A groan escaped Lacus's mouth as she slowly drifted away from the land of dreams and back to reality. "W-where am I?" she questioned to herself while sitting up in the bed and looking around the room.

She noticed that she was in Kira's room and in his bed. "Oh yeah, the fire," she murmured sadly as she remembered the events of the pervious night. "Why did this have to happen?" she asked herself while pulling the blanket a little closer to her body.

It was only then that she realized that Kira wasn't there. "Where'd he go?" she asked while rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. The thought of him though made her blush as she remembered what she did the previous night.

'How could I have asked such a thing? This is so embarrassing. Yet despite that, despite what happened last night, that had to be the best sleep I've had in quite a while,' she thought blushing a bright red while remembering the feel of his arms wrapped around her holding her with all the care in the world.

Lacus swung her feet to the side of the bed and prepared to stand up before the door opened and Kira came in holding a tray. "Oh you're awake. No need to get up, I brought the food up to you," he said giving her a gentle smile.

"Y-you really didn't need to Kira," Lacus said but found herself getting back into bed rather eagerly. The tray of food was placed in front of her and she gave Kira a smile. "Thank you," she said sweetly before taking a small bite out of the food.

"No problem," Kira said getting in next to her. "So how are you feeling? You did go through a pretty tough night," he said looking at Lacus worriedly as Lacus paused in the middle of chewing her food. "You know what, never mind. We'll talk about it when you're ready," he said grabbing her free hand.

"It's alright. I think I'll be fine. It's not like I lost my life or anything. It will be hard though. I just lost all that was left of my parents," she said with a frown but smiled when Kira gave her hand a small squeeze. "Just stay with me though. I know I will be fine as long as you are there with me," Lacus said gently.

"I'll always be here. Now rest. Midori will be home in a few hours and you know she's not going to even give you a chance to when she hears that you will be staying here from now on," Kira said with a chuckle before he left to do a bit of cleaning up. "Oh and we'll be going out later to pick you clothes since you lost the rest of them," Kira said before disappearing out the door.

Lacus smiled as she finished the food. 'Kira does so much for me. I just wish that there was some way that I could repay him for all the things he's done,' she thought while finishing up her breakfast.

"A fire erupted last night at the Clyne estate. The owner, Lacus Clyne, suffered a few small burns but otherwise seemed to be in good health," the reporter said before Fllay turned off the TV with a huge grin on her face.

"Oh this is so sad. It looks she no longer has any place to live," Fllay said mockingly with a haughty laugh. "Looks like she'll have to leave and that will leave Kira all alone for me to take back," she said as she stood up.

Shinn and Rey resisted the urge to roll their eyes at her words. They already knew what a failure her plan was. Sure she succeeded to destroying Lacus's home, but they knew that there was someone who was probably more than willing to help her. They knew that from the moment that Fllay thought of the stupid idea and forced them to go through with it.

"Why don't you make sure that she's gone before you start announcing your victory," Rey said like it was common sense. "Don't count your chickens before they hatch," he said hoping it would get rid of her long enough for his head ache to go away. 'Then again, it will come back as soon as she returns defeated,' he thought with a sigh while rubbing his forehead.

"That's ridiculous. My plan was perfect. Nothing could've gone wrong. But you're right in some ways. I should go see my Kira. He must be devastated. I need to go comfort him," she said giddily as she left the office in a hurry.

Shinn and Rey watched her leave with a sigh of relief. Both were glad to be away from her even if it was only for a little while. "Idiot," they both muttered as they too made a quick escape so that they weren't near her when she came back and looked for someone to vent her anger on.

Midori happily walked next to her aunt after getting out of the car at her home. "I'm home daddy," she happily said as she rushed into the house as soon as the door was unlocked and opened by Cagalli.

Midori started to rush around looking for her daddy but came to an abrupt stop when she walked into the kitchen and saw Lacus. "Miss. Lacus!" she yelled happily as she launched herself at the older woman.

