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The day was going to be hard in the palace. The day the taxes were collected was in theory the day the work was the most important for the administration.

In theory.

"Lord Belisain!"


"Wake up, come on now! Every one is waiting for you!"

Lord Belisain's advisor, Witt, was opening the window in his hierarchic superior's room.

"Wha...Why?" Belisain asked, rubbing his eyes.

"The meeting! About the use of taxes!" Witt answered, stamping like a child.

", you'll have to manage without me! I don't want to go, it's so annoying..."

"Lord Belisain" Witt said as he turned his back on our Lord, "you'll be soon 25 years old. When, for the sake of heaven, will you stop acting like a child!"

But as he said this sentence, Belisain was gone.

"Oh, what a...what a churl!" the advisor cried out.

The weather was cool, the sky light and the sun pale; why, for the sake of heaven, had Witt woken Belisain up so early! Our poor Lord wandered here and there trough the palace gardens, looking for a little place where he could lay down and sleep again.

Working at the palace was so exhausting! There were so many others ways to live for a young man...wealth...what a joke! Belisain would prefer freedom to nobility...!

He finally found a tree and sat down under it.


What about...him ?...What was he doing at this time? our Lord asked to himself as he closed his eyes.

He met him for the first time of all his life one month ago now, and certainely not the last time, he was sure of it. Love was a strange thing. He had never smiled to him, he had never talked to him, but though...

Belisain wanted, at this moment, to see him in front of him, to talk to him, to know erverything about him, all of his secrets...

But he had a rival: the man named Lord Raymond. Belisain had never forgotten how loving Lucius had stared at him when Belisain met him for the first time.

He must fisrt of all move him away from Lucius. But how could he do this?

Our Lord kept resting under the tree. After about an hour he began to think to get up, but he heard footsteps that came near to him.

There were two persons : one of them was injured, bleeding, and seemed stand only thanks to the second man, who almost held him.

Everybody in the palace knew that Lord Belisain had always loved "playing to be a spy" since he was a child. Remembering of the exciting game, he hid behind a bush and looked at the two guards walking, stopping just in front of him and beginning to talk.

He listened to their conversation too:

"So what finally happened to you?"

"Do you remember the girl we saw yesterday at the town's gates?"

"Ahhh, yeeeaaah...very pretty..."

"Well, I found her by chance in a tavern. I just wanted to tease her a little...well, maybe I drank a little too much..."

"I still don't understand why you're injured..."

"I'm coming to that. There was a guy in this tavern, who was with her and an other girl...a blond girl...and so that guy didn't like what I was doing."

"He was her boyfriend?"

"No, I don't think so...may be her brother...cos they was almost alike..."

"What did he look like?"

", quite strong, a face like a killer...his friend...the blond one...she told him to calm down...I believe she said..."Raymond"..."

Belisain listened to them as attentively as he could. Raymond? Was it really what he heard? The "blond girl" who was with was no one but...

Our Lord, when the guards were gone, got up and ran toward his palace. So, his rival had a weakness...his sister? That was a good way to trap him...well...if that Raymond fights again with an order representative...he'll have to be imprisoned until his death.


"If I see that guy again, I swear I..."

"Calm down, Lord!"

Lucius knew when he must to not offend Raven. And to Raven "to offend" means "to call him by his true name".

The two friends went back from a tavern that attracts a wrong sort of people, like the man they just had met.

Indeed a guard completely drunk had tried to « force » Priscilla, Raven's younger sister; the tavern where she was waiting was a date place with her brother; this one turned up rapidly and saw the scene and came in one of his legendaries rages.

Of course when he had "slightly" punished the guard, Lucius must to calm him down before he kills him.

"Priscilla, are you alright?" Raven asked to his young sister. "That idiot didn't hurt you?"

"No, no, he didn't" she replied, "It is so nice from you to worry about me, but..."

"If I see that guy again, I swear I transform him into minced meat."

