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RECOMMENDATION: I urge you to read Molloy's Kim Possible: The End, the sequel to my story Kim Possible: Final. Molloy's masterful continuation of the tale is powerful, chilling, and beautifully written.

The audience in Studio 66 howled as they watched footage of a two-year-old Kim Possible sitting in the bath earning her very appropriate nickname. "I guess she really can do anything, folks!" Numberman observed as bubbles rose to the water's surface behind a proud, even smug, child.

As the talk show host and his guests were enjoying the embarrassing film of Kim Possible's early years, a phone rang off stage. One of the production crew picked up the receiver; the surprised stagehand jumped back as a blinding light filled the wings. He was stunned when he saw an almost feral former teen hero and her blond partner appear, seemingly out of nowhere.

"You find the DVDs," Kim ordered Ron. "I'm going to pay a little visit to Shego."

"Got it, KP," Ron agreed before he headed off in search of a broadcast booth.

Kim fought to bring her breathing under control. Satisfied that she had, she stalked out onto the stage.

But Mommy, I don't wanna wear any clothes! a buck-naked toddler in pig-tails whined as she ran from her mother. Images from the Possibles' 1991 skip trip were visible on the several large monitors scattered throughout the studio – and on approximately 24.3 million TV screens. Within minutes, the clip was circulating on the Internet.

"Pretty fast little kid, wasn't she?" Numberman said to Shego.

"Yeah, I guess she was," the green-hued villainess agreed. "Too bad she's been packing on the pounds recently. With the extra weight she's been carrying around her hips and butt, I don't think Possible could maintain that speed even if she tried."

Shego was surprised that her comment received no reaction. She didn't notice that everyone's attention had turned to the new arrival on stage.

"Pot calling the kettle black why?" Kim asked snarkily. "I know I'm not the one who wears a size 14 jumpsuit and still needs a shoehorn to squeeze herself into it every morning."

Shego's head whipped around. "Princess," she snarled.

"Dancing Queen," Kim riposted.

Shego's almond-shaped eyes flew wide open. "You're really asking for it, aren't you?"

Kim, who was wearing a modified mission top (classic black crop without sleeves) and cargoes (converted into shorts of which her BFBF most definitely approved), along with her familiar black gloves and a pair of heavy combat boots, rested one hand on her thrust-out hip and beckoned her foe with the other. "Bring," she said with a cocky grin.


"I'm sorry, sir, you can't go in there," a beefy man with sunglasses said as he blocked Ron's path.

"And I'm sorry, dude, but you'd better get out of my way, otherwise I'll have to make you," Ron replied.

The security man laughed. "You? I don't think so …"

Ron responded with a lightning-fast attack. Within three point six seven seconds he had his knees planted in the small of the man's back. "Champ, I know you're just trying to do your job. But dissing a guy who's got mystical monkey power is not a smart thing to do. And just so you don't forget that, I'm gonna leave you a little reminder."

Let's just say that when Ron was done it was in the man's interest not to speak if he wanted to maintain his tough-guy mystique.

Satisfied that he'd made his point, Ron then entered the booth.

Two laughing technicians turned and saw an unfamiliar teen wearing a black, sleeveless t-shirt; gray cargoes; rather serious-looking combat boots; and a black bandana tied around his forehead.

"Hey dudes, what's so funny?" Ron asked in a relaxed voice.

"Uh, this video …" one of them said, just a bit nervously. Neither was sure what to make of their visitor.

"Really? I'm all about funny video," Ron observed. "What's it about?"

"Kim Possible," the first man said. "We've got these hilarious …"

"Uh, Frank," the second man said nervously as he recognized their visitor, "I think that's the kid who usually hangs out with her …"

"Oh snap," Frank said as Ron, wearing a serious face, advanced on them.

A few moments later the video feed was cut, the DVDs were destroyed, and the security guard had two new companions in the alto section.


Yori had begun scanning all channels, whether civilian or military, when she approached the California coastline. Even though she was flying a stealth aircraft, the young ninja knew there was always the possibility she might be detected. She wasn't going to be deterred from her goal because of carelessness. As she approached Colorado, she heard what sounded like an exchange between Shego and Kim. Locating its source, Yori plotted a new course and headed for New York City.


The Mysterious Black Hoverjet was fast, but not as fast as the Rising Sun. As Yori rocketed across the North American continent, Junior and his paid peeps were still flying over the Atlantic.