Lacus laughed at how energetic Midori was right then. "I see you're as happy as usual," she said which Midori nodded her head quickly to. "Did you have a fun time at Cagalli's house?" she asked feeling rather happy to see the child after her very long and painful night.

"Yep," Midori said with another eager nod of her head as she let go of Lacus and crawled into a chair since her father was making lunch for all of them right then. "I'm hungry," she suddenly said with a pout as her stomach growled loudly.

"It will be done shortly Midori," Kira said from where he was trying to put together their lunch. He saw Cagalli approaching him then and knew that she knew what happened because of the look that was on her face.

"Is what the news said true Kira? Did Lacus's house really burn down," she asked quietly so that Midori wouldn't hear. The nod Kira gave her depressed her since it had been such a great night before then. The best birthday they'd ever given Midori in her opinion. "What's Lacus going to do?" she asked worriedly looking at Lacus who was chatting away with Midori like nothing had happened to her.

"She's going to be living here with me and Midori from now on," Kira said which shocked Cagalli even though it seemed the most obvious choice to make. "I don't think Midori will have any problem with it. I think I'd like to have Lacus around a bit more. It would be good for both Midori and me," Kira said looking towards Midori and seeing how happy she was around Lacus and then thinking about his new found feelings he had realized the night before.

'Wow. Sure her house burnt down but this is still a surprise. Kira never even considered asking Fllay to move in with him under and circumstances,' she thought with a smile. "I think that's a good idea," she said before walking away and taking a seat across from Lacus and next to Midori.

Kira finished up and brought the food to the table. "Midori, there's something we need to discuss with you," Kira said preparing himself for Midori's screams of happiness. When he was sure that he had Midori's attention he continued. "Something happened last night and Lacus is going to start living with us from now on," he said and watched as Midori's faced brightened up even more.

"Really?!" Midori screamed happily as she gave off a smile that would put the sun to shame. They all knew that she didn't realize the graveness of the situation but at the same time they were all happy to at least see someone happy in this situation.

"Yeah," Kira said trying to get the ringing out of his ear. "So you're going to need to help me help her get settled in," he said giving Lacus a smile as she blushed slightly at his kindness once again.

Midori nodded happily. She never ceased to amaze them with how happy she could be. Her smile always seemed to bring a smile to those around her. When she laughed, she made others laugh as well.

The conversation seemed light and cheerful after that. It wasn't long though before Cagalli stood up. "I better get going. I have some errands to run. You said you were going out to pick up some stuff for Lacus?" Cagalli asked her brother.

"Yeah. She lost everything in the fire so we have to at least pick her up some new clothes and other essentials today," Kira responded openly since Lacus was helping Midori take a bath right then.

"That's a good idea. Let her use some of the clothes I usually leave here. I think they should be able to fit her. I'm sure she wouldn't want to wear the clothes that she wore yesterday again," Cagalli suggested and Kira responded to with a nod. "So which room is she staying in?" Cagalli asked curiously.

This made Kira sweat a bit. He knew that he'd never hear the end of it from Cagalli if she heard that Lacus wanted to stay in his room. "Well I gave her the room across from Midori's, but…" he said looking away with a slight blush.

"But…?" Cagalli responded a bit confused before it dawned on her. She couldn't help the grin that crossed her face. "She didn't want to and stayed in your room, didn't she?" she asked with a small chuckle and knew it was true when Kira started blushing.

Cagalli found that he couldn't really answer with words so he only nodded his head. "That doesn't mean she's staying there though. It might just be because she didn't want to be alone!" Kira tried to reason.

"What a pervert you are taking advantage of a situation like that," Cagalli teased even though she knew Kira wouldn't do something like that. "Just because she's sleeping next to you doesn't mean you should try to do anything," she said with a chuckle before she turned around.

"It's not like that! I would never do something like that to Lacus! She said that she wanted to wait and that was what I plan on doing," Kira said frantically trying to prove his innocence to his sister.