"Lord...err...Raven... " Lucius murmured. "Be indulgent...Priscilla is fine... "

"Of course she is! " Raven shouted to his friend. "What if she had been hurt? What do you think it would happen?"


"You should stop to be so nice, Lucius. Trust me, nobody in this world merit so much respect. Especially…from you... "

The three young people were going to Lucius' orphanage; the sky was still a little dark and the town began to wake up, unlike the drunkards, who fell asleep in the street.

The tavern was quite far from the orphanage so our friends walked for about thirty minutes. Finally the old buiding used for orphanage appeared between two huges houses.

"I feel so tired... " Lucius said, smiling faintly.

"You're so soft! " Raven exclaimed.

"It's ok since we're in front of the orphanage..." Priscilla replied. "It's here, isn't it ?"

"Yeah...let's come in..." Lucius murmured holding his friend's arm.


Meantime, Belisain had imagined a little scene to imprison Raven.

He was with two guards who had accepted this mission, hidden behind an old wall of brick on the side of the orphanage and waiting the tree friends.

(They have arrived a time ago, because after all, Belisain was a horseman, remember that!).

They heard footsteps and three differents voices; our Lord turned to the guards and told them:

"So, everyones understood? You only have to simulate! If you wound someone, I'll imprison you one whole month!"

"Yes, my lord..." one of the two guards respond and he yawned.

When the group arrived near to the guard, he leaft his hiding place and went right on Priscilla.

"What are you doing?" the girl shouted as she tried to get free. "Stop it!"

"Leave her alone!" Lucius ordered as he ran to the guard as fast as he could. "Now!"

But Raven had no patience to talk. He went on the guard and punched him.

In the begining, Lucius didn't interfere; that was just as the gard passed out that our monk agreed to calm Raven down. Well, at least he tried to as he stopped him. Well, at least, he tried to stop him.

"Let me go!" Raven shouted to his friend. "LET GO OF ME! I'M GONNA KILL HIM!"

"Lord Raymond!" Lucius and Priscilla shouted together. "Stop!"

Meanwhile, since our three friends were busy, the second guard had taken advantage of it to leave his hiding place and run to the inanimated body of his friend and turned to the three young people:

"You, here!" he shouted to Raven, who had not seen his presence until now. "Are you the one who hurted this guard?"

"Yeah, so what?" our hero answered after he finally got free of his companions. "I have a good reason for it! He attacked my sister!"

"I don't care about it!" the guard replied. "You're the one who attacked him. Plus..."

He turned is look on Raven and watched him better than before; behind the wall, Lord Belisain was looking to the guy playing the role.

"...Wouldn't be your name "Raymond"?"

Raven looked at the guard with a surprised face.

"My name's Raven!" the redhead answered.

"A guard plained that a young boy had attacked him in a tavern. You really look like the description of this guy..."

Belisain was on the top of the enchantement. The guard had a last thing to tell...

"I must arrest you. The law forbids your emprisonment except if the molested person reconize you!"

Before the idea of fighting came in Raven's mind, the guard had put him handcuffs. Our hero began to struggle.

"Stop please..." Priscilla whispered. "We will explain everything...this is a misunderstanding. Do not worry; you can't be imprisonned. In the meanwhile, behave well! I'm begging you..."

"Priscilla..." Raven murmured.

"Promise it to me" the girl said lowering her eyes. "I don't want to...lose please..."

Raven looked at Priscilla, and went with the guard.

However, there was a thing that Belisain hadn't foreseen.


Lucius, who hadn't say anything since he tried to calm his friend down, finally opened his mouth, and with a trembling voice he called Lord Raymond, running to him, tears on his cheeks; Priscilla couldn't stop him but she didn't want to.

"LORD RAYMOND!" the monk cried and he fell on the ground. "Lord Raymond!"

His voice began to get weaker.

"Lord Raymond..."

Its intensity reduced...

"Don't...leave me...Lord...Ray...mon..."

This was just at this point that Lord Belisain, whom the hiding place was on the right side, appeared for the second time in front of the monk's eyes.


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