Crossing Over

"How long have they been going at it?" Bra asked in a huffed voice.

Marron checked the pink watch on her wrist, "About an hour now."

The door opened and you could hear some words in argument until it closed. Goten walked in with a tired look on his face as he sat down on the couch next to Marron and rested his feet on the coffee table. "No good?" Bra asked him.

"Nope." He brushed his fingers through his hair. He did that when he was stressed. "They won't listen to anything I say. Those two have been fighting for the past three days now."

Marron crossed her arms, "This is ridiculous. They were great friends just last week." She blew away a blonde strand from her eyes.

The door slammed open, "Oh, now you have to act like my father and criticize my school work! At least I went to high school!" Pan stomped through the living room followed by a frustrated Trunks.

Trunks pointed a finger towards her. "Just because I was home schooled doesn't mean I wasn't educated. I'm the president of the biggest company in the damn world, do you think I had to be smart to get here."

"You got there by inheritance! All you had to learn was learn what you were going to do when you got the job. And when am I going to use trigonometry in the real world?" She threw her hands in the air, "You know I'm horrible with numbers!"

The other three just watched them. Pan, being the youngest, was a Junior in high school and seventeen years old. Her hair was still black and down her mid-back. She wore a red belly shirt and jean shorts. The bandana was gone, but she still wore black gloves. Her tennis shoes had black magic marker on them and the edges of all her clothes were frayed and ripped; it gave her the rebel look.

Trunks on the other hand was the oldest at thirty-one and was now the president of Capsule Corporations. He wore a navy business suit and a white collared shirt and tie. His shoes shined and his hair was in the same style he always wore. His eyes were usually a sparkling sapphire, but now they were iced in frustration. Unlike Pan, he looked classy.

"I know math is hard, Pan," Trunks argued, "I had to go through it too, but that doesn't mean you can slack off and think you can just ease through it." He crossed his arms, "And what about your gym grade? A 'C'? How on Dende's green Earth can you get a 'C' on gym? You train almost everyday and you're in great shape."

"It's those sports! I can't play those sports or I'll hurt somebody!"

"Then cool it down a bit."

"It's a lot harder than it seems, Trunks. You know how competitive I can be, and being a Saiyan doesn't help either. And why are you lecturing me? You're Trunks Briefs, not Gohan or Videl Son,"

"Well someone needs to lecture you. You're parents haven't seen your report card since your freshman year. They just assume you're passing"

"I am passing!"


Goten rolled his eyes. "You girls want to catch a movie before we're stuck being the messengers again?" Bra and Marron both nodded and stood up. "We're leaving you, too." Trunks and Pan didn't even acknowledge him and continued to argue. They left through the front door with Goten a little more agitated.

"You see Trunks, you have a bad habit of thinking that the whole world will fall out of place if you didn't step in. I'm not your little sister!"

"You practically are! I've known you since…ever!"

"Don't you have anything better to do?"

"No this is quite entertaining, actually."

"I'm glad my frustration amuses you. Now please, leave me alone."

"Not until you do better in school."

"What are you going to follow me around until the next nine weeks?"

"I can."

Pan stripped off her gloves and threw them on the table, "You need a life Trunks. Something better than work and bugging me."

Trunks lifted his arms, "If you would do better I wouldn't be bugging you."

Each time they exchanged words their ki flared up more. It was even beginning to show around them, except it wasn't like the natural white or gold they had. Pan's ki was red and Trunks' was blue. Neither one noticed though.

"Why do you have to be so argumentative?" Trunks loosened the tie around his neck before pulling it off.

"I'm not argumentative."

"Yes you are."

"No, I'm not."

Stronger and brighter the ki came to be. Still, neither one noticed.

"See you're arguing now."


"Don't whatever me."

"Don't tell me what to do."

"You are being so immature right now."

"I am, am I? What about you having to stick your fu-"

Somehow both kis smashed into the person in front of them. Trunks flew across the room and collided with the wall, and blacked out. Pan fell upon the table and shortly blacked out.

Two minutes later the two began to stir. Pan rubbed her head and groaned. "Damn Trunks, why'd you-" She stopped in mid sentence. Something didn't sound right. Her voice. Her voice was more deeper and huskier. Slowly she opened one bleary eye and tied to get it into focus. Trunks leaned up and rubbed the back of his head and noticed long black strands in his palm. He rose his arms and studies them with his eyes growing in horror. He lifted his head up and saw Pan. When they locked eyes both of them screamed.

"You think they made up?" Bra asked Goten as they stood in line to get popcorn.

He shrugged one shoulder while he scanned the lit up menu. "Who knows. They probably got sick of each other and just gave up. Do you think we should get gummies?"

Marron shifted her weight to one foot, "Why are they even fighting? They're, like, best friends."

"Well, friends fight," said Bra as she pulled her hair back in a loose ponytail. "It's probably just a phase or something."

"Or they have nothing better to do than fight." Marron dug in her purse for something.

"I think I'm gonna go with the gummies," Goten said as they moved farther up the line.

"I just hope that something happens and soon." Bra stated as she crossed her arms.

"This cannot be happening! It's impossible! How did this happen?" Pan walked back and forth, which made it look like Trunks was pacing.

Trunks was leaning on the wall, "I don't know."

Pan stopped, "How can you be so calm? We're in each other's bodies!"