Cagalli burst out in laughter at her twin's frantic attempt to prove himself. "You really are easy to tease Kira. I was just joking anyways," she said with another small chuckle before she stopped. "Well anyways I better get going," she said before turning towards the door. "Later," she said before leaving.

Kira stood up and walked to the room Cagalli used when she stayed over from time to time. She usually left a few spare clothes there. He grabbed a few that he felt would fit Lacus best and left the room.

As he was coming out, Lacus and Midori came out of the bathroom with Midori wearing fresh clothes. "Here, Cagalli said that you could use these for today. At least until we can get you some new clothes," he said and smiled when Lacus took them with a quiet thank you.

Lacus then disappeared back into the bathroom to change and Kira went to go and make sure that Midori was ready. When they were all ready they took off for a day of shopping and fun.

"Oh man, I'm completely exhausted," Kira complained as he collapsed on a bench in the park. After several hours of shopping for clothes and the basic essentials, they had gone to the park in order to relax before they continued.

"My feet hurt," Midori whined while rubbing her feet. The walking had obviously taken quite a bit out of her. For the most part they didn't drive. They just went to the car when they bought some stuff in order to drop them off so that they could go to the next place.

"You two sure complain a lot," Lacus said with a smile. Despite how much they had walked around, she seemed to be perfectly fine. Most normal people would be exhausted after everything they did that day yet she didn't seem fazed in the least.

"Easy for you to say," Kira groaned as he stared up at the sky. 'Women sure seem to have too much energy when it comes to shopping,' he thought while rolling his eyes, 'I'll never understand girls and shopping,' he continued to think with a sigh.

He then looked down and saw a small ice cream stand in the distance. He couldn't help but think that ice cream sounded really good right then. "How about some ice cream you two," Kira said pointing at the stand.

"Yeah! I want strawberry!" Midori eagerly yelled out at the mention of ice cream. Kira and Lacus laughed at her eagerness. "Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream," she started to chant with a broad smile.

"I think ice cream sounds good right now as well. Do you think you could get me a chocolate flavored one?" Lacus asked looking excited as well. She always liked ice cream. Kira once teased that it might be a bit of an obsession.

"Ok, you two stay here. I'll be right back," he said and the two of them nodded before he took off. It didn't take long before he got there and got into the short line that was already there.

"Kira?" a voice questioned. This caused Kira to turn around thinking it was Lacus but was surprised to see that it was Fllay. "Fllay? What are you doing here?" he asked since compared to other times it had to be a coincidence like all those other times since he didn't usually come here on that day.

"I had actually been looking for you," Fllay responded looking like she was troubled. "I'd heard what happened to her and I was worried," she lied almost convincingly. "Are you ok? I'm sure with her having to leave you would be distraught," she said surprised that he didn't seem that upset by Lacus having to leave.

"Leave?" a confused Kira questioned not sure what she was talking about. "What do you mean? Lacus isn't…" he said before he saw Lacus and Midori walking up to the line as well. Lacus looked surprised at the sight of Fllay but Midori didn't even give her a second glance. She always hated when Fllay showed up and tried to ignore her whenever that happened.

"Oh!" Lacus said in a surprised voice at the sight of Fllay. "I wanted to see about getting drinks as well but I didn't expect you to be talking with anyone Kira," she said feeling a sense of worry at the fact that Kira's ex-girlfriend was there.

Fllay couldn't believe her eyes. 'What is she doing here? Shouldn't she have left town by now?' she thought in disbelief. "Oh, Miss. Clyne. What are you doing here? I heard that you were leaving town after what happened last night," she said as innocently as she could so that neither would suspect her of having anything to do with it.

"I'm not. Where might I ask did you hear such information?" Lacus asked though it didn't really surprise her. Fllay always had a knack for taking advantage of bad situations like what she did after Siegel Clyne died. It didn't cross her mind that Fllay might have had something to do with it though. Despite that she knew that Fllay was only after Kira though.

