Spooksville #25 -The Harbingers

Spooksville #25 -The Harbingers

Chapter 1

For Amy Carter it was just another ordinary day. Ordinary, for she went through the regular routine and actions she usually went through. That is, up until dusk at least.

It was then things got interesting.

The weather wasn't anything too abnormal. Sarnia was usually very warm in mid-June and the humidity was very high because of smog. But there was something that just wasn't right. Dusk was certainly out of the ordinary and it was then that pathetic fallacy took over.

As the sun went down, the sky turned a brilliant orange and a harvest moon appeared. The atmosphere of the city took on an almost sinister feeling and as darkness enveloped it was apparent that it would be a night of many strange and abnormal happenings.

Amy welcomed the odd atmosphere which night began to cascade over the city. She was bored with routine and the weather was certainly no longer routine. Stepping into her backyard Amy went out to absorb the beautiful yet sadistic-looking sunset. It was then she noticed her; a woman, a beautiful woman, meditating in the middle of the garden.

She had long curly black hair, her face was very pale, as white as a statue's, her lips as red as fresh blood. She had to be in her early thirties but appeared ageless. The atmosphere of the night seemed to match the woman's aura perfectly.

"Excuse me," Amy spoke up, taking a few steps forward.

Although a little fearful, Amy was more alarmed and confused. After a few long moments of eerie silence, the woman spoke.

"You should know exactly who I am, Amelia, is that not so?" the woman asked, still in her meditative position.

Her soft yet authoritative voice sharply peaked Amy's uneasiness. The woman was oddly familiar to her and when Amy figured out who the woman reminded her of, her eyes widened and her heart began to pound. She attempted to retain her collected exterior.

"That's it," The woman smiled. Her dark green eyes opened and she looked over at Amy.

She shook her head with authority. "It's not possible," she said.

"Oh, it is," the woman nodded. "All those books a reality - their own reality in fact. It is your biggest dream come true."

Amy sucked in a deep breath; she felt inclined to believe the woman, but to get her mind to grasp that fiction just became reality seemed highly unlikely. This is crazy.

"Springville…" Amy said slowly, not knowing what else to say.

"Spooksville," the woman corrected. "And I…" she trailed off.

"You're Ann Templeton." This is crazy.

The witch smiled. "Yes."

Amy looked her over. "Why are you here?" she asked. Her logic was gaining the upper hand. This is a joke.

The witch stood; her flowing black robe reached the ground and gently swayed in the breeze that was starting to pick up. The entire time she had a smirk on her face which spoke of her unnatural powers and the fear she drove into human and non-human hearts.

"How long has it been since the last book?" she asked, taking a step forward.

"Four years."

"And what happened?" she asked.

Amy thought back. "You left for the Pleiades."

Ann Templeton took another step. "What else?"

"You granted each of the gang a wish. If they wanted to get rid of it, all they had to do is say it aloud to someone," Amy said. "It had to be something they truly wanted though. Adam wished to always know what the right thing to do was. Watch wished to be able to read minds. Cindy wished for the love of the boy she loved. Sally wished for a platinum credit card with an unlimited credit line that never needed to be repaid. And Bryce wished for a spaceship."

The witch nodded once again. "It may surprise some, but even I have morals. Besides not letting Watch wish that I would remain in Spooksville, there is one other limitation to my wish-giving which I failed to mention, and that is to wish to go home. It is dreadful to not know where your home is and even more dreadful to have to wish to be there. I am fortunate to have two homes: the Pleiades and Spooksville. I returned to the Pleiades four years ago but I knew I still had business in Spooksville, which is why I am here now. It is time."

"I don't get it," Amy said. This has to be a joke. "Why are you telling me this?"

"You dream constantly about somewhere better, do you not, Amy? You know you do not belong here, you have never felt comfortable here," the witch said. "Am I not right?"

"You're right," Amy said quietly, nodding her head. Maybe it isn't...

"No friends. A family that barely exists," Ann went on, gesturing toward the house. Amy felt a familiar ache in her chest. She tried to cover up the pain on her face by looking away from the witch. "It is said home is where the heart is. Where is your heart?" Ann Templeton asked.

Amy knew the witch knew the answer but wanted her to realize it for herself. "Spooksville," she answered softly. And it was the truth.

Paranormality. Danger. Friendship. All the things which made Amy fall in love with the twenty four book series for so many years.

"The series was written over four years, but the characters remained twelve - I don't get it," Amy said. Screw logic.

The witch chuckled softly. "I felt the need to put their adventures into words so I contacted my husband's doppelganger on this world and relayed all the gang's future adventures to him. The series was actually all published before it really happened," she paused once again. "I felt the need to prepare you. I knew you would be returning."

"I've been there before," Amy mumbled.

Ann nodded her head. "I'm afraid I cannot say anything further, it is not my place to tell you."

Ann Templeton turned away and walked back to her spot in the garden.

"I am granting you a wish," she announced. "You, of course, do not need to make one, but in either case you must understand that everything in this universe carries a price," Ann told her. "Just give me a few minutes to prepare."

Why would the witch do this for her? Amy was so unsure of so many things, but a decision had to be made now. There must have been a reason for an offer of such a tremendous thing, but, it could be a bad reason. Even though she was torn between so many things Amy nevertheless waited in anticipation for Ann to signal for her. When she did, Amy approached cautiously and spoke in her ear.

"I wish to be immortal," she started. "Free from disease, aging and death. I -," suddenly the witch lifted her hand, signaling to her to say no more.

Amy stepped back and waited for her to finish.

"So if I want to get rid of it, all I have to say are the exact words I said to you?" she asked as the witch stood.

"Yes," Ann nodded. "You should have an interesting time with your wish, Amelia, and an even more interesting time adjusting to it."

Amy looked at her. "It was a bad wish?"

The witch hesitated. "No, it is just you need to change physically in order to fulfill your wish. You will never be sick again, your senses will be perfect, you will not have to eat nearly as often since your body will work slower, and you will be constantly be regenerating things in your body that normal humans cannot," Ann smiled softly." Your life will be very different in the morning."

"If I'm in a situation where a normal human would be killed, what happens?" Amy questioned.

"It depends on the situation, but in many cases you will go unconscious so your body can heal. If a bone breaks, it will set itself. If you get burned, no scars will result. The same if you are cut, crushed and anything else that could possibly happen," the witch explained. She took Amy's hand and looked in her eyes, stared deep into her soul. "You have the power to heal; what runs through your veins can heal not only you, but others as well," she warned. Suddenly Ann Templeton became very solemn.

"It is time to go," she announced, letting go of Amy's hand. "We cannot postpone it further."

With the somber look on the witch's face, Amy felt as though there was something Ann was sensing that she could not.

And within seconds Amy felt as though she was being pushed from a high place, pulled up to the heavens and held back all at once. All she could see was white and within seconds once again, everything went black.