He shrugged. Pan never knew how she looked like when she did that; it was a little unnerving to see yourself. "What can we do? Panicking won't help. I'll just tell Mom and she'll get us back into our natural bodies."

Pan's eyes rounded, which made it Trunks look very different and gay in his opinion. He wanted to tell her not to do that, but decided against it. "We can't tell your mother!"

Trunks blinked, "Why not?"

"Because then she'll tell everyone!"

"It's better than being like this! What am I suppose to do with these?" He cupped the new breasts he had.

"Not that for one!" Pan placed her hands on her hips. Trunks had to close his eyes. His shame was growing and his dignity falling.

"Pan, do you want to be stuck like this?" He furrowed his brow at her. He crossed his arms, but then let them fall with a small blush on his cheeks; he was not use to this body.

Pan pushed back a strand of lavender hair, "Well, if you tell Bulma then she'll tell Vegeta, and you will always be taunted by him as the 'girly boy'. Then soon everyone will know and they'll start picking on you. And then when you're working she'll make a joke about it in front of someone who doesn't get it and then rumors will start around the office and then eventually seep into reporters."

Trunks perked his eyebrows up, "Oh. Alright, we won't tell her. Wait, what about you? Won't they tease you too?"

"It's funnier with you, I mean, you're actually a woman."

"Fine, whatever. We don't tell anybody. Deal?" He stuck his hand out.

"Deal." They shook.

"Pan, dinner's ready." Videl called up the stairs.

Trunks sighed. He still couldn't believe it. Why did this happen? "Coming…Mom." It was so strange. He had changed into pajamas that he remembered Pan always wore. He blushed as he changed. He couldn't help notice the curves on his new body. They promised each other that no matter what they saw, heard, or did, it would not leave between them, which was good since they both had to shower. Trunks kept his eyes closed most of the time.

He stepped down the stairs and the smell of home cooking reached his nostrils. His family usually ordered out. Gohan was sitting at the table with his black rimmed glasses perched at the end of his nose. Videl laid down a steaming pot of stew on the table.

"You okay, Panny? You don't look too well," Videl said as she walked over. "You look pale. Are you running a fever?" She placed her hand on Trunks' forehead, but he pushed it away.

"I'm fine," he told her. Then to make it less doubtful he smiled and sat down in his chair, "So, what's for dinner?"

"Vegetable beef stew and rice," his 'mother' told him.

He smiled again as he began making his plate. He tried his best to act like Pan. It helped that they were together a lot and he knew how she acted. When they were done, he emptied his plate in the sink and wished Pan's parent's goodnight.

"Aren't you going to give me a kiss goodnight?" Gohan asked him.

Trunks' eye twitched as he immediantly stopped. "Oh…right." He forgot that Pan was much closer to her parents and acknowledged respect by kissing her father. So, Trunks had to kiss Gohan. Pan would be laughing hysterically by this if she could see it. Trunks walked over, and tried to make all his motions look natural. He couldn't blush, why would Pan blush by this?

Almost shaking from embarrassment, Trunks bent his head down towards Gohan's and touch lips with him for a second then pounced straight up. "Alright, night guys!" Then he flew up the stars and into Pan's room.

Gross! I kissed Gohan! I just kissed Gohan! Bleh! I kissed a man!

He wiped his mouth on his sleeve and shook his head. That he would keep to himself. Things could not get any worse. He climbed into Pan's bed and turned on the television. Since it was Friday, he could stay up. The television was small and across the room and he could barely see it. He noted to himself to get her a better television.

On the night stand he noticed a calendar that Pan hadn't pinned up yet. He picked it up and looked over it. It had a few off school days and someone's birthday. The fifteenth, which was next Wednesday was circled in red, but it didn't have any writing on it. What was important on this day that Pan had to circle it in red marker and not black pen like the other?

Shrugging, he sat down the calendar and leaned against the pillows. Pan had life pretty good. Home cooked meals, only child, parents that actually talk, but don't go on and on. Yep, he could sure get used to a life like this.

Pan was dancing around in Trunks' room. They ordered take out and she was eating it by herself in his room. She didn't have to worry about parents sticking their nose in everybody's business. Not only that, but he had the best electronics. She plopped down in front of the large television, and turned on the game system that was plugged into it.

"Ooh, the Godfather. Haven't played that yet." She played the disc and waited for the screen to load. She looked in his mini-fridge and pulled out a soda. Then she noticed his day planner on top of it. Well, if she was to be Trunks, she had to know what Trunks was doing, right? Right.

She lifted it off and flipped to this month.

Let's see. Work reports due Tuesday. Take Pan out to rent a movie for movie night. Get Steve a birthday present. Blah, blah, blah. Man this is all boring.

She was about to toss it aside when she saw a specific date. She lifted it back up and noticed it was the next Thursday. DP. W: Lorain.

Pan looked at it again. She didn't know what that meant. It was in code. Maybe Trunks had a date with this Lorain chick. But then why didn't he tell her? He always told her whatever girls he were dating, so why would this Lorain be any different? Pan looked at the phone on the inn table and was about to call her home, but then the screen loaded.

She tossed the book aside and followed the story line. She didn't have to be at work until ten tomorrow, and she always watched Trunks do his job. He usually left the hard stuff with his secretary. She looked around his room while she picked up the controller. She could get use to this. Eat whatever you want, have the best games, no school. Yep, Trunks had the life.

(A/N):Remember, Trunks is Pan and Pan is Trunks.