"A reliable source of mine told me," Fllay lied feeling her anger building up inside of her. "Where will you live though? You did just lose your home," Fllay stated wondering where she had gone so wrong with her calculations.

"With Kira," Lacus said simply which shocked Fllay even more. Her plans didn't just fail, they backfired. "Besides, there are many places I could find to live. I wouldn't leave town just because of that. You should really check to see just how reliable that source of yours is," Lacus said while watching Fllay take a few steps back before running away in defeat.

"You know, that insensitive part of her was something that had always bugged me when I was going out with her," Kira said since he knew that Fllay was just taking advantage of the situation as well. "She always has a knack for taking advantage of a bad situation," Kira said mirroring the thought Lacus had earlier.

"I know what you mean," Lacus murmured feeling a headache coming on. "Anyways, how about that ice cream? It sounding better now than ever," she threw in to try and get away from the subject about what had just happened.

Kira just laughed as he finally got the front of the line and ordered for them. Despite the Fllay incident, it was enjoyable for them as they ate their ice cream and just relaxed for a little while.

A little while after they finished their snacks, and Midori having a little time to play around, they got up and headed out once again to buy more of the things Lacus would need while living in their home.

Lacus saw a store that she knew she was going to have to go into but blushed at the thought that Kira was there. "Alright Kira, you and Midori go wait over there," she said thoroughly embarrassed at the thought of going in there with Kira.

Kira looked up at the shop and blushed as well when he saw that it was a lingerie shop. 'Of course she'd need to get underwear as well,' he thought going even redder as he nodded and quickly walked to a bench a little ways away.

While Kira was waiting he found himself constantly having impure thoughts about the stuff Lacus was buying at that moment. He found himself imagining what Lacus would look like in several different kinds of underwear and such. 'Cagalli's right, I am a pervert," he thought blushing profusely.

Lacus came out of the store several minutes later holding a few bags in her hands. She immediately hid them when she saw Kira. It was obvious to him that she didn't want him seeing what she had bought. Kira couldn't help but admit to himself that he really was curious.

"What'd you get, what'd you get?" Midori asked curiously bouncing on the tip of her toes to try and see what was in the bag. She only pouted when Lacus pulled it away from her view as well.

"Nothing that concerns you," Kira said as he playfully pushed Midori to get them moving once more. "So, do you have everything or will you need to make a few more stops?" Kira asked while trying to get his mind away from trying to imagine what Lacus had just bought.

"Well I have most of the essentials. I can worry about the rest later," Lacus said with a smile as they started to walk towards Kira's car. 'Plus a bit more,' she thought not believing what else she had just bought from the store.

'No, no, no! This isn't right! How could it have possibly become like this?! She was supposed to leave town, not move in with Kira! How could my plan have possibly failed? It was perfect!' Fllay mentally screamed as she paced back and forth in her office in a panic over what her plan had done.

"Burrel! Asuka!" Fllay screamed out wanting to make another plan immediately to try and fixed what the two of them had screwed up on. 'It's their fault. My plan was perfect, they must've screwed up somehow,' he thought with a demonic chuckle.

Fllay grew impatient when they hadn't answered her. She'd ordered them to stay close to her office until she was sure that her plans got Kira back. That way it would be easy to get in contact with them. "Burrel, Asuka!" she screamed even louder finding it refreshing for that moment.

Yet again there was no reply. "Where the hell are Burrel and Asuka?!" Fllay yelled at her secretary while running out of the room. "Get them immediately!" she screamed at the poor lady who was trembling.

"T-they aren't here. They said that they had urgent business and take a while to get done," the secretary said really wishing that she hadn't taken this job. The pay sucked and the higher ups were assholes.

Fllay screamed as she turned and stormed back into her office. 'Those two will pay for screwing up when they get back. For now I will just have to come up with a new plan. I don't see how any plan could be better than the last one though,' she thought as she tried her best to calm down and started thinking.