"I am bored," he said from the co-pilot's chair. "Perhaps there is something entertaining to watch on television." The young dauphin turned on the monitor. "Hmm. So many channels," he observed. "I wonder what I should watch."

The pilot inclined his head. "Commando Network has a bass fishing contest at 11:30."

"No, I do not like fish. They are so … fishy," Junior said with a frown. Then his face brightened. "I know! I shall watch a late night talk show. It will be good practice for when I am an international teen pop sensation and I have to do interviews!"

Junior flipped through the channels until he found the Late at Night Show.

He was stunned as she saw Kim and Shego, clearly readying to face off.

"My Blue Fox!" Junior wailed. "We must go to her assistance. To New York!"


David Numberman looked to the wings of the stage and saw his producer was shrugging. It was clear that the man had no idea as to why the video of Kim had stopped playing. The gap-toothed talk show host smiled at his audience. More than two decades in his job and a decision the previous year to switch to a live format told him to work with what he had.

"So, folks, it looks like we have a special guest tonight: Kim Possible. Let's give her a big round of applause!"

The audience responded enthusiastically.

"Isn't she lovely?" Numberman asked.

"She sure is, dude," Ron said as he walked on stage. "But I think you might want to make yourself scarce. KP does not like being the butt of jokes and when she's done with Shego, she's probably going to want to have a few words with you."

"Well, I'm sure we can fit in a brief interview …" Numberman offered.

"Did you know she knows sixteen kinds of kung fu?" Ron asked casually.

"What?" Numberman replied, taken aback.

"Oh yeah, KP's got the mad skillz!" Ron said brightly.

"Wait a minute," Numberman said. "You aren't suggesting …"

"Dave, Dave, Dave," Ron said as he leaned on the talk show host's desk. "I think you should go."

"But I can't leave," Numberman blurted out, "I'm the host!"

"Don't worry about a thing," the blond-haired teen said with a broad smile. "The Ron's already done this …"


Kim dropped into a defensive crouch as Shego lunged at her. The redheaded anti-hero easily dodged her foe's attack. Shego rolled, sprang to her feet and turned.

"Time for a little dancing, Princess!" Shego said as she hurled green energy bolts at Kim.

Kim responded by doing a triple back flip.

"That's IMPOSSIBLE!" Jimmy Blamhammer exclaimed.

"It's possible, dude, believe it," Ron, now seated behind the talk show host's desk, said. "So, what's the deal on Total Mayhem II? I heard that Tom Speed has been getting a little freaky on you."

"He's NUTS!" Blamhammer declared. "Certifiably BONKERS! One day he's a box office phe-nom, the next he wants to start his own religion. He's just like Quinn, but without the emotional awareness."

"Uh, yeeaaaah," Ron replied skeptically.


"You thought sharing your play list was bad?" Kim snapped as she ducked and evaded one of Shego's glowing clawed gloves. "You are so going to regret those videos."

"Yeah, right … Bubblebutt," Shego said as she jumped up to avoid an elegantly executed leg sweep. "You think you're hot stuff just because you jacked some stuffed animal …"

Shego's eyes opened wide as Kim drove her fist into the villainness' solar plexus.


Kim then delivered a powerful uppercut to Shego's jaw. The green-hued woman staggered backwards.

"You were saying?" Kim asked as she pressed her attack.


"She's good," the Governator observed as he chomped on his unlit cigar.

"Dude, she's not good. She's the best. She can do anything!" Ron said proudly as he watched his BFGF beat down Shego.


Shego thought she knew Kim Possible's fighting style as well as her own. She'd never imagined the cheerleader could fight so dirty. The dope slap had seemed so out of character. And the hair pulling. Kim had never been one to pull hair. But the most frightening moment in the fight was when Kim made for the pouch on the leg of her jumpsuit.

There was no way Shego going to let Kim open the flap.


"So, Arnie," Ron asked. "What are you going to do next?"

"I thought I'd run for President," the actor-politician replied.

"I may have scored yet another Gentleman's C in civics," Ron said, "But I'm pretty sure Mr. B told us you had to be born in America to do that."

"Well, perhaps I can play the President in a movie," he suggested.

"YES!" Blamhammer enthused. "The Presidentinator! I can see it now: Hail This, Chief!"


The audience cheered wildly as Shego put Kim into a headlock. "You want to play dirty, Pumpkin, I can do that," the green-hued supervillainess snarled as she gave the auburn-haired teen a vicious noogie.

"Ouch! That hurts!" Kim yelped before she added, "You are so busted."

