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Warning: mild yaoi, which YES, means boyxboy love. Don't like, don't read.

Sokka didn't understand.

There was that stupid bastard again, making his way down the muddy streets, with his shoulder-length messy black hair waving to and fro at the quick pace. His hawk-like piercing eyes fixed straight forward, never wavering to the left or right, set upon an unknown destination.

He just didn't get it.

Sokka growled as his grip on the woven food-basket tightened. Why didn't that bastard see? Was he blind? But then again, even a blind man could see the looks he was getting.

There was just no way not to see it.

Heads, both male and female, would always turn to watch that bastard pass, and would linger for few seconds, watching him disappear as well. They were so bloody apparent.

So how the hell could that jerk just march down the streets, not even pretending to notice?

Sokka shook his head, bewildered.

Sure, how could anyone not swoon over the bastard Prince? Even with that ugly scar on his face, he still managed to remain as handsome as ever. Hell, if anything, the scar only added to the handsomeness. Not to mention that messy hair that fit so well with his ivory skin, those golden eyes gleaming like molten gold, and those red lips…

Okay, he was going too far.

Sokka bit his lip and snarled as he forced himself to look away, back to the task of picking out fruits and vegetables for their continued trip.

Sokka found that he still didn't understand as he watched countless men and women flirt with him. He would just laugh and politely answer, not even seeming to understand what was going on.

He didn't get it. Was the bastard really this naïve?

Sokka blinked as the thought dawned on him. Could it be? The bastard never did flounce around, bragging at how many girl- (or boy-) friends he had.

Did the bastard really not know?

"You don't get it, do you?"

Sokka asked, when he finally cornered the annoying bastard alone, by the river.

The jerk just blinked. "What?"

Sokka took a step forward. "You really are this naïve?"

The bastard still didn't get it, Sokka concluded, when he just looked at him blankly, raising an eyebrow.

"Do you even know how many stares you are getting?"

"Stares? What stares?"

Sokka growled. It wasn't like him to loose patience over something, but Spirits above, this bastard was really trying his nerves. "You don't even get the flirting!"

"No one's flirting with me. Why would they flir—"

Sokka had had enough. Time for this jerk to get a wake-up call, he decided, as he leaned over and cut off whatever the bastard was saying.

He never did manage to understand the bastard. But then again,

Sokka smugly thought a while later as he gently slid his hands a bit lower, pulling the naked Prince closer to his body. He felt prick sigh in his exhausted slumber, and nuzzle his head on his chest.

He didn't get himself either.

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