'It needs to be better. It needs to be fool proof so that those two won't screw up my perfect plans again,' she thought trying to calm her erratic breathing. 'I need this to work. If she won't leave then I'll just have to force her to leave,' she thought thinking as quickly as possible.

Suddenly a new plan quickly started to form in her head and a broad smirk started to form across her face. 'This will definitely work. Sure I will have to do some things that I never wanted to have to go through but it's for the greater good. I can kill two birds with one stone as well. Now I just need Burrel and Asuka to pull it off for me,' she thought as she started to laugh maniacally.

Lacus couldn't help but smile as she looked at the sleeping Midori in her bed. She grabbed a hold of the covers and pulled them so that they were completely covering her body. "You must've been exhausted after today," she murmured before standing up.

They'd gotten back rather late from their shopping trip and Midori was pretty much asleep when they'd walked into the door. Lacus had taken her up and put her to bed, not without being forced to read a story to Midori first though.

Lacus found great satisfaction being able to do these small things for the young girl sleeping before her. It made her feel as if she was actually putting her own daughter to bed after a long day. "I like this feeling," she whispered so as not to wake Midori before she left the room.

Lacus walked towards where she knew Kira was and saw him thinking while looking at the piles of stuff that they had bought earlier that day. "Is something the matter Kira?" Lacus asked stopping right beside him.

Kira looked over and saw Lacus while giving her a smile. "I was just trying to figure out where to put these things," Kira said while getting a confused look from Lacus. "Well, I'm not quite sure which room you want to stay in," he said a bit embarrassed, "I mean, I can understand why you'd want someone last night but maybe I'm just not sure if you want to stay there from now on or maybe stay in the first room I gave you," Kira said since he wasn't quite sure what Lacus thought about all of this.

A small blush crossed Lacus's face as well at the reminder of what she did last night. It was true that what she did was on impulse and mostly because she simply didn't want to be alone right then. She couldn't help but ask herself, putting that night aside, if she was actually ready.

"I… I'd think I'd like to stay with you," Lacus timidly said knowing that it was a big step but after she thought about it, she felt that maybe she was ready for it. "I-if it's ok with you of course," she said looking at him to see his reply.

"I… wouldn't mind," Kira said giving Lacus a smile that helped to ease the tension in the air. The smile he got back from Lacus made him feel easier about the situation. He'd slept with other women before, so he wasn't sure why he felt so worried about Lacus just sleeping next to him.

"Ok," Lacus said while looking at the clock and seeing that it was still only eight so she had a little time before she would go too sleep. She felt it would help her prepare her mind for the idea of sleeping next to Kira from now on.

For the next hour or two the two of them just sat on the couch while watching movies. Lacus had her head rested on Kira's shoulder the entire time but her mind wasn't on the movie but on something else.

Kira let out a yawn at around ten and stood. It's getting a bit late. I'm gonna turn in," Kira said and Lacus nodded as he started to walk towards their room. 'Our room huh? It's sounds a bit weird since I've been alone in there for so long,' he thought with a smile.

Lacus watched Kira leave and just stayed there for a few more moments before she took a deep breath and stood up as well. She went to the pile of bags, which they had decided to leave there until morning, and grabbed two specific ones before heading towards the bathroom to get ready for bed.

Back in their bedroom, Kira was already changed and was setting the alarm when there was a knock on the door to the room. "You don't have to knock Lacus, this is your room now as well," Kira said through a chuckle.

Despite Kira's words, Lacus didn't come through the door immediately. It wasn't for a few more moments before something happened. "Um… promise me you won't laugh, ok?" Lacus voice suddenly said through the door.

Lacus's words confused Kira. "Laugh? Why would I laugh at you Lacus? You acting a bit strange," an amused Kira said wondering what she was getting worked up over, they hadn't bought anything that day that he'd deem laugh worthy. "If it will put your mind at ease then fine, I won't laugh," Kira said with a shake of his head.