Kim bent her knees and flipped Shego over her head. "Gee, Ron was right," Kim said admiringly as she pounced on Shego. "Watching the GWA wasn't a complete waste of time."

The two women grappled on the center of the stage, rolling over and over as each tried to gain an advantage.

Ron, sitting behind the desk, noticed a red light flash on.

"Hey, Kimbo," he yelled.

"Kinda busy, Ron," she snapped back as she continued her close-quarters combat with Shego.

"Yeah, me and the guys, we can see that. Look, we gotta go to a commercial, you two want to take a break?"

"Is he for real?" Shego asked as she raised a glowing fist over Kim's face.

"He can get caught up in the moment," Kim answered, as she grabbed onto her opponent's wrist and twisted.

"Well, call me impatient, but I want to finish cleaning up the floor with you, Princess!" Shego replied as her glow power was just inches from Kim's nose.

"So not going to happen, Shego," Kim snarled as she brought up her knee.

"Ooooo," the glamourous henchwoman moaned as she fell over.

Kim, smirking, rose to her feet and took a bow before the applauding audience. Then she turned to Ron, "Okay, Bad Boy, go to the commercial."


"What do you mean it's a live commercial?" Ron said to the trembling producer.

"Uh, well, this is when Dave would pitch a product," the man said.

"Fine," Ron groused. "What is it?"

The man handed Ron a card. Ron read the text and his eyes lit up. "Oooo. I'm all about this!"

"Hi, I'm Ron Stoppable," the tow-headed sidekick said as he looked into the camera. "World-famous sidekick and boyfriend of the incredibly hot Kim Possible. And these are my peeps, Arnie and Jimmy …"

The politician and the producer, not wanting to be the next objects of Kim or Ron's wrath, nodded with enthusiasm.

"… And when we want snackage, we know there's nothing tastier than Pop Pop Porter's Mini Corn Dogs. There's Original, Ragin' Cajun, and Rufus' favorite …"

"Cheese!" the naked mole rat squealed as he hopped onto the desk in front of Ron.

"That's right, Little Buddy, Easy Cheezy! So don't just sit there – walk, no run, to your local Smarty Mart or Foody Faire and stock up today. Otherwise, I may have to send Kimbo after you."

Moments after the cameraman panned to a rather dangerous-looking Kim, tens of thousands of viewers abandoned the comfort of their homes to race off to their local all-night supermarkets to buy corn dogs.

"You know, you two kids are NATURALS!" Jimmy enthused.

"Well, we do what we can," Ron said, unable not to preen.

"No, Jimmy is right," the Governator observed. "You and Kim ought to be in movies."

"Well, we tried that," Ron offered. "Jimmy here …"

"No, not be portrayed in the movies. You two could be STARS!" Jimmy shot back, his vision of casting Kim and Ron in a film growing sharper with every passing second.

"Ya think?" Ron said, intrigued by the idea. "Hey, Kim," he called out. "C'mon over here."

Kim sashayed over to her BFBF and dropped onto his lap. "What's the sitch?" she asked.

"Jimmy wants to make us movie stars!" Ron said enthusiastically.

"You're kidding," she said flatly.

"No, I'm not. You two will be FANTASTIC!" Blamhammer said as he waved his arms. "Why, I even have your next romantic interests in mind."

"Dude, what are you talking about?" Ron asked.

"Well, if you're going to be stars, you're going to cheat on each other. You know, have a vicious break up, you'll –"

"So not going to happen," Kim said, her arms folded across her chest.

"You mean you two actually want to stay together?" Jimmy asked incredulously.

"Well, duh," Ron said.

"WOW! Talk about taking a walk on the wild side," the producer said, shaking his head. "You kids are freaking me out. But I think we can work with that. It'll make you seem that much more exotic –"

Blamhammer was cut off when an explosion rocked the studio.


After the dust cleared, here's where the players could be found:

Kim was sitting on Ron's lap.

To Ron's right were Jimmy Blamhammer and The Governator.

Lying on the center of the stage, still moaning in pain, was Shego.

To Ron's left was Junior, accompanied by his Rent-a-friends.

Three stories up were gleeful network executives who sent out word that the extended broadcast of Late at Night With Its Fierce New Host Ron Stoppable would preempt regularly scheduled programming.

Three thousand miles away in Burbank, a lantern-jawed talk show host was raging at his production people, wanting to know why nobody had thought to book any villains on his program.

At Global Justice headquarters, Will Du, who had seen enough, was reaching for the telephone.


