The Guilty Party

Summary: How could something so normal do so much damage to the Winchesters?

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Previously on Supernatural:

Bloody tears began to fall down Sam's cheeks, the flickering increasing. Suddenly, he stopped, standing completely still. He looked up, resolve in his eyes.

"Enough monologuing, as you would say dear brother. Time to feel some pain."

Like the hunter he was trained to be, Sam raised the gun, aiming it straight at Dean's face. A grin crossed his face as he pulled the trigger.


Chapter 6: Reunion

"NOOOOOOO!" Dean could barely hear John's scream over the blood rushing through his ears. The salt would begin to burn any moment… any second now… uuhhhhh… Dean pried one eye open, but shot both eyes as wide as he could at the sight before him.

Floating a few inches off the ground were two forms directly in front of himself and his father, almost like they were protecting them. They looked human, their hair flowed in a slight breeze and they seemed to give off a radiant light that could only be described as heavenly. Great… a couple more Caspers to deal with. Dean blinked, almost doing a double take. But there's something… Dean's eyes widened even more, although they were already threatening to pop out of his skull. It can't be. A sob came from Dean's side. Twisting his aching neck, Dean saw his father, his eyes just as wide.

"Mary." John's whisper could barely be heard. "My God… I never…"

One of the women turned, revealing her angelic face. She stared at her husband for a moment before placing a finger on her lips, signaling him to be silent. She turned again to face her youngest son.

Sam was just as shocked as everyone else, his finger a hairsbreadth from pulling the trigger enough to have the gun go off. His breath -Why is he breathing? He's dead!- hitched at the sight of the two women before him, but halted all together when he recognized the woman next to his mother. He had only seen her every night in his dreams for the past year.


The angle smiled. "Sam."

"Why are you…"

"To help you Sam." She said firmly. "You are making a mistake and I won't let you do this. You aren't doing this out of love, sweetie. You are doing this out of hatred for yourself."

"No baby. I'm doing this for you." Sam faced lost a bit of anger, pain filtering thru his eyes.

"Sam, I don't want you to do this. We don't want to have to stop you."

"But he killed you!" Sam screamed, the gun wavering slightly, but still pointed in Dean's direction. Bloody tears began to flow once more. His red eyes flashed between his brother and the woman he loved, unsure of who he was trying to fight.

"He has to die." Fluidly, he raised the gun once more, aiming it straight at Dean.

"NO!" The two women's voices sounded as one. With a crack that made the air tingle as if electrified, Sam was thrown backward, slamming against the floor. The gun slid across the floor, out of reach.

Dean's mouth hung open, not entirely sure what he was witnessing. Am I really watching a spirit smack down? And by Mom no less.

Apparently, Sam was thinking the same thing. He stared at his mother, pain radiating from his angry eyes.

"Bitch!" The word flew from his mouth as he struggled to get to his feet. His attention turned to Jessica. A sneer twisted his bloody lips. "I'm doing this for you, you ungrateful whore."

Neither woman even flinched, completely unfaised by the boy's words. "Samuel." Unlike his mother, Sam could not hear her words without recoiling slightly. "This is not you. You are not a tortured soul. You were not born one. We're going to help you."

With another crack, Jessica and Mary appeared directly in front of Sam. Each placed a hand on the boy's head and staring into his eyes, they began to mumble.

Dean strained his ears, trying to hear what the women were saying. Glancing at his father John gave a slight shake of his head, not being able to hear either. Dean closed his eyes as a wave of dizziness passed through his unmoving body. The pain in his back had been momentarily forgotten; mostly because of the guest appearance of his mother who he was sure had been lost after the exorcism in Lawrence. Now the pain was back tenfold and threatened to take Dean into unconsciousness.

John did a double glance at Dean, finally taking in his son's pale face and labored breathing. He looked back, finding his wife still chanting. "Hurry Mary." John whispered.

The two spirits continued to mumble, the incantation beginning to work. Sam's face twisted in pain and effort to move in anyway against the two powerful women. Without warning, they stopped. Sam immediately wrenched his head away, diving for the forgotten gun. He stood quickly, gun in hand and evil fury back in his eye. John glanced at his wife, his eyes filled with worry. That gun had rock salt and he would be damn if he let his dead son shoot his wife's spirit, repealing her away. Mary, however, looked surprisingly calm.