The door slowly opened, "Why are you being so…" Kira started but found his words cut off at the sight of Lacus as she closed and locked the door behind her. "Lacus…" Kira breathed out when he saw what Lacus was wearing. It was a beautiful looking, yet rather skimpy looking red night dress. It was see through so he could see matching colored underwear underneath.

Lacus was hardly an impulsive buyer. Yet when she had gone into the lingerie store earlier that day she found herself looking at what she was wearing right then. She had no intention of buying anything like it before but somehow she found herself buying it anyways.

The meeting with Fllay somehow struck a cord with Lacus. It made her feel rather worried. She feared that maybe Kira would see how much Fllay wanted him back and what lengths she was willing to go to do so even after being broken up for five years and go back to her. Lacus somehow felt inadequate compared to that. She continually feared taking their relationship farther because of her fear of intimacy.

When Lacus saw what she was currently wearing in the store, she found herself wanting to change that part of her for Kira. Even if it was just step by step, she wanted to be able to open herself up more to him. "What… do you think?" Lacus timidly asked as she stood in front of Kira feeling so bare before his eyes. She'd never worn anything like this before and felt worried about what Kira would think.

"Lacus… what…?" Kira tried to question through his shock. He didn't understand what was going through Lacus's mind right then to get something like that. Sure a part of him was more than glad to be able to see her like this but he couldn't help but question why since she was always so afraid before.

"I'm tired of being afraid of doing it Kira. I want to get over that little by little so that someday I won't be afraid if we were to do it someday," Lacus tried to explain hoping he got the point that she still wasn't ready to go all the way but still wanted to prepare herself for it.

"Lacus…" Lacus breathed out trying and failing to take his eyes off of her. He had to admit that he was touched by how she wanted to progress things but worried if she was actually ready or not.

Lacus felt herself getting nervous with how quiet Kira was. "M-maybe this was a bad idea," she said as she tried to turn and leave but was stopped when Kira grabbed her hand since she was standing next the bed by then.

"Wow, you look amazing," Kira found himself saying hoping to calm her fears on what he thought of it. It must've taken a great deal of courage for her to try this and he didn't want to hurt her by saying the wrong thing, or worse, saying nothing.

This made Lacus blush but she was inwardly jumping for joy that Kira actually liked it. "T-thank you," she said with a small smile. "I'm not ready but I still want to learn," she timidly said as he hands fidgeted in front of her.

"Are you sure?" Kira found himself asking and saw Lacus slowly nod her head. "Hands," he suddenly said and chuckled when he saw the confused look on Lacus's face and how she suddenly looked at her hands. "No, I mean I'll only use my hands. I think that's best for you right now. You need to get used to me touching you intimately for now," he explained and saw realization dawn on her face.

Kira held out his hand for Lacus. "Come here," he said planning to take tonight at her pace so as to not scare her off too soon. Lacus slowly grabbed his hand and he gave it a small squeeze. "Don't be scared, if things were as bad as you think, humanity would be extinct by now," he teased making her blush. "Lie down," he ordered as he made space for her.

Lacus laid down on the bed while trying to calm her rapidly beating heart. "Can… can you turn off the light?" Lacus asked. Sure she wanted to do this but she was still rather nervous about Kira possibly seeing her naked.

"Sure," Kira said reaching over and turning off the lights. The room went dark with the only light being that of the moon shining down into the room. This gave just enough light for Kira to be able to see Lacus while also covering her embarrassment, yet at the same time Kira felt it gave her a more majestic look as the small amount of moonlight shone on her face.

"Are you sure about this Lacus?" Kira asked again since he didn't want her having any regrets. He saw her head nod and smiled as he gently leaned over her. "It's going to be alright, I promise," he whispered into Lacus's ear before he gave her a gently kiss to ease her worries about what was to come.

