As Lei'ella watched the beauty of the storm, she was oblivious to Varden's stares. The lightning reflected in her eyes, the rain falling, her gorgeous face; before Varden knew it, his feelings were all rushing out.

""YouhavethemostbeautifuleyesI'veeverseenImean…" Oh crap.

He felt so embarrassed; he could even feel the heat rushing up to his face. Damn.

She couldn't believe what he said. Could Varden have actually said that?

"What was that?" she asked.

God, how can I answer that? He remained silent, feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

Uncertainly, Lei'ella reached out and touched his face. Varden instantly relaxed at her touch, and moved back to sit with her.

Squelch. Right into the mud. He didn't really care at all.

"Well this is comfy."

Lei smiled coyly "You're going to have to wash those."

"Oh well." I must be crazy, he thought, as he lay back into the mud even more.

"I can't believe you just did that."
He grinned mischievously at her. "Join me?" he asked, waiting to see what would happen.

With laughter in her eyes, she took a handful of mud and piled it on him

This is insane, Here I am, in the middle of the storm, sitting in a mud puddle with Lei'ella heaping even more mud on top of me. The ridiculousness of the situation struck him, and he started to laugh.

She couldn't help but laugh with him, and she started giggling so hard she had to hold her sides. Looking at her muddy clothes, she laughed even more.

I feel like I've drunk too much, what's wrong with me? I've never felt so silly…

Still laughing, she wiped her face of tears and sat up. With her head tilted, she closed her eyes and tried to breathe. Her face was streaked with mud, and her cheeks were rosy from giggling.

She looks so beautiful.

Varden sat up, and without thinking, turned her face with his hand and kissed her.

Her lips were sweet and warm, with the taste of honey. Why did I wait this long?

Lei'ella was taken by surprise. She had never been kissed like this before; she hesitated, not knowing what to do. But her arms somehow found their way around his neck, and losing rational thought she kissed him back. Varden groaned and pulled her closer, kissing her deeper. He was intoxicated, he couldn't get enough. Her lips were burning and swollen, and she felt like she would collapse.

As Varden's ran his hands through her silvery hair, he let them roam farther and farther down her back…

Lei gasped and broke their kiss. Suddenly, Varden pushed back her hood and whispered in a silky voice "Are you sure you don't want to take off your cloak?" She shivered when his lips touched her ear.

Suddenly, Varden realized what he was doing. He was horrified at the way he was acting. Like a hormone enraged teenager…

"Of course. I mean...I would never...S-mrffl?" He was interrupted by Lei's lips on his own. She kissed him slowly, in a way that made him breathless. Lei'ella finished her kiss with a satisfied smile. "I stole it back."

He was too breathless to say anything. He looked at her in disbelief "Then does that mean...?" It's too good to be true…

She threw off her cloak and darted into the woods. Varden quickly jumped up and ran after her. The adrenaline ran through his body like a drug; this was better then all those heists, those near getaways.

No, he thought, this is far more thrilling.