not unusual with a head trauma. Sometimes the amnesia is temporary, sometimes it may never come back.'

The room was silent for a moment before the detective spoke. 'I'm going to take this evidence to be tested. Why don't you let your 'partner' give you a ride back to your hotel, the team I sent over should be done by now. I'll be in touch.'

Within an hour Bones was stitched, splinted and ready to leave. Booth arranged for a car from the New Orleans field office and was quiet as they drove back to the hotel. They managed to avoid the desk clerk as they made their way to the elevator. Once inside the room it was evident, the place had been thoroughly examined.

Brennan opened her half-packed suitcase and grabbed some clothing. 'I'm just going to go change.' She said and pointed towards the bedroom.

'Are you sure you don't need a rest? You were just released from the hospital.'

'I'm fine Booth. And I need to find out what happened to me. I can't take not knowing.' Her eyes showing how much the mystery was affecting her.

He nodded, consenting to her request and watched as the door shut behind her. He wandered for a few minutes before making his way towards the bathroom. The door was shut and once he opened it he wished he had left it that way. The place was chaos. Blood, broken glass, all evidence that something terrible had happened there. He felt his stomach drop and knelt in the doorway, hanging his head down trying not to imagine what she had gone through. He was so lost he didn't hear her approach. A hand lying lightly on his back shook him out of his thoughts.

He stood quickly but her hand never moved. 'God Tempe, what happened to you.' He said so softly he didn't think she had heard him.

'You'll figure it out. I know you will.' She said just as quietly.

Booth turned and reached down to grab her good hand. 'Well, let's figure this out then.' Flashing her one of his trademark grins and pulled her towards the door.