For the next while Lacus did her best to not react like she usually did. However, when Kira focus went to areas she wasn't ready for she knew when to stop. Kira knew not to push it since she was already doing so much better with it than she was before. "Ok, we'll stop here for tonight. We can always pick this up again tomorrow or some other night if you want. We'll take this step be step until you're more comfortable then we'll move on," he suggested as he wrapped his arms around her in a hug.

Lacus was thankful that Kira was so thoughtful. "I'm sorry Kira. I mean, look at me, I'm a twenty-four year old virgin whose still too afraid of intimacy. It must seem pathetic to you," Lacus negatively said with downcast eyes.

"Not at all. You know what you want out of life and love and I think that's what's important. I find it extremely admirable that you were able to save yourself for so long. I'm sure a beautiful woman like you had many people who wanted to do it with you but you stopped yourself from doing it for the wrong reasons. Now go to sleep, I'm sure you're tired," Kira suggested with a smile and Lacus nodded as she laid down.

Lacus woke the next morning and stared up at the still unfamiliar ceiling. Memories of the night before swarmed through her head as a blush stained her face at some of the ways that Kira had been touching her.

For a while Lacus just stared up at the ceiling and thought about what happened. It was such an embarrassing situation to her and yet she found that she actually liked Kira touching her so intimately. 'I'm such a perverted woman,' she thought turning red.

The door to the room's bathroom opened and Kira came out wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. He was still trying to get his hair dry so Lacus assumed that he had just gotten out of the shower.

"Oh hey, you're up," Kira said giving her a smile as he sat down on the bed next to her. "So how are you feeling? Especially about… you know," he continued as a red tint slowly crossed his face.

Lacus didn't seem to have the words to describe how she was feeling about last night. Instead she just gave Kira a pure and true smile that told him exactly how she felt without the use of words.

"That's good," he said giving her a kiss as he stood up and headed towards the closet to put on some proper clothes. "I definitely wouldn't want you regretting what we did last night. I would make me feel as if I was taking advantage of you otherwise," he said with a chuckle before he disappeared into the closet and out of Lacus's view.

"Not at all. It was my choice to do that anyways. I just didn't want to always keep running away whenever our relationship starts to become the least bit intimate," Lacus said giving a smile even though Kira was unable to see it.

"You sure gave me a surprise when you did it. I thought that I was going to have a heart attack when I saw you walk into the room wearing something so skimpy," Kira's amused voice said from the closet.

"Looking at the clock, Lacus was surprised to see that it was nearly noon. "What the?! How can it possibly be so late already? Why didn't you wake me up sooner Kira?" Lacus complained since she was used to getting up several hours sooner.

"Sorry about that. You didn't even stir when the alarm went off and I just couldn't bring myself to wake you up with how peaceful you were sleeping," Kira said walking back out into the room wearing a bit more than before. He decided not to mention how he just stayed in bed for a while staring at her beautiful face as she slept. He just couldn't tear his eyes away from her.

Lacus chuckled a bit as she pulled the blanket up a bit once she realized that she was still only wearing her bra and underwear underneath the blanket. "Um… can you turn around for a moment while I grab something to wear?" she pleaded with a beat red face.

"Planning to walk around the house in your underwear?" Kira teased with a grin, "I mean all of your stuff is still downstairs since we were too lazy to bring any of it up," he reasoned looking for any reason to be able to see her in that beautiful lingerie for a little bit longer. It was rather dark the night before so he was unable to get a really good look at it.

"Oh come on Kira!" Lacus said becoming more and more embarrassed by the second. "You're not actually going to watch me in such an embarrassing position are you?" she asked not really sure what she should do.

"I'm just joking Lacus. Look next to you," Kira said giving up on his little fantasy. He saw her look over and notice what he'd set out for her. It was only a shirt but he figured it would be enough until she could get some fresh clothes since he knew that there were certain bags that she wouldn't want him rummaging through.