Junior ran across the stage. "My Blue Fox! Oh, and Jimmy Blamhammer. I am most sorry that I threatened your PDA and would still very much like to be in one of your pictures!"

"FOR-get it," Blamhammer spat out, "you no-talent poseur!"

"Oooh," Junior wailed. "This business that we call show is still so cruel! At least," he said looking at Kim, "I will be able to find comfort in your arms."

"Junior, what are you talking about?" a perplexed Kim wondered.

"You are my Blue Fox and I am your Yellow Trout," he said. "We are meant to be together!"

"Junior, Animology is so last season," Kim retorted.

"Besides, dude, Blue Fox here has traded up to Pink Sloth," Ron said as he possessively wrapped his arm around Kim's waist.

"You think you are special, Mr. I-Have-My-Own-Late-Night-Show," Junior said disdainfully. "You are not. Your clothes still do not harmonize and you still have messy hair."

Kim growled. "Stop dissing the BF, Pretty Boy."

Junior's eyes lit up. "Pretty Boy! My Blue Fox thinks I am handsome! Come, join me, Kim Possible, and we will make lots of Evil Babies together!"


Wade was surprised when the incoming-message light flashed on the Team Possible monitor. He hadn't received any calls since Kim and Ron had gone bad.

"Mr. Load," an all-too-serious-looking young man in a GJ uniform said, "forgive me for disturbing you, but I am in urgent need of your assistance."


"Babies? Don't think I can't make a space capsule big enough to accommodate you, Mister!" James T. Possible yelled at the large-screen TV.

"Dear, calm down," his wife urged. "I don't think that's going to be a problem. Kim may have decided to abandon any semblance of morality, but it's pretty clear she still likes Ron."

James Possible's eyes grew wide as he saw how his daughter was playing with her boyfriend's ear.


"You are sure this will work?" Will Du asked.

"Yeah, I am," Wade said as he sipped at his ever-present Slurpster. "It's all based on the original."

"Very well, then," Will said. "Wish me luck. Hopefully, Rogue Team Possible will soon be a part of the past."

Wade watched the image disappear. While he'd enjoyed taking his mother's advice about meeting girls – he'd spent time on a tech savvy teen chat room earlier in the day and had struck up a number of interesting conversations, including an especially enjoyable one with 'MontanaCowgirl' – he missed his work with Kim and Ron. Wade could only hope that Will's plan would succeed.


"Is he really that dense or is he just acting?" Blamhammer asked. "Because if he's acting, he's actually pretty good."

"Sorry, what you see is what you get," Kim said before turning back to the young heir. "Junior, I am so not making babies with you. Not Now. Not Ever. The only person I'm interested in making babies with is Ron!"

The last time Ron's jaw dropped so far Kim had been wearing a little black dress.

Kim, realizing what she had just said, turned beet red.

James Possible, still watching at home had only one thing to say …




Ron's mental meltdown – Kim, his Kim, had actually thought of doing THAT with HIM – was interrupted by the arrival of Yori. The audience oohed-and-aahed as the sensuous, lithe ninja dropped onto the stage from the wings above.

"Yori!" a stunned Ron exclaimed.

"Ron-kun," she said with urgency. "I am here to rescue you!"

"Rescue me?" he asked. "From who? Shego's not going anywhere …"

The green-hued villainess still lay prostrate on the studio floor.

"… And these guys are my peeps," he added as he looked at the producer and the pol.

"Why, I am here to save you from her," Yori said pointing at Kim with evident distaste. "It is clear that Possible-san has led you astray. I am here to lead you back to the path of the Warrior Hero."

Kim snorted. "Go find your own Warrior Hero; this one's taken," she said.

"Only because he does not know better," Yori shot back. "Ron-kun is in need of someone who knows and understands his potential to lead him."

"Someone like you?" Kim asked acidly.

"But of course," Yori answered with satisfaction.

"New flash, Yori," Kim hissed as she wrapped a possessive arm around her BF. "Ron doesn't need to be led anywhere by you."

"Forgive me, Possible-san. You are correct," Yori replied icily. "I would only take Stoppable-san to places where he can achieve glory and do great feats that will cause people to sing his praises for a thousand years, while you will ensure that he can provide a distraction for you while you satisfy your ego."

"You are so asking for it," Kim growled.

"The words of a bully, Possible-san," Yori said. "Are you willing to back them up?"

Kim vaulted over the desk and assumed a fighting stance. "C'mon, Ninja Girl. I'm ready for you."

