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The Widow - Chapter 8 Part 1

"My my, such language femboy. Just what you'd expect from someone of your upbringing" Taro smirked. "You know I have yet to thank you for your part in that day, but I think I can hold myself back just this once."

"Yeah well you're most unwelcome, both for what happened then and here right now. The hell's your deal man, couldn't find a chick who's into both beastiality and tentacles?" Ranma couldn't help but snipe at the young man who had made quite the mess a few years back. Sometimes when the weather was ugly he could still feel the throb in his leg.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Ranma could tell they had the desired effect. Taro's nostrils flared and his brow furrowed as his rage bubbled into his face. Clenching his jaw tightly before jutting out his jaw in some form of anger management, Taro sucked in a deep breath through his nostrils before replying.

"I think I found one tonight, femboy." His low, even tone left no question as to whom he was referring to.

"Tch. Now you done gone an' pissed me off," Ranma paused and looked Taro square in the eyes "Pantyhose."

Instantly all the rage Taro had been suppressing exploded forth in a violent flurry of red aura.

"THAT'S NOT MY FUCKING NAME!" He roared, punching a hole in the tree he had been leaning on, sending splinters of bark and wood out the other side.

"No I'm pretty sure it is, Pantyhose." Ranma chuckled as he put his hands in his pockets and turned slightly away from Taro, taking a few jaunty steps. "After all, the old letch never changed it before he died. It was his last move before you killed him...Pantyhose."


Taro was positively seething now, just the way Ranma wanted him. It was the best way to deal with this version of Taro, that was certain. Ranma's casual looking stance hid his true motive, of checking on how far Kasumi had gotten. With the quickest of glances he could tell she was still a short distance away from being in the clear, but with his latest barbs he was pretty sure that Taro would follow him halfway around the globe before his rage abated. Just the way he wanted it.

It had been at least two years since he last fought with this Taro, but he was pretty sure he hadn't changed at all. His fighting style relied heavily on his cursed form, and it wasn't like there were many techniques one could learn for yeti holding an eel and crane while riding an ox plus octopus.

Ranma on the other hand, had a few new tricks up his sleeve, and was more than happy to show them to Taro. One of the biggest things that Ranma's rivals remember about his fighting style, was that he would never make the first move. This often could be advantageous for Ranma, especially when there was a large gap of time since the last time they had fought. Grinning madly, Ranma decided that now was the time to press that advantage.

Charging up a small but dense ki ball in his pocket, Ranma quickly pulled out his hand and fired the ball at the ground about five feet in front of him. The dense ball struck the ground with speed and detonated, sending a large cloud of dust into the air. The small explosion caused Taro to recoil slightly, but in the span of less than a blink, Ranma had leaped through the dust cloud and booted Taro straight back into the pond.

Taro hit the water with such speed that he skipped a few times before finally splashing down in the middle. Ranma watched and counted to three before Taro's cursed minotaur like form burst forth from the man-made mini-lake with a strangled cross between a roar and the noise an angry bull might make. The spray from the eruption of his massive body nearly reached where Ranma was now standing, but did not touch him at all causing him to smirk smugly. Upon seeing this, Taro glared and let out a snort of aggravation. Still the same fighting style indeed.

Fighting with Taro usually resulted in the both of them getting wet somehow, and while Ranma's girl form could most likely hold her own against Taro currently, it was only by sheer speed and cunning that won their encounters in the past. Taro's main strategy for this fight would be to get Ranma wet and outmatch her with strength. Luckily for Ranma this tactic would be moot with his earlier application of waterproof soap.

"I knew it was a good choice to lather up tonight, eh Soap-chan!" Ranma said quietly to himself.

Taro blasted out of the water and took to the air in a display that defied the law of physics with his wing size to mass ratio, and made a beeline straight for Ranma. Hoping to catch him with pure speed, Taro snarled when Ranma hopped backwards and out of the way of his overhead double fisted attack. As the attack hit the ground, dirt and dust was thrown up into the air but was quickly dispersed by the gust of air from his charge. Not wasting any time Taro grabbed two of the trees from the thicket he had originally been standing by, including the one he had put his fist through earlier, and launched one of them straight at Ranma's smirking face. Not waiting to see if it hit, Taro again took to the air and prepared to bombard Ranma with the remaining tree.

As the first tree flew towards him, Ranma quickly checked behind him to make sure it was clear, then ducked under the flying foliage. Looking up to see Taro in mid throw of the second tree, Ranma coiled his legs beneath him and launched himself directly towards the oncoming trunk.

Creating a small vacuum blade along the edge of his hand and arm, Ranma cleaved the tree nearly perfectly in half, before quickly reaching over and lopping off a heavy looking limb from on the the halves. Pulling the thick length of wood through his semi-closed hand, he cleared the limb of any branches and brandished his new weapon as a club. Still carrying most of his forward momentum, Ranma flew straight at Taro with a mad grin on his face.

"Batter up!"