"Oh," Lacus murmured with a chuckle as she shook her head. She really thought that he was going to make her do that for a little while. "Well then…" she said before she was suddenly stopped when Kira gently grabbed onto her wrists while climbing back into the bed. "Kira?" she asked somehow knowing what he wanted and yet found herself not even trying to resist.

"You can get changed if you want, or maybe we can continue with our training from last night. Cagalli took Midori out to eat so they probably won't be back for a while. That means we're all alone. I'll do whatever you want to," Kira said as he stared with passionate eyes into Lacus's eyes.

He was giving her a choice. She could just walk away right then if she wanted to. 'So why isn't my body even trying?' Lacus asked herself as she felt her head slowly nodding as her body already started to respond to the one she loved and yet he hadn't even done anything yet. 'Only a few minutes of touching last night and my body is already yearning for it,' she thought as the events of the night before were about to be repeated.

Fllay hated it. She hated how the very night before she knew that Kira and Lacus were together in their house doing god knows what. 'That slut! How dare she do all this to seduce my Kira! I can't let her keep tricking him like that!' she thought as she went over her plans in her head.

She couldn't stand the thought of Kira touching such a disgusting creature. She wanted the old days back. The days when he used to worship her. The days he did everything she told him to do without question. She swore that she would get those days back no matter what the cost.

"Excuse me Miss. Allster," the voice of Fllay's secretary said through the intercom. This grabbed Fllay's attention. "You told me to tell you when Mr. Burrel and Mr. Asuka were back," she said and that immediately got Fllay's attention. Now she would be able to yell at them for screwing her plan up and be able to get her new plan underway.

"Very well, send them in immediately," Fllay ordered before reclining in her seat. A few moments later Rey and Shinn came into the room and Fllay immediately went into her rant. "How dare the two of you screw up like that! My plan was perfect and you screwed it up so badly that things have only become worse for me!" she screamed at the two of them refusing to admit that it was her plan that was faulty instead of the ones who executed it.

"What?! How dare you go and blame us for what happen!" Shinn growled out angrily as he threateningly stepped towards Fllay only to be stopped by Rey. "Let me go, this woman needs to learn her place. She can't just go around blaming us for her own screw-ups!" Shinn growled out to his best friend and comrade.

"Let it go Shinn. We are merely here to do our job. If she gives us something to do then we will do it even if the plan is faulty," Rey said which ticked Fllay off since they had turned to blame for the situation back at her.

"My plan was perfect so don't even try to say it was my fault that this happened!" Fllay yelled back at the two of them before she took a deep breath and had a seat again since her anger made her stand up. "Anyways I have another job for the two of you and you are to make sure that you don't screw up again," Fllay ordered and Rey nodded and Shinn grudgingly did as well.

"Of course Miss. Allster, we are here to serve you in whatever ways you need," Rey responded with a short bow. "Please tell us this plan of yours so that we may get on it as soon as possible," he continued with a stoic face.

Fllay definitely liked the attitude of the blonde haired man over that of his crimson eyed friend. "Very well. This is what I want you to do and you better not screw it up again like last time," Fllay said as she went over the details of her new plan to the two of them.

Shinn and Rey listened to the plan that she had cooked up and were actually a bit impressed. This one obviously had more thought put into it than that half baked plan she came up with a few days before.

"Do you understand what you are supposed to do? I hate this plan since I have to do some disgusting things to myself but it would definitely be best and it will get rid of all those that are standing in my way," Fllay said with a grin knowing that this was definitely going to work.

"Very well. We will complete this mission with the utmost of our abilities," Rey said even though she was giving him a headache again with her complaining about her part since it was a much easier task than theirs was. "Let's go Shinn," Rey said as he grabbed Shinn and pulled him out of the room.

Fllay started to laugh at the plan. She knew it would work. 'Once this is over with I will have everything back to the way it was before and I won't ever have to look at Lacus Clyne or Midori Yamato ever again,' she thought before breaking out into laughter.

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