"Good," Yori said as she bowed. "It will be my honor to defeat you … Bubblebutt-san."


Had Shego not found herself brawling with – and then losing to – Kim Possible, she would have shared this Top Ten List with the Late at Night audience. Given the smackdown she'd just received from Kim, it was probably a good thing she didn't.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate Kim Possible

10. "I can do anything." Puh-leeze. She is sooo full of herself.

9. She just had to tell Steve Barkin I was a supervillain …

8. She picks her nose when she thinks nobody else is looking and has the gall to leave her boogers in other people's lairs. Gross!

7. She actually made me watch Hego eat a sandwich! Even grosser!

6. She has a better singing voice than me. AAAARGGHHHH!

5. Do you know what kind of split ends I had to deal with after she kicked me into that tower?

4. She's a perky, bouncy cheerleader. I hate cheerleaders.

3. She has pointy you-know-whats and they're freaking me out!

2. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't find myself saying 'moopy'.

And the number one reason I hate Kim Possible:

1. She still hasn't gone splat.


The two female martial artists eyed one another warily. Carefully, gracefully, they slowly circled one another, twin lethal forces ready to strike.

"Do not think I will go down as easily as Shego-san," Yori said as she rapidly flicked her fans. The movement was meant to distract Kim. But while the former cheerleader may not have been a trained ninja, she'd been around enough of them in recent years to know what Yori was up to. Much to the Japanese teen's surprise, Kim responded by doing a double back flip. The moment she landed, she whipped out her grappler dryer and fired it towards the ceiling. The audience watched as the hook secured itself and then retracted the line, pulling Kim up.

"She is not running away, is she?" the Governator, sounding disappointed, asked Ron.

Ron glared at the bodybuilder-turned-politician. "Dude, KP doesn't run away from anything … though she has been known to find excuses to avoid eating her mom's brain lobe meatloaf."

Junior turned white. "Surely you are not serious? Kim Possible does not eat human brains?"

Ron smirked at his girlfriend's would be suitor. "Junior," he said, "that is sick and wrong. KP eat human brains. Wrong-sick."

"Whew," Junior replied.

"They're monkey brains!" Ron said.

Junior, turning green, bolted from the set in search of a mens' room. It was clear the foie gras he'd eaten on the flight to New York would be staying in the Big Apple.

"You were pulling his leg, weren't you?" Blamhammer observed.

"Hey, Junior's leg is eminently pullable," Ron said. "As for Kimbo, Arnie, I think my badical girlfriend was actually paying attention to that GWA Smackdownpalooza we watched last month."

Kim let go of the dryer and dropped to the floor of the set, landing on top of a startled Yori. A moment later, the raven-haired ninja yelped.

"I learned that move from Ron-kun at the Nakasumi Toy Parade," Kim said smugly before adding in a menacing whisper, "Hands off the BF, Yori. Next time I won't play nice."

Kim, satisfied with her handiwork, walked up to Shego. She knelt by her prostrate foe's side and grabbed her by the jumpsuit.

"How'd you get that DVD?" Kim demanded. "If you hurt Mom and Dad …"

Shego laughed. "Hurt them? Princess, they gave me that stuff."

"You are so lying," Kim said.

"Sorry, Kimmie, but your folks were willing to do anything to undermine your new bad girl rep." Shego reached up and gingerly rubbed the side of her head. "Looks like that idea didn't work out."

Kim, infuriated, dropped Shego, and stared at the camera. Her scowl quickly morphed into something sunny and friendly.

"Mom, Dad, thanks for sharing that DVD with Shego. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be on TV and Jimmy Blamhammer wouldn't have offered Ron and me a movie deal. I'm so looking forward to being … a show person!"


James T. Possible began hyperventilating.


Kim turned from the camera and headed back to Ron, Jimmy Blamhammer, and the Governator. "Well, I think that's a wrap," she said.

"So, you ready to go home, Kim?"

"So ready," she said. "I'm bushed."

"I'll have my people contact your people about the movie," Blamhammer said as everyone got to their feet. "By the way, who are your people?

Rufus, wearing sunglasses and a tiny designer suit, popped out of Ron's pocket.

"AMAZING!" Blamhammer said, "You're the second shortest agent I've ever met!"


"Kim! Look out!" Ron cried.

Yori had been true to her word. She wasn't going to go down as easily as Shego. She had quickly mastered the anger and frustration of the humiliation she'd been dealt by Kim. While the wedgie had been bad enough, allowing the erstwhile teen hero to get the drop on her using one of the most popular GWA moves made Yori feel like a chump.