Sam walked back over to the two men, gun pointed at their chests. He let out a short laugh. "I don't know what voodoo you just tried on me, but nice try. See ya."

The gun fell. Sam looked down. What? No. He bent to pick it up once more, eyes widening as his hand passed right thru the weapon. He began punching his arms wildly, trying desperately to have some effect on the unmoving weapon.

John stared in amazement. Did I just witness an Encontra Spiritus spell? He had heard of an incantation that which could affect spirits, but not as a banishing or exorcism. It had never been quite clear as to what it did or to whom. Supposable it was an undoable spell, or at least John had never heard of it being used successfully. Apparently not for spirits when they use it against other spirits. That must be why it's called an Encontra spell, you genius.

John's thoughts were cut short as he felt the pressure that had been holding him against the wall begin to fade and his back slowly slid down. A cry of pain pulled his attention to his side, where Dean was quickly falling in a painful heap on the floor. John lunged over, lowering his son the rest of the way down as gently as possible. He cursed silently at the heat radiating from Dean's skin and how hard he was breathing. His eyes were fluttering as he tried to hold onto consciousness He was in a car crash barely a day ago, John, and you just let a spirit – right a spirit, not his own brother- attack him. His self berating stopped as his attention was pulled once more by another cry, this one from his other son.

Sam fell to his knees, his head hanging down. His hands had been out in front of him, obviously trying to hold his family against the hospital wall again, but having no affect. They dropped into his lap, bloody tears landing on his palms. He raised his eyes, starting at his father holding a half unconscious Dean on the floor.

"I hate to sound so 'superhero-arch-nemesis', but I'll be back." With a crack, he disappeared with only a wisp of smoke left behind. The spirit of Jessica sighed. She turned to the Winchesters, sympathy in her eyes. "I'll find him." With another crack, she too disappeared.

The silence was deafening.

John was pulled back to reality as he felt Dean slide a bit more off his lap, finally beginning to succumb to the pain.

"Come on son. Let's get you a bit more comfortable." With surprising ease, John lifted Dean in his arms and carried him to the hospital bed, trying to be as gentle as possible. John looked questioningly at his son, noticing he was staring off into the room and not at him, almost as if in a trance.


"She's still here" he whispered. John turned, finding his wife floating silently behind him. Her eyes met John's. Oh Mary. He felt a pressure on his palm, finding her hand gently squeezing his, her eyes filled with sympathy. John felt the walls he had spent years erecting fall in but a few seconds. He eyes filled with unshed tears.

"Mary" he sobbed, his voice hitching. "I've missed you so much." His wife smiled.

"John." John kept talking, unable to stop the flow of words now that the flood gates had opened.

"I've been a horrible father Mary. I've put them in danger too many times. I couldn't… I couldn't look at them without seeing you. And now… now Sammy's dead and Dean's hurt again. I c-can't… I can't put us back together again Mary. I can't…" John hung his head, unable to look her in the eye.

"John." Mary pulled her husband's head up, forcing him to look her in the eye. Everything he ever needed was there in the depth of her soul. "You did fine." Mary smiled again, looking over to Dean. He was practically radiating with pain, but she could still feel the questions, the worries he had. She grasped his hand knowingly. "I'll take care of Sammy now. He'll be fine." She paused, knowing she didn't have a lot of time left. But the need in her son's eyes broke her heart.

"I love you, Dean. I couldn't have asked for a better son. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before." Mary leaned in, brushing a kiss against Dean's forehead, just like she would when he was three. It was too much for Dean. A sob burst from his lips, tears falling from his eyes. Please Mom. Don't leave me again.

A wind began to blow, just enough to make their hair ripple slightly. Mary sighed. Time to go. Never enough time. Slowly, Mary's image began to fade. Dean and John stared, knowing this would be the last time they saw her. As she twinkled out, the Winchesters were left with her smile, beaming proudly at her family.


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