And Yori did not enjoy having the honor of feeling that way.

She slowly rose to her feet and charged Kim, barreling into her foe like an NFL safety with a grudge. Kim went down with a thud.

"You don't know when to give up, do you?" Kim grunted as she struggled to break free of her attacker.

"You will pay for what you have done, Bubblebutt-san!" Yori hissed.

"Will you stop calling me that!" Kim snapped.

The two highly trained warriors were now engaged in a full-scale, no-holds-barred catfight, pulling each other's hair, trying to scratch each other's faces.

Ron was about to intervene when smoke bombs exploded.


"Everybody stop where they are!" Will Du barked.

Kim and Yori ignored the Global Justice agent.

"Fine, we'll do this the hard way," he muttered as he unholstered his weapon.

Just as Will was taking aim at Kim, Junior came running in. "Ron Stoppable gets a TV show and my Blue Fox even though I have better clothes and hair," he cried out. "This is not fair!"

Caught up in himself (so what's new?), the gray matter-deficient young man jostled Du.

"Watch where you are going, you oaf," the agent snapped.

"Hmm," Junior said with appreciative eye. "Those are very nice clothes. They coordinate very well."

"Thank you," Will said before he turned back to Kim.

He took aim.

He fired.

And he scored a direct hit.

Kim's eyes flew open before she collapsed.

"KP!" Ron cried out, helping Will locate his next target. Moments later, Ron, too, crumpled to the floor.


"Ooh, where am I," Kim moaned.

"Man, that hurt," Ron whined.

"Hoo boy," Rufus said.

The two teens looked at one another with surprise.

"KP, you're …"

"Ron, you're …"

"… Red!"

"… Blue!"

Will Du was as surprised as his targets. Then he looked at his Attitudinator Ray Gun. Much to his chagrin, the setting had been switched from 'Good' to 'Evil'. "My bad," he mumbled, seriously regretting that the weapon had just two charges, both of which had now been expended.

Ron rose to his feet and extended a hand to his girlfriend. "KP, you are red hot!"

"You think so, Bad Boy?" she said as she wrapped her arms around her BF's neck.

"I know so," he said with a lascivious grin.

Kim responded by planting a hungry kiss on Ron. "So, you ready to graduate to the big leagues?"

"Ah-boo-yah!" Ron replied.

"Spankin'," Kim said.

Holding her blue-skinned BF's hand, she leaned against the talk show host's desk and smirked.

"Hi, I'm Kimila and this is Zorpox," she announced as she began to play with Ron's ear. "We're taking over the world."

"You can't be serious," Will said, only to be tackled to the floor by Zorpox, né Ron.

"Dude, we're serious," the blue-skinned teen said cheerily. "And Yori," he added looking in the stunned ninja's direction. "Give it up. I'm really not interested in being your Warrior Baggage Handler."

"But Ron-kun …" she said plaintively.

"That's Zorpox-sama to you," he interjected. "You see, Kimila here may not have always been the perfect friend, but she was always my best friend. She always stuck by me and when she finally gave me a chance to be her BF, it was imperfect me, not some ninja ideal that she wanted to be with."

"Zorpox, you are so sweet," Kimila said warmly before staring back into the camera. "Here's the sitch, world," she said authoritatively. "We can do this the easy way or we can go old school on you. Surrender, or it'll be so the drama."

"Right, like you have it in you, Princess," Shego said before learning she'd underestimated Kim's ruthlessness.

"Surrender. Pweeze?" Kim said as she puppy dog pouted into the camera.


James and Ann Possible may have been able to resist the PDP, but nobody else could.

As fate would have it, the President of the United States, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Secretary General of the United Nations, many other world leaders, and an assortment of movers and shakers were all watching Late at Night. As a result, Kimila and Zorpox were fitting the Oval Office for new curtains the next morning.

After settling into the White House, the two teen conquerors struck swiftly and without mercy.

James T. Possible was forced to live with show folk.

Mrs. Stoppable found herself sharing her home with the garden gnome, Cousin Shawn, and an iguana with a very bad attitude.

Steve Barkin was reassigned to a Montessori School.

Bonnie was forced to wear Smarty Mart clothes. In public.

The list went on and on.

But the most heartless punishment meted out by Kimila and Zorpox was reserved for Shego, who was forced to reveal, on a live global television broadcast, the contents of her leg pouch.

The glamorous henchwoman never recovered from the embarrassment …

The End.